In life, we often see the bubble pad. For example, when we receive a delivery, there is a bubble pad in the packaging, but we don’t lose it, it’s more! We together look.

First, heat preservation

Winter is especially cold, the window glass insulation is especially poor, this time we can use the bubble pad. We put some double-sided adhesive on the bubble pad, then stick it to the window glass. The bubble pad has a very good insulation effect, put a layer on the window glass, allows the temperature in our room to increase 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, and the translutect of cells is very good, will not affect the room Light.

Second, clean effect

Because of its very friction, we can use it to clean the scale dirt below our handles, so that some water is directly wipe directly. You can clean it clean up the scale of scale on the bathroom, and we can put a piece in the kitchen, use it to brush our oil, the effect is very good.

Third, anti-slip to the plate

When you use the vegetable board at home, the cutting board is very easy to slide, so unsafe. We can put a bubble pad on the pad under the cutting board, so you will not slip when you cut the dishes.


Fourth, store the glass porcelain bowl at home

It is usually used in the glass, or the porcelain bowl of eating, if we don’t need it, we can wrap them with bubble pads, and then you can effectively prevent them from breaking, very simple and practical.




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