There are two types of dry transformers, one is an isolated transformer, and the other is an auto -coupled transformer. The isolation/auto -coupled transformer consists of a cylindrical winding and a stacked iron core. The iron core is stacked in Taiwan’s strong steel high -quality high -quality high -quality silicon steel sheet, and the all -oblique joint. The winding uses a layered winding method. After a second vacuum immersion, the whole machine is soaked and baked at high temperature at 110 ° C for 4 hours to make the insulation level of the transformer reaches a F -class or H level. The full -load temperature does not exceed 65 ° C, and there is basically no noise and vibration. Three -phase transformer, which has three iron core columns, each iron core column is around the same phase of the two coils, one is a high -pressure coil, and the other is a low -pressure coil. Three -phase transformer is a transformer commonly used by the power industry, and is a combination of single -phase transformers with the same capacity.

1. The manufacturing of dry transformers is mainly composed of most of the raw material inspection, the assembly of the transformer, the manufacturing of the coil, the assembly, and the production and commissioning of the temperature control system. These parts are almost synchronized during the transformer manufacturing process. After the processing of each component is completed, the total assembly matches. I. Raw materials, accessories, and outsourcing parts include metal parts, high and low -voltage copper wires (copper foil), silicon steel sheet insulating parts, metal structures, black metal, accessories, and accessories. Second, transformer component production! Made in iron core, including silicon steel sheet cut, pre -stacking of silicon steel sheets, iron core assembly, iron core bundle and drying in the furnace, and iron core test.

2. Made in coils

① The first is the production and preparation of insulation.

② Through segment cylindrical high -voltage coil winding, foil coil winding, epoxy pouring mold surface treatment, epoxy resin pouring, epoxy resin pouring coil baking and solidification, pouring coil demise, coil surface treatment, etc. The processing of the process of processing process is to be assembled by the partner of the carrier.

3. The body assembly, which includes the insulation parts assembly, the body of the body into the furnace (insulation resistance measurement), the coil set, the plug and the iron, the lead assembly, and the semi -finished product of the device for testing.

4. Complete assembly

1. The body of the body, the measurement of the insulation resistance of the ground, the cleansing degree of the body and the tightening level of the components, and the wiring and lead insulation distance.

2. The production, installation, debugging of the temperature control system, the fan system, the fan.

3. Send inspection, make a transformer from the factory test. After the test passes the packaging, the transportation and storage procedures are completed.


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