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Recently, according to foreign media reports, when the situation in Ukraine was still confusing, the long tables used by Russian President Putin and the leaders of various countries were the first to cause disputes between the two furniture manufacturers. manufacturer.

On February 7, 2022, local time, Moscow, Russia, Russian President Putin held talks with French President Macron. Surging image map

According to the New York Times reported on February 16, when Putin met with national leaders such as French President Macron and German Chancellor, Diaolz, on the coordination of the situation of the Ukrainian situation, it was said to be six meters long designed to maintain social distance. The white oval conference table has attracted a lot of attention and Internet imitation. However, this long table that has become popular on social networks is currently a “manufacturing right” dispute between the two furniture manufacturers in Spain and Italy. Both companies claim that they are the manufacturers of long tables.

According to reports, on February 15, Spanish furniture manufacturer Vicente Zaraguzá told the Spanish Volkswagen Radio (Cope) that Putin’s conference table was made by the Cremlin entrusted company. Although the table was not perfect, when I saw Putin and Macron on both ends of the table, this scene made him “very moved”.

Saragoza told the radio that the table “made the trees growing in the shade of the trees with the Alps, because the trees growing in the sun will grow too fast.” He also said that his company was in 2002 in 2002 From 2006 to 2006, furniture products were provided to the Kremlin.

However, Renato Pologna, a family -style furniture manufacturer in Italy, denied Saraogosa. “This table was produced by us,” he said, “I don’t even know who these Spains are.”

Polonia said the table was designed by his furniture manufacturing company Oak in 1995 for the first Russia’s first President Boris Yeltsin. According to the contract, OAK conducted internal decoration of a building in the Kremlin from 1995 to 1997. In the past two years, his furniture company designed wooden inlays for President’s private houses on the room and upper floor of the building. Indoor furnishings such as plates, doors, sofas, tables, and marble fireplaces.


Polonia also pointed out that the table could not be produced by Salagoza’s company because it appeared in a book with the interior photo of the Kremlin published in Russia in 2000.

But now this table has special significance for both furniture companies.

“It gave me a sense of satisfaction that was completed by major events, and the rest was not important to me,” said Saragoza.

“If they try to solve the situation of Ukraine,” Pononia said, “That means this table brings them good luck.”

According to reference news network reports, on February 7, Putin met with French President Macron. During the talks between the two parties, they sat on both sides of a white oval long table. The six -meter -long conference table was exquisite and elegant. Holding flowers is very eye -catching. On February 15, when President Putin met with German Chancellor, this long table was once again entered.

The Kremlin spokesman Peskov responded that the distance to maintain a distance from the new crown epidemic prevention and preventive measures was temporary. “Maintaining such a social distance will not affect work,” he said.

However, this conference table was not the same length of the same as the same length. The meeting between Putin and leaders of various countries caused a large number of Internet imitation. Some netizens changed the long table to the ice rink, and some people imitated the “Last Dinner” to make the photos into a stalk map, causing a large number of online comments.

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