At the age of near, everyone thought about a rich Spring Festival. At this time, it happened when the theft occurred frequently. Before the major holidays, vehicle personnel have a lot of flow, and people are often easy to take lightly and provide criminals with the opportunity to “get rich”. Many vehicles are prone to theft, which are basically caused by the owner themselves, such as parking at will, placing valuables in the vehicle, and no anti -theft equipment in the vehicle. The New Year’s Delivery New Year is what everyone expects, and no one wants to lose the car when it is about to lose the vehicle when it is about to celebrate the New Year. In this article, let’s discuss the stolen experience and how to prevent theft.


● Why is the vehicle easily stolen?


According to the data of the stolen vehicles every year online, we can find that some models are easily stolen. The micro -surface series represented by Wuling and Changan is one of the goals of the theft of criminals. , Fast shipping and poor anti -theft coefficients.


Japanese cars are also the goal of criminals. We have learned from the dealers that the anti -theft systems of many Japanese brands are easy to leak, confidentiality is defective, and it is easier to decode. The more important point is that because of its reliable performance, the Japanese is very popular in the used car market; the same age of the same age of the car is common, and the disassembly and selling are very convenient and the price is higher. The popular car system at the same level is not favored by criminals due to the high factor of anti -theft safety.


Not only the car brand will lead to the choice of criminals, but also the parking location will also worry about it. Police said: More than half of the cases of vehicle theft occur on the parking location on the roadside, especially those unmanned roadside parking spaces. Owners often stop at the risk of being stolen in order to save dozens of dollars in parking fees.


Criminals mostly choose cars that are in residential communities or roadside, no one care or unlocking anti -theft locks, and many times choose to commit crimes from 11pm to 5 am the next day. During this period, many people are asleep, and the security guards are relatively sleepy. They are more vigilant and are relatively weak.

Many car owners are puzzled: Can cars be lost within the urban area of ​​”Sky Eyes”? Even if it was lost, the police uncle could find it. In fact, this idea is wrong. After the vehicle is stolen, the criminals will immediately transfer the vehicle to other cities to sell stolen or disassembled. For example, a carbal thief around Guangdong Province will put a fake card for the stolen vehicle, and then drive to Chaoshan, Guangdong to sell stolen goods. Local gangs are responsible for modification, paint, modifying engines and frame numbers, and installing fake licenses, and then they will sell the stolen vehicles to all places. After the stolen vehicles were modified by a series of decks, they were sold to individuals ranging from tens of thousands of yuan. In most cases, stolen vehicles will be disassembled and sold.

Most of the cases of stolen vehicles involved are brand cars with large amounts. These vehicles are basically parked on both sides of the parking lot and roads of unmanned guards. The consciousness is not so easy to lose, coupled with the incomplete security measures such as “Skynet” and night police patrols, these are the main problems that cause vehicles to be prone to stolen.


● Anti -theft tips

1. Starting from your own anti -theft awareness

We must not park their vehicles at will because of our own negligence. Criminals often seize the psychology of car owners that vehicles are not easy to stole, and theft of vehicles is often a momentary thing. Many car owners of low -end cars think that their cars are cheap, and they ca n’t sell much to be neglected. In fact, for criminals, as long as they are valuable, they are useful for them. The heart of prevention is indispensable, we must raise our awareness of anti -theft.

2. Pay attention to the vehicle parking location

If there is a need for temporary parking, we should try to choose a venue with a wide range of grounds and many pedestrians. It is best to park in a parking lot where someone is guarded. We must avoid parking the vehicle in a place without light or light. If we have to stop the car in a more hidden corner, we should try to facing the car as much as possible, so that even if there are thieves “patronizing” your car, it is easy to be discovered by others; when we get off the car, we can open the radio and open the radio Try to increase the volume as much as possible, so that even if the thief is succeeded, it will be scared when the vehicle power supply is connected, and at the same time, it will have a certain alarm effect.


, Improve the anti -theft coefficient

We can configure better anti -theft devices for vehicles, such as steering wheel locks, secret locks of oil -breaking circuit, gear rod locks, etc. If possible, you can install the GPS+GSM tracking device. Installing a motor vehicle anti -robbery anti -theft system, the advantage of this is that once the vehicle is stolen, the monitoring center will contact you in time. After obtaining your consent, we will take anti -control measures such as power outages and oil. Stealing on -site disposal.


When choosing a car anti -theft device, we must not take it cheap. We must choose products with high technological content and high technology content.

● Summary

Many criminals have also thought about a “harvest” full and fulfilling Spring Festival, and anti -theft is destined to be an eternal topic. If we have no prevention, no matter how many anti -theft devices are clouds. Dear owners should improve their self -awareness of anti -theft, turn off the window when leaving the vehicle, do not stop at the place where no one is looking at, and should add appropriate anti -theft equipment to the vehicle. After all, the thief is not stupid. Disaster”.