Sister, sisters, I have been in love recently!

And this man

Not only can people want to stop in the play:

It is also drooling in reality:

This milk is sweet and cool, and a boy with abdominal muscles is really amazing, so that even my husband of Qianxi can temporarily forget it! Intersection Intersection




denim jacket

, It’s all tailor -made for Wuli Junjun. I am willing to call the man who is most suitable for wearing a jacket

Now this weather is really the most comfortable time of the year, all kinds

Thin coat

It can be arranged.

So let’s not say anything else today, just give the sisters a wave

Jacket collection

It is used to make a concave shape, cover meat, and create a style.


Knitted coat

It’s really my favorite this year,

Sweet and versatile

Every girl’s paper is worth having several pieces!

Put aside those dull black and white and gray in spring, try more

Dazzling color system

, Will look more lively and cute, this is the exclusive color of the fairy ~

Don’t be too long, in


The position is good, it can cover the fleshy parts, and it will not press it.

Plus one


sports shoes

All out of the street, class, and dating are completely OK.

This is the hottest is this

Short shirt

, I can adjust the proportion of the figure well.

Rich man

A sense of vision.


It is more suitable for thinner little sisters.

Smred band inside


Wear directly

It’s all very good, revealing a small thin waist, who doesn’t want to say a must? Intersection

Of course sisters can also choose this

Two -piece suit

, Don’t consider matching, add a pair of solid pants to create a perfect look, which looks people.

Tranquil and gentle


Leather jacket

This once slightly earthy jacket can be said to have no friends in the year.

Great sweetness

In “Si Teng” is picturesque, after the private server changes the leather clothes

all black

The shape is almost murderer!

If you feel a bit dull, you can try it


Change to sweet and cute

Light -colored

, Can better neutralize the handsomeness of leather clothes, as daily wear, it is still very good DER ~

Because the color of the leather coat is monotonous, you can also try to match

The color is more special

Pants, like this

Rolling wind

The pants, plus a pair of Martin boots, look sweet and dragged.

Like this

Long style and loose

For styles, please remember to take one


Okay? Intersection Let you have small thin waist long legs in a second. What kind of legs and fat stomachs are not a problem!

I think this

Leather suit

It’s really super -improved gas field, take a look

Sun Yi

Xu Lu

The private server look is simply the rhythm of the big guy to go out of the street, and the temperament and gas field are both online!

Cool and pulled

Small skirt

The combination must try sisters! Intersection Intersection Coupled with a pair of boots, it is good enough, the creation of hot girl style is so simple ~

Big Sweet this body

Leather clothing+irregular long skirt

It is also very endless. Sisters with short legs or thick legs can learn from the idea of ​​short leather+skirts in the half -body long skirt.

So, while the weather has not become hot, hurry up and wear it! Intersection Intersection

There is no one in the wardrobe

Is it? If this kind of clothes do not want to wear the effect of insurance practitioners, you must not cultivate, especially the black models,


Points will look good.

The suit is also a taboo in terms of matching, just one casually

Simple T -shirt

Create a sense of leisure, enough for you to deal with various occasions.

The advanced suit wearing method should be taken a little careless, like Shen Mengchen, it will

Shirt collar reveals

, Create a sense of layering, and it is perfect to add a oblique cross -bag ~

Or use more


, Such as silk scarves and pockets, can also increase refinement.

Small sisters must remember to

The color of the lower body is unified

, Da Sweet

Black pants+black boots

Can effectively lengthen the leg shape.

Because the suit jacket itself is loose and longer, it is necessary

Increase the waistline

Only to show your figure.

Save and worry about dressing, that is, it is

Complete set

Arrange the upper body, you can expose skin as appropriate as MAI. There is such a small sexy in leisure, and the temperament is absolutely good!

Sisters of the legs promise me, must you show your legs more? Zhong Chuxi this kind

Missing method of lower shirts

It’s pretty, simple everyday is worth copy.

Sisters with less legs are not so perfect.

Suit+floral skirt

It is simply the soul CP to complete each other, and the whole set will not look too sweet.

And this kind of

Skirts of partial college

It is also very suitable to match the suit, plus one

Doll -collar bottom shirt

It looks good and personalized, and the student party has learned it for me!

This kind of usually can’t control and press the bottom of the box

Slim skirt

You can also take it out and wear sisters! Intersection Intersection Covering the cricket and buttocks in the suction of the suit, only a good figure is left, does it look a little sexy?

Because the suit itself is relatively loose, if it is paired with a fluffy skirt, the lower body will look fat.

Elastic combination

Well, know all ~

To say the most temperament coat, it is still impossible


some days ago

Liu Shishi

Do you all watched this group of trench coats in the event? Although it is always ridiculous, this temperament is really great, the trench coat is the best! Intersection Intersection

and also

“Ma Ma”

Some time ago, this style of sucking powder, blessing of trench coats, and gas field burst!


Slightly cocoon

The long trench coat is actually very high and height, otherwise even if the big cousin is controlled, a little bit of a little bit of a little bit

(Hold your head for life)

Can choose this

Straight tube

The version of the upper body will be better. Plus

When the waist is highlighted, the proportion of this supermodel comes out!

Here, I admired 10086 times, NANA’s figure is really absolutely, I dare not dare to do so!

Because the temperament itself will be a little mature, sisters can try more


The single product, for example

Beam sports pants

Is it instantly rising in an instant?

And this loose


It is also very versatile, the little sister can put the windbreaker


When it is highlighted, it won’t be pressed.

The windbreaker is also very suitable

Long skirt

The combination is very quiet and gentle, is there any

Inside of temperament school flowers

Taste? And it will not look very mature.

You can also use this

Lace skirt

, But because we must remember to raise the waistline, Hyuna’s body is so wayward, we cannot learn her.

You can also choose a little sister


Plaid skirt

, Also very college feelings ~

A few days ago I brushed my husband’s group

“Wonderful OK”


The stack of stacking is really super textured!

It is really popular classic every year, and is invincible and versatile. This is slightly longer

Slightly loose

The denim jacket is very suitable for stacking,

Inner sweater

It’s good enough.


Small black pants

Although there are not many highlights, it is a choice that will never be wrong. Sisters can match more eye -catching bags or accessories to improve the exquisiteness of the overall look.


It belongs to a relatively classic and retro combination. The style is sweet and cool, and it will never be outdated.

But jacket and pants denim

The best color is the same

In, the visual effect will be better. If the color of the denim is different, it will still be more temperamental.

Also super hot now


I don’t know how to wear it, try a CP with a denim jacket!

Short denim jacket with high waist sports pants

, Sisters with thin waist must show the waist lines, and then use some jewelry to embellish it. With a little high -level sexy taste in leisure, who can not love this?

The version of the cowboy and

Nuoyu’s little skirt

It’s also very good, “Bai Fumei” Jessica likes this combination very much.

Skirts and coats can neutralize each other, and the advanced version can also be stacked to wear one piece


, Or use

Bright hat

Under embellishment, a set of perfectly out of the street is ready to mess with ~

I really can’t match it, then

Whole set

It’s ok!

For sisters in areas with high temperatures, the above coats above are more or less heavy

(Although I still feel cold, although I am in Nanjing)

, Then you can choose

Shirt jacket

It’s right.

Put another photo of Gong Jun in selfishness

Not only for

Concave shape

, Can also




It can be said that it is a few fell swoop.


White shirt

It must be the most classic, and its essence is:

Otherwise, you will wear a very selling feeling

(I didn’t say that the sales were not good)


Simple and refreshing, and the thief has temperament.

If you are not a very slender sister, I recommend that when you wear a shirt alone,


, Add a high waist under, this leg is one meter eight!

Although the white shirt is beautiful and versatile, it is a bit monotonous, you can try it

Polka dot or grid shirt

, They are all very beautiful.

Afraid of the taste of a programmer, you can


Add some jewelry embellishment

It looks very refreshing

(I didn’t say that programmers meant to be bad)

And this belt

floral print

It will be more design, and it is more special in itself, so there is no need to worry about it.

This kind of big cousin


The shirt is really good -looking, the color stitching will not look exaggerated, but it also has a sense of detail. It is great to wear it alone.

Mengmei can also try Jennie like this

Doll collar

Short shirt,

Sweet and spicy

Is there any internal flavor?

Denim shirt

It is also necessary to give everyone Amway. The version is more stiff, plus large waves and red lips, easy to concave

In the 1990s, Hong Kong Flexible

Thin legs

Apple figure

You can look at this kind of disappearance of the shirt, directly as a coat to expose long legs.

Just like this

Rose pink

It is really more picky, sisters, try other colors …

Or do it


With shorts or short skirts, the shape can look much better.


In fact, there is no substantial warmth effect, I prefer to divide it into

“Decoration” jacket

, Used to create a sense of wear!

Since it is decorative, it must be relatively bright comparison with the color inside, simple


It’s very layered ~

Same color stacking

It will be more temperamental, but you must pay attention to the distinction of the cold and cold colors, and the effect of matching will be better.

Or you can also put on this partial school style

Printing Needle

, It’s a handsome sister who is handsome in the school!

Cute and lovely small pattern

It is really age -reducing, especially suitable for the current season. Compared with simple inner matching, with a small vest, the whole set of LOOK is complete.

When matching, don’t be too messy in color, or choose in the inside

Solid color system

Either the color of the vest

Echo each other

This does not seem cluttered.

Tall sisters can also put inside like a big cousin

Hem exposed

Casual and handsome, to be honest, the big cousin’s clothes really have no choice! Intersection Intersection

The relatively loose dress is easy to appear bloated and poor.

Create the waist line

This kind of problem is easy to solve, and sisters may wish to try it in person.

Pleated skirt and shirt, vest

It is completely a perfect match. With a pair of stocks and sneakers, there are rich women in high school.

In addition to knitted vests, there are this kind of

Sports vest

It is also very beautiful, with a suspender inside, the show is complete ~

However, the arm is not very thin, it is best to add one

Long -sleeved inside

Right ~

Lace vest

Although there is no substantial effect, compared to simple white shirts+black skirts, I don’t know how many levels of fashion.

Denim vest

Sisters also remember to look at it, both

Leisure and retro

You can hold it with pants or dresses!

I really don’t know how to choose, use it directly

Shirt and vest skirt

It is also excellent. The sweetness of sweetness is you! Intersection Intersection

Okay, sisters, today


Just sauce, how many of these coats do you have?






denim jacket

denim jacket

Plus one









Leather jacket



And this kind of

And this kind of