PVC is our commonly known “plastic”. The impression of plastic products is a bit cheap, but who has thought that it has become the most fashionable item today. Now if you don’t have any transparent items on the street, I am embarrassed to say that I have keep up with fashion.


Especially in the hot summer, transparent bags have a sense of coolness with their own feeling. In the summer, it has a cooling effect, which allows you to pass through the whole summer. It is also very trendy.

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Transparent shoulder bag

The necessary transparent shoulder bag in summer, refreshing and transparent feeling, clean and pure, crystal clear, look like jelly, perfectly interpret the girl feel, super versatile, very fashionable and trendy.


This fashionable PVC jelly bag, transparent style, crystal clear, uses the current popular little yellow duck toys, fresh and natural texture, conquered the hearts of many women, so that every girl carrying it is sweet and confident, blooming, blooming Different beauty.

On the transparent shoulder bag, the yellow wave dot is embellished at will, eye -catching and eye -catching. There is also a small bag in it, which can be placed in some more privacy and can be used alone. This is more intimate and practical. The red doll, cute and cute, youthful and age -reducing.


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Transparent meseped bag

In daily life, the convenient convenience of the oblique and cross -bag can not only store the daily travel items, but also release your hands, and put the bag in front. Practical and beautiful bags.

A small PVC bag with a small shape is divided into two layers. The first layer is a visible transparent material. It is made of canvas, which is reasonable and practical. You are the most beautiful babies in the whole street.

Transparent TPU material, jelly -like feel, cute girl heart, who sees this bag to see who is moving. Looking directly at transparent styles, cute little yellow ducks and cartoons, showing the side of your girl’s heart. The shoulder strap can be adjusted freely, very humane, hurry out of the street to memorize your fashionable feeling ~