The difference between the hot glue and cold glue of the wall

The discussion on the online hot glue and cold glue has always had some controversy. According to the current degree of fierce disputes, at least there will be no unified results in a short time. The controversy points of the wall of hot glue and cold glue are also very concentrated. Who is more environmentally friendly? This article only takes its own industry experience as the starting point, and share some individuals’ understanding of the wall thermal melt and cold glue.

1. What are the hot glue and cold glue?

Let’s talk about what is wall hot glue and cold glue. The hot glue of the wall cloth is the abbreviation of hot melt glue for wall cloth. The wall cloth mentioned here is mainly referred to the back glue for the wall of the wall for the wall cloth. The hot -melt mesense melting tape does not discuss this article). Cold glue also refers to the adhesive used for wall cloth to paste the wall, which is represented by glutinous rice gum. The reason why one is called hot glue and the other is cold glue, the core difference is that the former needs to be heated before it can be used for paste. The latter can be used to paste at room temperature, which is traditional glue.

2. The difference between the production process of hot glue and cold glue:

The production process of hot glue and cold glue is completely different. They do not have the same points from raw materials, production lines, production conditions, production environment, processes and flows. (The information is too large in this regard, and we just need to know that they have different craftsmanship)

3. The difference between hot glue and cold glue:

The difference between the use of hot glue and cold glue can be seen from the names of both of them. The difference can be bonded after heat glue needs to be heated; cold glue saves the heating steps and directly apply it. For the differences in the use of hot glue and cold glue For details, please see “Putting on the wall with hot glue or cold glue?” “

4. The difference between heat glue and cold glue in environmental protection:

Regarding the differences between heat and cold glue in environmental protection, this point is relatively controversial. Many people think that thermal gum heating will volatilize harmful substances and not environmental protection. Although cold glue is a traditional adhesive, as long as the environmentally friendly cold glue is used. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Even if the hot glue needs to be heated to paste, it is still environmentally friendly. Don’t do too much about this, because no matter how much discussion is discussed, it is difficult to make it clear in a short time!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about hot glue, hope it can help you.