How many fat friends love to eat Gree Gao biscuits?

What taste of fat friends who love to eat?

When you go to the supermarket to purchase snacks with the leader, you can see what the taste should be tangled when you see Gree Gao. Sometimes, although you have eaten a taste, you will forget whether it is delicious for a long time, and you have to come again from scratch. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to giving me a snack and gaining weight. Take this opportunity to eat Greegao’s biscuits at one time, and also give you the key points of knocking on the blackboard to list the characteristics of each taste and what tastes are good for the tastes. eat.

Reminder: I participated in the trial and me. I and I have two people. It is difficult to adjust the mouths. It is possible that the taste of fat friends we chose will not like it. For reference only, we need to be cautious!


Horizontal Rating protagonist

Recently, I found that Gree Gao Tmall’s official flagship store has a collector’s big gift box, with a total of 46 different flavors of Gree high biscuits in the gift box. The 46 species should be a common taste except for the seasonal limited season. Like a cherry blossom limited and giant Pocky that I have eaten before. But this is also a good choice for gifts or collection.

The average of about 5 yuan/box in the gift box. If you buy it alone, Bacci is about 5-9 yuan, 100 yuan to 8 yuan, and 4 ~ 5 yuan. The gift boxes include 9 kinds of alcohol, 15 kinds of peripherals, and 22 types of hundreds of puppets. Most of the prices of more expensive items are more than half of the prices. It can be seen that the price of the gift box is quite cost -effective. And you can collect so many flavors without effort, which is very suitable for collecting and controlling. The specific taste of the gift box is shown in the figure below.

Each row from top to bottom is 100 meterol, peripillitzi, and Baiqi.

There may be some fat friends who are stupid and unclear. What are the differences between Baiqi, Alcohol, and Bailizi. With the official legend of Gree Gaogao, I will give you a popular science before eating. The main difference is chocolate sauce.


Baiqi Pocky

——Simbly chocolate sauce is wrapped in most biscuits, and only one end of the biscuits are exposed.

Penol pejoy


—— Belongs to sandwich biscuits. The sauce is in the center of the biscuits.

Bailiz Pretz


——The pure biscuits have no sauce.


Use numbers

Because it is not a professional test person, scientifically interpret each taste can only be analyzed according to the nutritional component table of the packaging monk. This section may be slightly boring for data analysis.

Try to eat



Calories (Qianjiao)

For those who pay more attention to their own weight, calories are a very important indicator. The calories of each box range from 750 ~ 1400 thousand cokes. From the perspective of the calories of a single box, the total calories of children’s Baiqi-caramel pudding flavor are the lowest. Of course Stoping is very important). The highest calories of a single box are Berryz-slightly spicy Bisa flavor. The highest calories of the single gram are the double-layer Bellez-chocolate flavor.

Protein (gram)

The protein content of each box ranges from 2 to 7 grams. The highest content of a single box is Baili-slightly spicy shrimp flavor, the minimum is children’s Baiqi-strawberry milk flavor. The highest number of single grams is still Bellez-slightly spicy shrimp flavor, and the lowest is Musbich-milk mango flavor and milk flavor.

Fat (gram)


The fat content of each box ranges from 9 ~ 20 grams. The highest single box content is tonsil crispy Baiqi-vanilla milk flavor, and the lowest is the child Baiqi-caramel pudding flavor. The highest number of single grams is still tonsil crispy Baiqi-vanilla milk flavor, the lowest is ultra-fine Berlizi-Dongyin Gong soup flavor.

Capable fat (acid) (gram)


All biscuits do not contain trans fatty acids (a unsaturated fatty acid that is not good for health).

Carbohydrate (gram)

The daily intake of carbohydrates is also important for fitness people. The content of carbohydrates in a single box is 20 ~ 44. The highest content of a single box is Baili-Bai Shiwei, the lowest is the children’s Baiqi-strawberry milk fragrance. The highest number of single grams is still Bellez-white removal, the lowest is the tonsil crispy Baiqi-vanilla milk flavor.


Na (milligram)

Most of the flavors of Bailizi are salty, while Baiqi and 100th are sweet or bitter. The sweetness of the taste is relatively low, and the content of each box of Naziz is relatively high. The NAN content of a single box is 60 ~ 680 mg. The highest single box content is ultra-fine Belozi-cumin barbecue flavor, and the lowest is children’s Baiqi-strawberry milk fragrance. The highest number of single grams is still ultra-fine Best-cumin barbecue flavor, and the lowest is the crispy tonsils and chocolate flavor.

In order to try out the difference between each taste, I really had each box and tried to eat them one by one. Now only two fat paper tears with headache.


The following are the comments that the two fat paper gives you. Due to the large number of, if you list this article in detail one by one, it will be too long, and you will summarize in batches and try to summarize the characteristics of each taste in one sentence. In addition, we will summarize according to our personal preferences for reference.

The first batch: 100 alcohol series

The alcohol series is a cooked biscuits, crispy and soft inside, and the outer biscuits and the inner layer are always sweet and bitter, sweet but not greasy. For example, milk flavors are sweet and outer biscuits are slightly bitter for chocolate flavor. Chocolate flavors are more like dark chocolate, not sweet, hazelno chocolate flavor is to replace the outer layer with hazelnium biscuits on the basis of chocolate flavor. Strawberry flavor is sweet and sour, not greasy, and the taste of cheese cake and matcha mousse flavor is very pure. It is worth mentioning that red wine chocolate flavor, which contains whiskey ingredients. It feels like it at the entrance. It is not advisable to eat too much at one time.

The second batch: ultra -fine Baiqi, granules Baiqi, tonsil crispy Baiqi, children Baiqi

The texture of the ultra -fine Baiqi series is relatively crispy than other series.

A big selling point of Baiqi is a heart -shaped biscuits, but the actual observation of the heart -shaped shape is not obvious, but the biscuit cross section is more like a triangle.

The tonsil crispy Baiqi looks at the naked eye to see the large tonsil granules. The chocolate is bitter and the vanilla milk is sweet.

Children’s hundreds of strange biscuits are crispy, strawberries are sweet and sour, and the other two are also sweet but not greasy. They have fruits or cookies on the surface.

The third batch: Classic Baiqi, Mouspiqi

Classic Baiqi Mid -peach flavor, strawberry flavor is sour, milk flavor is more like yogurt, chocolate flavor is bitter, and dual chocolate is bitter to the inside. The matcha flavor is lighter, and the blueberry raspberry double berry flavor is strong.


Mousteci is the thickest coating, chocolate flavor black chocolate content is very high, so the overall bitterness is bitter, the milk flavor is not sweet, and the milk mango flavor is more sweet and greasy. The back neck has a bit of matcha bitter.


The fourth batch: Bestiz

Belica series has a novel taste, crispy, and even salty mouth and even spicy taste. The flavor of seaweed smells the flavor of sesame oil. It tastes full of seaweed flavor. The slightly spicy Bisa -flavored and colorful flavors are more like simply noodles. The tomato sour taste is very delicious, and the flavor of slightly spicy shrimp flavor is strong.


The flavor of the ultra -fine Berlizi series is better and unique, and the taste is in line with its name. The spicy flavor of Chuanxiang spicy pot is spicy and spicy. Southeast Asian flavor.

The fifth batch: double layer Bailiz


The double -layer Bailiz is sweet, which is not much different from the flavor of Bachel and 100, but it is more crispy than other Belle Hozers series. The two -layer flavor taste is richer.

Personal recommendation & summary

I prefer crispy and crispy taste. It is recommended to double -layer Bai Lizi and ultra -fine Baiqi.


If you like Baiqi, it is recommended to try the tonsil crispy Baiqi series.

Among the four matcha flavors, Mouspica’s matcha flavor is the strongest, followed by alcohol, and the double layer of matcha tea flavor is the lighter.

Among all chocolate flavors, the classic Bacci-dual chocolate and mousse-chocolate flavor is the most bitter, from the inside out, and the bitter taste stays in the cavity for a long time. chocolate flavor.

Among all pure milk flavors, the super fine Baiqi-milk flavor is relatively sweet, and the other pure milk flavor is more like yogurt taste.


Most of the Gree Gaoma is sweet. If you eat too much, it feels tedious and greasy. It is recommended to try the salty mouth of the super fine Beloz series. Essence

If you read the above 6 points of recommendation & after summing up, you still do n’t know which one you should buy to solve it, and give you the last trick! After reading 3 numbers in my heart, screenshots can be used to help you make a decision below.

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