The busy young people who are busy daily, what is the first thing you go to work in the morning?


I went to the company to rush a cup of coffee in the morning, refreshing the lack of God, and awakening the spirit of the day.

However, there are several tools that need to be prepared to drink a cup of hand -coffee.

Chong pot, filter cup, filter paper, coffee pot. Quite tedious.

In addition, pay attention to water temperature, powder water ratio, etc. Today I found a good thing!

This coffee machine simplifies the process of hand -made coffee,

Automatically imitate the method of coffee master,

You can rush out a very good hand -made coffee in 90 seconds.

Oceanrich coffee machine, automatically simulate the master’s technique, praise like a tide!

1. Why do players rush coffee

Quick -soluble coffee has high calories and high sugar, and it is easy to gain weight.

Hand -coffee is fresh and fresh, low in calories, accelerate metabolism, and pure original incense.

So I like to drink hands.

Put a spoonful of coffee powder to the filter cup, then buckle the filter cup into the fuselage, and then put the fuselage on the coffee cup.

After the water tank is full of heat, it will start at 360 ° in a constant speed.

Simulate the hand -made technique of the coffee master and inject the water into the filter cup evenly.

only need to


90 seconds


, A cup of coffee with suitable temperature can be drunk,

Let the coffee Xiaobai make a very delicious hand -made coffee!

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Oceanrich coffee machine home small Japanese intelligent rotation and extraction portable cup automatic hand -coffee pot

¥ 269