Italian furniture brand baxter new desk, face value explosion table

As a representative of Italian high -end home furnishing brand


In addition to maintaining forward -looking innovation in design and materials, in the form of display, it has also been committed to bringing the ultimate experience to global enthusiasts. Whether it is restrained and elegant modern style, a soft and beautiful artistic route, or a trendy and fashionable modern design, each product of Baxter has unique art collection value. This Joni desk is another masterpiece of Baxter! Different materials are mixed and match, the lines are simple and neat, the color matching is soft, and the tide is loved.

On the original wood table, the gentle texture is warm, and the base is covered by natural leather, and it is worthy of the Baxter of the leather family. With a three -layer drawer, the storage office supplies are not at all. The curved drawer door is not only high in value, but also convenient for opening and closing.

Putting it in the office must be the eye -catching place of the entire space. If you want to know more furniture from Italian furniture brand Baxter, welcome to scissors stone cloth home, official authorization, original import, massive spot for you to buy.

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