Living alone, especially women, it is recommended to have a visual doorbell. Whoever came from the door, you can see if you see your mobile phone.


Next, I recommend 8 smart visible doorbells. Real -time monitoring, not worrying about express delivery in front of the door.


Dingling | E3 Visual doorbell

Under the same Mijia chain, it is different from Chuangmi. Ding Ling currently only focuses on smart doorbells, and has no cat eye products. Although Ding Ling has a late industry and its products are not many, the products also have good reputation and sales.

Ding Ling E3 has 3 million pixels, 2K resolution, and the picture quality is clearer than similar products. Support the day and night mode switching, high -definition infrared night vision. In addition, multi -account synchronization is also supported, which can be shared with 8 or more accounts at the same time. And you can connect multiple indoor doorbells to link other Xiaomi smart home. The disadvantage of beauty is that it has only 145 degrees wide -angle. The visibility of the field of vision is barely, and it is inconvenient to find more hidden dangers.


In general, although there are shortcomings, there are a lot of highlights in the smart doorbell. The price is 349 yuan, which is a cost -effective choice.


Tp-link | Visual doorbell DB53A


TP-LINK is a brand of Pu Lian Technology Co., Ltd. It is not necessary to say that its achievements in the field of wireless router. In recent years, they also have good products in the field of security monitoring.

3 million pixels, 127 ° wide-angle vision, DB53A lens configuration is normal, but the battery capacity of 5200mAh allows the battery life to last long, no need to connect to the power at all times, and the installation layout does not need to consider the circuit line. Compared with the TL-IPC53DB, it is more suitable for the installation doorbell. Demand families.

At the same time, this doorbell provides permanent free cloud storage services, which can view video videos at any time at any time. The daily price is about 330 yuan, and it will be as low as less than 300 yuan during the event.




Mijia | Smart Gatebell 2

Mijia focuses on the production of living products and intelligent hardware. If there are many smart products in the family, the doorbell of Mijia is also very attractive, and “dream linkage” can be achieved everywhere.


Equipped with a large sound doorbell receiver, the indoor noisy environment can also hear the call outside the door. This 2 -generation doorbell of Xiaomi can also link with the Mijia smart device to create a safer home environment. Compared with the 1st generation, the resolution is increased to 1080P, equipped with a wide range of wide angles, and the field of vision is wider. AI face recognizes this finishing touch, enters the face data in advance, add personalized labels, and will not miss every time TA appears.


It is worth noting that Xiaomi 2nd generation does not support lithium battery charging and needs to be prepared to prepare No. 5 dry battery. The daily price is about 250 yuan.



Huawei Smart Selection | Park Smart Door Bell DB001

The bird is one of Huawei’s earliest ecological partners. It is committed to creating a smart visual Internet of Things ecosystem. It has now covered products such as smart cameras, smart doorbells and home center control screens.

DB001 takes a high -end route, and the configuration is quite hard. Its picture reaches 3 million pixels and 2K ultra -clear image quality. It is equipped with a 6500mAh large -capacity battery that is higher than the market level. It can be charged without disassembling. One -click video call function can quickly contact the owner and reduce the time of visiting visitors. Hisilicon chip blessing makes the AI ​​face recognition function more exciting.

The most praise is the night vision function. Different from the black and white pictures presented by most door bells. DB001 supports microcomas full color. With ring -shaped light light, the night can also see the color of the door. It also provides permanent free cloud storage services. The 7 -day cycle is also higher than the market level. The daily price is 599 yuan.


360 | Visual doorbell 5 Pro

As a cross -border smart home of the Internet company, the 360 ​​cat’s doorbell products are also remarkable.

The new 5 Pro is the best picture quality in the 360 ​​smart doorbell, with a daily price of about 400 yuan. Equipped with a 3 million pixel camera, the output quality is as high as 2K high -definition, and supports 166 degrees large angle and 13 -degree horizontal wide -angle, 5 meters high -definition infrared night vision, and automatically switch the day/night mode.

In addition, the AI ​​humanoid detection is also supported to reduce the misunderstanding rate, and the new product has improved a lot. And it is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, which can last up to 30 days.


Fluorite | DB2C panoramic night view version

Fluorite is a sub -brand of Hikvision. It is the leader of the smart video cloud service industry. It continues the consistent advantages of parent company’s security and intelligence.

The daily price of 369 yuan fluorite DB2C has a distance of 6 meters in infrared nights, which is 5 meters away from the market average, and it can be seen further at night. Special design lingering warning function, the APP can be hovering for a long time, and some people push the warning when staying for a long time to avoid frequent reminders.

The face recognition function is the same as the Mijia, but unfortunately it needs to be opened for value -added services. However, fluorite also gives back “discounts” from the other aspect. For example, the product contains indoor speakers, and no additional purchase is required. Many other brands need to be purchased separately.


Chuangmi Xiaobai | Visual Gate Bell D1

Chuangmi is a Mijia ecological chain enterprise. While the foundry Mijia smart home, it also launched its own brand “Chuangmi Xiaobai” to ensure high -quality products with affordable prices. It reduced the purchase of smart cat eyes and visual doorbells threshold.

D1 can view outside door dynamics in real time. Open the mobile app to call out the monitoring screen without triggering conditions. In addition to the APP intercom, D1 also supports the linkage with Xiaoai with screen speakers and designated TV brands. People can display the screen with a doorbell, which can be used in two -way intercom.


Although the wide -angle of 120 ° is inferior, the function of the intelligent linkage is still a lot of lust for this doorbell, and the appearance is small and cute. It also has a large -eyed small yellow model. The daily price is about 230 yuan.


Dahua Le Orange | Visual Gate Bell DB12

Dahua and Hikvision’s product lines are highly similar, and they are currently the world’s ranking security companies. As a subsidiary of Dahua, Le Orange has not been developing professional -level video applications in the civil market, and there are not many products in the field of smart cat eyes and doorbells.

Le Orange DB12 has 1080P HD, 200W pixels, infrared night vision and 159 ° wide -angle, all on the pass line. However, in order to save power, the function of viewing outside the door in real time, that is, people need to trigger monitoring conditions to receive video videos. The 4th section of the battery battery life, the standby time is about three months.

This model is relatively ordinary, but the price is affordable, and the price is about 230 yuan, which is still good as the basic model.