Strong oxygen cheetah 40+10L backpack evaluation

The first big bag of the handsome is Kaile Stone Olympus 2, because it is more obvious with the shoulders, and more than the 2 ~ 3 -day line, Olympus 55+10L is a bit dissatisfied, so I enter again The old -fashioned 40+6 medium -sized backpack, it also accompanied me to start a cross -provincial hiking journey.

The burden of the old parade and the comfort of the shoulder strap are not bad, but it lacks shortcomings such as waist band bags, which makes me feel quite inconvenient. As the various backpacks on hand are more, the more the old patrols gradually fade out of me out of me. List of travel equipment.

Whenever I see the idle old cruise, a medium -sized bag that is pretty good will be easy to use if it is changed a little, so I chat with strong oxygen roses several times, and I want to send the old parade back and ask him to help me add two two. A belt bag and change the details, but the Rose said that there will be a brand new alternative improvement product, which makes me wait a little. Before traveling in Yunnan in September this year, I finally received a middle -volume light bag of Cheetah 40+10.

1. Brief description of this experience

1. Brand introduction

2. Experience product information

3. Experience person information

4. Product detail display

5. Outdoor experience

Experience location 1: Tiger Jumping Gorge Food Jiazhuang → Naja Pavilion → 28 Touring → Tea Horse Inn → Halfway → Tina ’s

Experience the climate: 26 ~ 35 ℃, sunny

Experience location 2: Rain Liseness West Dang → Shangyu Lights → Binghu → Rain Lands → Shen Waterfall → Ninian

Experience the climate: 23 ~ 35 ℃, sunny

6. Summary

Note: 1. Different from each person’s experience, travel route, equipment matching, etc., the following content is based on my own individual feelings and for reference only. Due to the limits of conditions and time, the inspection of lines such as long -term and high -winter altitudes is not available. The content in the article is mainly used for communication and discussion between equipment enthusiasts!

2. The picture in the article is the original and official information of the bright and strong oxygen of my friends with my friends. If there is a reprint or use for the purpose of communication, please contact me through private messages and consciously indicate the source!

Cheetah 40+10 is a medium -volume light bag, which is light and light, its appearance is simple and smooth, and the inner bag is rich in full and comprehensive.

This bag is a 40+6 light backpack that has been replaced by the 2013 version of the parade. Compared with the old 2013 version of the cruise 40+6, the Cheetah 40+10 adds the thickness and support of the shoulder straps, belts, and back pads to enhance the physical sensation Comfort. In addition, a large capacity belt bag is added, which is convenient to carry some small items that need to be used at any time. While adding these functions, it still maintains the original backpack self -weight. Here is a detailed introduction of this package characteristics and parameters.

Brand: Strong Oxygen (Strong Oxygen)

Model: Cheetah 40+10 (Cheetah 40+10)

Volume (liter): 40+10 liters

Carrying size data reference: S No. (suitable for back 41-46m), M number (suitable for back 46-51cm), L No. (suitable for back 51-56cm)

Self -weight: S number: 1.34kg, M number: 1.38kg, L No.: 1.47kg

Suggested load range: 10-15kg

Color: orange, red, lake blue, gem blue, lemongrass color, olive green, titanium gray

Main fabrics: 210D nylon grid cloth, 420D nylon flat lines

Zipper: ykk

Deduct: ITW, Duraflex

Experience information

The handsome handsome

Age: 39

Height: 175cm

Weight: 66.5kg

Back length: 49cm

Dress size: L (175)

Shoes code: 41 yards

Hobbies: outdoor, photography, travel notes, equipment evaluation

WeChat public account: the handsome handsome handsome

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QQ: 9610487

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The handsome is a four -running old bacon with a chewy head. Mixing outdoor websites such as 8264, green wildness, mills, and mills. Urine.

I used to like sports, especially playing basketball. In 2010, the ball was severely injured, causing the cross -knee cross -knee cross -ligament to break. In addition, the lumbar disc herniation was prominent in 2012. Therefore, there are relatively rigorous requirements for climbing rods, knee pads and backpacks, and also purchased a lot of outdoor equipment before and after. The misleading losses of propaganda, walking through some high -priced purchases of detours, burning some hard -earned tickets earned by hard work, and committing two, shed tears, sweat, wrote some travel notes and equipment after sweating The stickers of the evaluation hopes to help friends who are about to take or have been outdoors. If you are interested, you can move: I hope to make more friends who really really like outdoor sports. Let ’s talk about the landscape skills to watch the landscape food and enjoy the life!


Cheetah’s shoulder straps, belts, and back pads are thicker than the old patrols, the same as the thickness of the new patrol packing bag

Strong oxygen rose: excessive belts can be hidden under the belt bag, which will be very clean

Note: Because the elastic fabric is not wear -resistant, it is not recommended to put hard items, especially metal items.

Strong oxygen rose: The side pocket is characterized by extending forward, integrating the tightening band of the side pocket and belt with the body. The advantage is that the side pocket opening is closer to the front side of the body. The role of stable backpack


1. The weight range of 10 ~ 15kg and the capacity of 40+10L. As a supplement to the strong oxygen lightweight antelope series and the reinstalled patrol series, the comprehensive performance is good.

2. Large -capacity belt bag, large -capacity header, ultra -large kangaroo warehouse, dual -point kettle pocket, side buckle belt, patented mountaineering stick suspension system, multi -channel diamond heat dissipation back pad … Make strong oxygen in detail design, ingredients, ingredients In terms of workmanship, continue its high domestic product performance.

3. The intensity and comfort of the shoulder straps and belts are greatly improved compared to the antelope series. Individuals especially like its front -lean kettle pocket opening. Around the 3rd, the practicality and applicability are very good.


1. The shape is too strong oxygen, and the design framework is not jumped out. Now ABB’s cars (BMW, Mercedes -Benz, Audi) are all designs of dolls, and strong oxygen also started a doll bag. After watching it for a long time, it is really aesthetic fatigue.

2. The shoulder strap and the belt are widening and thickened than the antelope series, which has greatly enhanced the burden, but also leads to a decrease in breathability, breathable and other aspects can be optimized.

3. The net weight of 1.379kg, the capacity of 40+10, the weight is a bit quite satisfactory. Antelope 36 net weight is 1.035kg. Cheetah is about 5kg stronger than antelope, but it weighs about 350 grams. If it can be optimized to about 1.2kg in weight, it should be better.

Generally speaking, the 2016 strong oxygen Cheetah 40+10L is a middle -volume light backpack, design, materials and workmanship, and it is still very good in domestic goods. It is very suitable as an entry -level backpack for domestic outdoor enthusiasts. For me personally, it will be more suitable for lightweight travel for three -day non -high -altitude non -abuse lines.

Because of the limited time, I did not actually carry the Cheetah 40+10 outdoor line, so this evaluation is more subjective and one -sided on its load and other aspects. In the later period of travel, I will continue to use Cheetah 40+10, and then update further real feelings. Because I have limited professionalism, please point out if there are omissions and wrong places. Thank you very much for your support!

Quality fabric recommendation: 310T Recycled Nylon Series Plain Weave Fabric