“Great face” is also equipped with earrings! Learn the correct match, and instantly recessed the sense of supermodel

Last time I shared with you a round face suitable for earrings. Many friends asked what kind of earrings should be more suitable for square faces?

First understand the facial features of the Fang Face:


The square face is also called “national character face”, including rectangular faces and square faces.

2. The characteristics of the square face are very obvious. The lower jawbone on both sides is wide and the contour feel is very strong.

3. The square face gives a sense of modernity, very man, and it is not soft enough compared to other faces.

The square face is also called “high -end face” in the fashion circle, and they seem to have the temperament of supermodels. So the generous face is not terrible, the terrible thing is to take the wrong earrings. Now

“Great Face” is also equipped with earrings. Learn to match it correctly, and instantly recessed supermodels!

Shu Qi

She selected a rectangular earrings. Although the earrings are very conspicuous, her face has become very wide. But when she changed one

Tassel ears

After that, the face changed a lot, and it was softer and rounded, and the overall temperament also changed from strong sense to gentle and virtuous.

Therefore, when choosing earrings, girls must learn

Correct match

Essence rectangle


The big pendant will make the face look wider.

Warning line

Essence If you like geometric earrings, you can try some rounds, they can

The profile of edges and corners becomes soft

, So as to modify your neckline, making you more full of feminine temperament.

Star earrings are dazzling and can make people focus, but girls with square faces should not try easily. Although the style is beautiful, the face shape itself has corners, plus earrings, which is quite feminine. If you replace the stars with round earrings, you will not only make you feminine, but also give people an elegant and sweet temperament.

If you still can’t distinguish between correct and wrong matching, let’s take a look at the general classification together!

Because the square face is clear, in addition to the large round earrings, it looks like

Triangular diamond -shaped earrings should not be worn as much as possible

Otherwise, it will give people a very tough feeling. Who doesn’t want to be a sweet and lovely girl in front of her boyfriend? Slender

Ear line

It will make people feel that your face is longer, and you must avoid wearing.

In fact, there are still many earrings that can be worn by square faces. Like “raindrops” are very suitable, earrings fall under the cheekbones, which looks elegant and gentle. Without earlines, you can also use horizontal -derived Soviet earrings to modify the face shape, not only gentle, but also smaller. In addition, many short earrings can solve the problem of square faces!

Do you wear earrings?

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In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about fancy 925 sterling silver crystal pave square shape dangle earrings, hope it can help you.