Last year, the Alei family bought a small apartment with less than 70 square meters in Shanghai. They all knew that small units would pay more attention to functional space, so they have been struggling with the master bedroom bay window and changed to a desk or a dressing table. In fact, How can there be so much tangled,

Only take a 1 -square meter’s dressing table, you can receive princess -like treatment. What is the way Xiao Qi has a way!

Location selection of dressing table



The bedroom is definitely the best place for designing the dresser. Makeup, makeup removal before bedtime, and superb moving line arrangement.

Xiao Qi chose 7 treasures for this.

What if the bedroom area is not so large, what should I do when the position may be not enough to get a dressing table? You can choose to get one

The integrated dressing table not only meets the needs of women’s makeup, but also achieves multiple storage, so that the bedroom space is fully and effectively utilized.

【Combine with bay windows】


The Alei family is combined with the bay window. The chicken rib space of the bay window corner of the bay window increases the dressing table design to make the window more integrated.

The Alei family also arranged

Girls’ Fairy Small Part Matching


: Exquisite GIRL’s necessary jewelry, elegant and cute light bulb -shaped dressing mirror, polished golden copper funny mouse ears & soft light -colored fleece bed head lamp, princess style fantasy bedside table, even more cute!

The lighting effect of the bay window is good. The sun is hit on the face. It is like a dry skin that can see whether it is stuck at any time, and the oil skin can also use loose powder to sweep oil in time.

But pay attention,

Cosmetics need to be avoided in direct sunlight.


Essence Because Rizhao decomposes or decays effective ingredients, especially some dark or tin foil packaging items should be paid more attention to avoid sunlight.

If your bedroom is designed as a tatami, it can integrate it with the bay window and the dressing table, which not only meets the special requirements of the homeowner’s “lying everywhere”, but also increases enough storage space.

If you choose not to knock off the bay window, it is okay

Purchase mini dressing table

, Makeup is a “career” for girls’ lives, and life still needs a sense of ritual.


【Combine with my wardrobe】

The integrated design of the wardrobe and the dressing table can not only effectively use space, but also make the space more integrated. At the end of the bed


A whole wall custom wardrobe+dressing table

, Short and more convenient to choose clothes and dressing and dressing.

If the master bedroom balcony is designed, it can be located on both sides of the wardrobe, reducing the waste of time to go to the bathroom, especially when fighting workers, every minute in the morning is precious. The two are not together, and they also avoid the moisture of cosmetics.


[Combine with the bedside table]

If it is a small apartment bedroom, the end of the bed is usually not large. There is no closet in the sky, and it can be arranged at the bedside table.

Recommended independent dressing table

Not only look good, it will not take up too much space. The important thing is that it is very convenient to move. Because it is independent, there are many styles that can be selected. You can use the corner of the wall or replace a bedside table.

The bedside cabinet on the side of the bed is replaced with a dressing table, which can not only meet the needs of the hostess to dress up, but also use it as a reading and desk!

Girl rental girls can consider the folding dressing table

The dressing mirror can be folded and put away, and it can be used up when it is turned. When not in use, cover the mirror. Not only can the daily necessities be hidden in it, the chair can also be hidden to ensure the neat and beauty of the bedroom.


The cover of the cosmetic table is a clean desktop, which largely avoids dust, and cleaning does not need to be too frequent.


Temporary office is no problem


Essence You can usually put a minimalist vase, insert one or two flowers, and the taste of the entire room comes up.

The storage space is large. Some makeup tables do not have a storage function. This does not need to buy an additional storage box, which is very convenient.

Simple installation, lazy gospel.

The degree of one person can be installed, and some will send a small stool.

It is recommended to purchase according to the home style. The full color below is full of color decoration style. The solid wood multi -layer plate+tempered glass, a felt cloth inside the drawer, and you can also protect your cosmetics, the value and strength of the strength!

[Yan value improvement plan]

1. Single product recommendation

Secretary cabinet



The reason why it is called the secretary cabinet is because it has too many functions. It can be used as a desk or a dressing table. It can also be used as a storage cabinet. Not only has it has 3 drawers, but the table can also accommodate many objects.

There is also a clever highlight that it has a table board that can be switched at will. After turning off the dust, it is very eye -catching.

Logwood Creative Damn

, Different and satisfactory design, the magazine cabinet on the right can also be convenient to read before bedtime.

2. Face value combination method:

Use round mirror and chandeliers. With the shell chair, the exquisite played to TOP.


This dressing table is like a small piano, the dark green leather side has a warm marble table. The perfume storage frame is also designed above, which has a certain sense of layering.


is acceptable


Design cabinet according to the overall bedroom

, Make full use of the above position of the space to create a desk+dressing table all -in -one function. The dressing table on one side of the window, the cabinet and the wardrobe leave the air, so that the cabinet shape of the entire wall is neither monotonous but uniform.

There are many cosmetics and sufficient space.


The retractable dressing table can adjust its length according to the size of the space. It can also be used as a bedside table on the bedside. This combined design with a drawer cabinet can provide more storage space. Girls’ cosmetics, skin care products, ear jewelry, mask, etc. can be classified.

[Combine with the bedroom TV cabinet]

The combined dressing table with the TV cabinet only occupies a small space, and the storage and decorative effects are very good.


[Combine with the cloakroom]

It should be a perfect choice to place the dressing table in the cloakroom. After making makeup, choose suitable clothes according to makeup, saving time and effort. It’s a girl’s pet room!


If the space is not enough, it can be arranged


Customized dressing table

The design is simple, there are compartments, drawers, and painted cabinets, clothes, bags and cosmetics, girls’ festivals, buy it!


【Suspension Damnant】


This is a kind of

Suspended dressing table embedded in the wall

Essence It looks very small and exquisite and does not take up space, but this dressing table generally requires customization. The design method is to set a tripod on the wall with steel bars, and then install drawers and cabinets.

The linear light in front of the dressing table below can be supplemented during makeup to prevent uneven facial light.


The height of the dressing table is recommended to be between 780 mm, and the depth design is 450 mm; the surface of the dressing table is reserved to facilitate the use of mirror lights.


【Special location】


There is also a dressing area specially designed for the hostess in this case. Different from the design of the usual dressing table with a chair. This area is more similar to the dressing room. The alien mirror is directly on the wall, the two rows of makeup lights, and a small stool are very comfortable.

If the bedroom is small, the unwavering independent dressing table can be used, you can create one in the seams next to the wardrobe.

Standing dresser

, Covering less, can move out of the bedroom. In addition, the lower part of the cabinet can also store other items, which is larger than the general independent dressing table.

PS: You can install an inductive light band in the cabinet so that you don’t have to worry about the poor light when you makeup.



If the bedroom space is not allowed, it can also be designed in the entrance of the entrance of the entrance hall and the concave wall of the wall. With a delicate small chandelier, it is a dressing table that is integrated and practical! Light the boring porch in an instant.



If you want to design the dressing table in the bathroom, you need

Guaranteed to be separated from wet and wet separation


Otherwise, the humid air is a big problem, and the light is not enough, and the mirror distance is too far, and it needs problems such as telescopic mirror. at the same time,

The width of the table needs to be extended appropriately to place cosmetics.


How to store the dressing table

Recently, Girls’ Day, if you watch Li Jiaqi live broadcast, you must notice the lipstick wall behind! It is neat and convenient to find a color number. This kind of storage box is suitable for girls with many types of lipsticks. Lying lipsticks of various brands in the grid, the color numbers at the bottom of the lipstick are placed outwards.

You can find the best model today from 100 lipsticks!


In addition to our common storage grids, the table can also be used

Tray replacement

The tray generally places a few bottles of good -looking perfumes and skin care products. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall ashes. If you are a sister paper with a face value greater than all, you can consider starting.


You can also use it frequently


Skin care products put in a storage box with a glass cover

Inside, neat and dust -proof, and the acrylic storage for makeup is separated, with a beautiful lipstick and eye shadow, putting the makeup mirror to make the makeup more delicate. The finishing touch is greatly improved!

【Drawls+table design】

Place a storage box or storage rack on the table to place makeup tools. It is recommended to set up activity partitions inside the drawer, which can be classified and stored. When looking for cosmetics, it is clearer

【Wall storage+countertop design】

If you feel that the drawer must be switched each time, it is inconvenient to get items. You can also choose the wall storage. You can set it on the wall or open the cabinet for storage. You can also put a small carpet under the stool, you can make makeup on your feet, lazy and free.

PS: Mirror on the table:

You can choose a mirror that hangs on the wall, and add a small mirror to use it. You can use the lamp belt to auxiliary light sources around the mirror, or you can directly enter the makeup mirror with light. The LED light of the makeup mirror can be dimmed (cold, warm, natural light). It is more convenient to choose the appropriate light source, not dazzling and makeup.

In short, the table is beautiful, and the stage should be aligned.


The location selection of the dressing table introduced in this issue, where is your favorite? What are your experiences and experiences for the dressing table, let’s talk together!