Just now, a news spread in major motorcycles. The core is the representative brand of the American motorcycle -Harley Davidson will cooperate with the motorcycle company of Zhejiang Province, China’s Zhejiang Province, to launch a small row of motorcycles in China in China. The listing time is tentatively sold in 2020. It is sold through Harley Davidson’s dealer channels in China.

Qianjiang Motorcycle currently has the Italian motorcycle brand -Benali, and has made great achievements in the field of leisure and entertainment. And Southeast Asia and other regions.

I don’t think I need to say more about Harley Davidson. When it comes to American motorcycles, everyone will first think of Harley Motorcycles. Harley Motor has a pivotal position in the global motorcycle industry, with a long history and brewing Harley culture with unique characteristics.

The cooperation between Harley Motorcycle and China Qianjiang Motorcycle this time really surprised. Harley motorcycle, which has always been proud, feels a high -end and unruly image. Qianjiang Motorcycle is known for its high cost -effective models. After acquiring the Benali brand, he gradually moved towards the international row motorcycle stage. I believe that the two companies choose to cooperate and will collide out of a very wonderful spark. Harley today


Motorcycle and

We learned from the news released by Qianjiang Motorcycle to the outside world that this cooperation combines Harley’s global leading strength and Qianjiang Motorcycle’s expertise. Other markets are launched.



I saw the displacement of 338cc. The first Lenovo was Harley 883. Harley 883 belongs to the Sportster car series, and was the first motorcycle of many young people in the United States. However, with the development of the times, the international motorcycle market has shown a very high enthusiasm for smaller displacement high -performance motorcycles. The 338 cooperation between Harley and Qianjiang has catered to the evolution of the international market. Harley dreams of young American people, when the dream of young people in China, China will definitely become the most important motorcycle market in the world, and none of them.


Benari BN302 has achieved rich sales performance at home and abroad with its excellent appearance design, wonderful sound waves and lower prices. From the pictures exposed by Harley and Qianjiang, we can also guess that this car uses Qianjiang Benaren’s mature water -cooled water -cooled dual -cylinder power platform. It can also be seen in the frame with the shadow of BN302, but with the strong Harley style



The design shows the feeling of a American sports cruise vehicle.


Benelli bn302

Qianjiang Motorcycle has the manufacturing experience of high -end small and medium displacement motorcycles, builds a mature manufacturing base, has outstanding advantages in emerging markets, and can well meet the needs of local consumers. It is the ideal partner of Harley Davidson. “We are glad to cooperate with Harley Davidson.” Guo Dongzhang, general manager of Qianjiang Motorcycle, said: “Qianjiang Motorcycle has excellent manufacturing capabilities and experience in the Chinese market, and is committed to improving the motorcycle driving experience for the rider in the Asian market.”

the author thinks,

Qianjiang has changed in the past year. After taking office in the new leadership team, its product quality has made great progress.


Not long ago, we conducted a trial ride experience of Qianjiang Benali all products, and found that both the production technology and supporting components have greatly improved my previous understanding of Qianjiang products. I believe that Qianjiang motorcycle, which is more international and attaches more importance to product quality, will bring more and better products to motorcycle enthusiasts.


In summary, the cooperation between Harley and Qianjiang sounds suddenly, but it is the general trend. I hope that Qianjiang’s motorcycles will continue and become a best -selling international Chinese motorcycle glory brand.


Come on, Qianjiang! Come on, Chinese motorcycle!