“Jiangxi” and “Four First” Yisui high -speed construction practice

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On August 3, 2021, Yisui SSA standard four -point part and D2 standard project department were tied to obtain the first -stage comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the first place in the first place in the owner organization. At this point, the branch, including the quarterly comprehensive evaluation, has won the honor of the first place in four comprehensive inspections and evaluations. Establish an example for the entire participating units, and set a new benchmark for the practice of the construction model of the enterprise.

The beauty of the green mountains and green water and the bridge

Four first tackling practices

The start and end of the tube section of the four-point section of the high-speed SSA benchmark is K51+320-K75+120, with a total length of 23.8 kilometers. Construction according to two -way four -lane construction, the width of the roadbed is 26.0 meters; the roadbed length is 15.745 kilometers (accounting for 66.97%), the bridge length is 2.252 kilometers (accounting for 9.46%), and the length of the tunnel is 5.61 kilometers (accounting for 23.57%).

The entrance of the Yantian Tunnel with a green concept combined with the terrain and landform

According to the project manager Qiu Guojun: “We are responsible for the construction of the construction of 5 tunnels/11 kilometers of full -length single holes (the most single -standard section tunnel in Jiangxi High Speed ​​History, the longest mileage), and 8 bridges. The difficulty, the geology is complicated, the safety and progress are facing great pressure; the Nanping viaduct, the rock of the rock of the bridge of the Iwadou Reservoir, and the caves are many; the line is long, after more than 10 villages, the relocation and coordination work is cumbersome; The Nanping viaduct across the S224 provincial highway and G322 national highway, and the risks of safety maintenance of cross -line construction are uncontrollable. “

In order to quickly promote the construction of the project, in the early stage of construction, the project department invited the company experts to conduct detailed surveys of the project for the project’s complex environment and the characteristics of the project. Layout, comprehensive planning for construction organization management.

Gorgeous 2#Reinforcement Processing Factory

In order to facilitate the construction, the managers of the four -point parts scientifically planned, and the planning and layout of Liang Factory, mixing stations, steel processing plants, and central laboratories along the five -line external roads were planned. In order to build a standardized construction site, they hardened all the trails and focused on the most beautiful stools that integrate the lighting engineering and red culture along the line of the No. 5 to Yantian Tunnel Cave. It is understood that in the selection of the most beautiful series of the project office, there are four most beautiful projects, the most beautiful project manager department, the most beautiful prefabricated beam factory, the most beautiful construction lane, and the most beautiful tunnel hole entrance.

Standard and standard 3#mixing station

The advancement of the high standards of large facilities has laid a solid foundation for the promotion of the overall project. However, due to the large number of bridges and tunnels in this sub -department,

And there are many pile foundation caves in the bridge area, and the tunnel operation surfaces are between cliffs and cliffs. According to statistics, 358 pile foundations in 8 bridges, as many as 52 pile bases have caves. , Local rock -soluble, especially the bridge 4#, 5#, 6#, 11#, and 12#five pier -level caves are abnormally developed and have formed a giant solvement. The construction progress was severely blocked.

During the interview, Zhang Zuhui, the executive deputy manager of the project, told the author: “The most difficult difficulty in the processing of pile foundation caves is the 6-3#pile base of the Yantou Pu reservoir bridge. Because the active cave active area is in 10m depth, the scope is wide, and the number of pulps in front and back has reached up to up to as high 14 times, the steel protective tube was buried, and the loess, slices, and cement were repeatedly used to fill back the filling. It took 83 days to overcome the pile foundation of the bridge -soluble area. “

High starting point deployment, high standards promoted, high -quality implementation, and the end of the first stage, the standard cleared the key difficulty of affecting the construction period, and obtained the excellent results of the first place in the first place and the first place in the first phase of the comprehensive evaluation.

Fortunately strong base forging

The qualification rate of the two -lining steel bars of the tunnel exceeds 93.5%, the piles of bridge pile bases reached 95.3%, the qualified rate of pier pillars of steel protective layer was 97%, the qualification rate of the beam and board reinforcement protection layer was 100%, and the strength of all concrete physical engineering was 100 %. Seeing this group of bright achievements, the project chief Wang Wei said blandly: “This is not only a recognition and affirmation of the quality creation of the engineering quality of the Yisui SSA standard, but also the encouragement and spur on the project management team.”

On the one hand, the high -quality project forging is the high standardization of large -scale facilities, and on the other hand, the overall quality improvement brought by standardized management.

In order to create excellent quality, the four -point part of the construction concept of “inheriting the red gene, adhering to ecology priority, creating a beautiful high -speed, and creating a century -old quality” design and planned two beam factories, 3 -seater mixing stations, 3 steel processing plants, one seat, one Central laboratory. These large facilities are selected, planned, and constructed in accordance with the requirements of “factory, intensive, and specialized”; follow the “adaptation of local conditions, save land, protect the environment, safe and reliable, standardized and orderly, complete functions, reasonable setting, and reasonable setting. The principle of convenient life and satisfying production “ensures that quality goals can be achieved within the construction period prescribed.

A good management mechanism is the prerequisite and guarantee for the creation of quality engineering in the quarterfet. In order to clarify the construction specifications of quality projects, the project office has formulated 7 special management methods to make clear requirements for the establishment of quality engineering. In order to respond to the deployment requirements of the construction of quality projects, the high -speed SSA standard set the “Program of the Quality Improvement of the General Contracting Project for Design and Construction”, with the goal of creating quality engineering, and focused on standardization, quality, informatization, mechanization, etc. Increase investment and do a good job of quality engineering creation in the aspects of management, organization, technology, safety, environmental protection. Established the quality engineering management leadership group with the main leaders of the project, established a strict management and assessment system, set up a full -time or part -time quality inspector in the construction team, and set up part -time quality inspectors in the team.

The first display area

Promote the “first project recognition system”. Formulate the “First Engineering Project List”, establish a “three inspection system” of the quality of the first -line construction team, and build the foundation of quality creation. Each construction team implements the three inspections of self -inspection, mutual inspection, and transfer inspection. Shooting and not going out. Strengthen the management of the whole process, and the construction, construction, and quality inspection personnel follow -up inspection, and the surveillance of the side station during the construction of the project. The construction team implements the “6S” management, formulate a guidance for construction operations, standardize the construction process of the team, implement pre -class speech, summarize after class, and improve the overall literacy of the operation team. At the same time, focusing on the creation of quality engineering, actively participate in knowledge competitions, skills competition and the most beautiful series of evaluation selection activities, thereby achieving the initiative of the production of front -line workers and setting off a wave of construction in which you chase me and strive for the first time.

Uniform standard tunnel two village car

Hydraulic stainless steel composite templates, concrete automatic spray health systems, tunnel automatic health platform vehicles, two -lining anti -off -air alarm equipment, harmful gas detection system in the cave, personnel positioning detection system and other new processes and new equipment, for front -line construction Safe and efficiently provide effective support.

Based on the construction of Da Ling, based on system management as the lead, supported by scientific and technological innovation, realizing the “hard system” excellence, “soft power” layer by layer, creating a strong base forging with a strong foundation and gathering quality and creating quality. Construction ground.

The most beautiful ecological harmony

Aviation Observatory under the Bridge Remediation Demonstration Point

“Create a new model of beautiful high -speed high -speed high -speed speeds in the new era” is the goal of building a century -old safety quality project in Yisui Project Office. The four -point part of the high -speed SSA standard uses this as a positioning, with green as the “nuclear”, and works on “green”.

In order to create a new model of beautiful high -speed high -speed high -speed speed in the new era, the four -point part proposed that “with the ultimate goal of creating quality projects, focusing on the fundamental aspects of ‘safety, environmental protection, festivals, and efficient’. Treatment of the concept of green ecological construction with concentrated use of watches.

In order to implement the idea of ​​the idea, the leadership team of the project department considers that since it is necessary to engage in green roads, green measures in the construction process are essential. The establishment of the construction plan and implementation must be solid, and the whole line must be made. In this regard, the four -point part proposed to shaped the renovation under the second bridge of Longyuankou as a benchmark.

Standardized mud pool

During the construction of the bridge pile foundation, in order to meet the environmental protection requirements of mud discharge of mud along the river, a “three -level sedimentation tank” was set up in 1.8 acres of wasteland. ; After the construction of the lower part of the bridge is over, immediately clean up the construction waste under the bridge, flatten the construction foundation pit, and use the cleansing soil stacked in the early stage to cover the grass seeds to better restore the ecological environment; for the bridge; for the bridge Terrace slopes, they adopt the hexagonal slope surface, set up inspection steps under the bridge side to install guardrails to facilitate the safety of the later period; after the construction is completed, the seasons before the flood will be used to broaden and restore the river, add pulp stone stone stones The shore is to prevent the loss of mud on the banks on both sides due to the washing of the river. This not only ensures that the bridge and the land is not emptied, but also leaves permanent guarantee for the local residents and ecological environment.

This is the careful care of the ecological environment. On July 6, 2021, the project office organized a whole construction unit to hold a live observation meeting at the second bridge of Longyuankou. The rectification work under the second bridge has become a business card for the construction of the province’s highway. In addition to the first project under the bridge, they also spent a lot of thought in other ecological protection.

Aviation Yisui SSA standard part of the construction area

In the construction of large -scale facilities, the project department follows the principles of “adapting to local conditions, saving land, protection of the environment, safe and reliable, complete function, reasonable, satisfying production, and convenient life”. As a temporary construction house, the house reduces the damage to the land. During the early survey, they learned that the office housing of the local garden enterprises was always empty, and they found the homeowner to communicate, and finally determined that the house and the environment were used as the office of the project department. At the same time, the Liangchang was built on the main line and the mixing station was built on the wasteland, which saved nearly 94 acres of land. In addition, according to the owner’s green highway construction concept and combined with previous construction experience, during the construction of the main line beam farm, focusing on the principles of convenient construction and reducing pollution, the beam -streaming beams, storage beams, steel processing areas, and living areas of the beam farm are Scientific planning, setting drainage ditch and sedimentation tank, and greening the fields are set up, and the field construction standards are standardized. The on -site environment is neat and orderly.

In response to the abandonment of the land farm, the four -point department has worked hard. The project management team is based on the principle of protecting the environment, reducing the destruction of nature, and maintaining the beauty of the landscape. And local vegetation, choose the wasteland that is conducive to the protection, drainage, and greening construction of the soil farm, and carry out a flat planning on the abandoned soil field, and finally reunite.

Aiming at the S224 provincial highway near the work site is an important tourist highway, the introduction of intelligent dust reduction systems. This system uses the principle of optical principles to automatically distinguish between rain and rain and sunny weather. Established the overall image of Yisui high -speed external.

The solid implementation of the concept of green highway construction is to depend on the depth of implementation of the implementation of environmental protection measures. First, set up environmental protection signs from a prominent location at the construction site, set up a complete drainage system for temporary venues, centralize the wastewater and mud generated during the construction, and protect the ancient trees in the red line. At the same time, strengthen the ecological environment before construction. The survey system, combined with the impact of construction in construction, reasonably optimize the construction organization plan, and try to use construction measures that do not destroy the original ecology. The implementation of these measures has laid a solid foundation for the creation of green highways.

Ecological environmental protection is the beauty of green, and safety production is a human -oriented harmonious beauty. Safety is more important than Taishan, and prevailing must not occur.

According to Wan Zhiqing, deputy manager in charge of safety, Introduction “We have improved the safety awareness of the safety of construction personnel through measures such as security training nuclear and safety training experience hall education; Ten various safety management systems have made safety production work on a standardized and institutionalized track. At the same time, the construction protection of Linbian, Linya, and high pier is increased to ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property. “

The enthusiasm for the integration of party building for the people

Persist in combining practical practices and project construction, through the establishment of a party member volunteer service team, in -depth the masses along the project, and strive to minimize the impact of highway construction to the masses. Difficulty, sincerely do practical and good things for the masses. Through four groups of lenses, the people along the line can feel the “enthusiasm” of the four -point part of the SSA standard.

Qiu Guojun, Secretary and Manager of the Party Branch of the Project Department, and Zhang Zuhui, executive deputy manager Zhang Zuhui and his party condolences to Peng Meiying

Legend 1: August 29, 2020, is the theme party day event of the Two -point Organization. Early in the morning, the main members of the project party branch came to Peng Meiying, the poor households of the poor households in Tanzhou Village, Yantian Town, Anfu County, Jiangxi Province. Send rice, oil and other life condolences, and learn more about her economic source and living conditions in detail. Knowing that Peng Meiying’s husband was working outside, the two children were studying at school, and there were fewer labor and income in the family. Qiu Guojun, secretary of the party branch and project manager of the branch, immediately stretched out a helping hand, arranged for Peng Meiying to work in the nearby construction site, and also care about the choice of work. Essence

The Quartet Organization Organization of Party Volunteers Concern to the elderly in the elderly

Speed ​​2: On December 31, 2020, the four -point organization of party members volunteers brought condolences such as rice, edible oil, fresh milk, noodles, etc., and came to the nursing home of Yanfitian Town, Anfu County, resident to carry out “respect for the elderly and love the elderly, the world is beautiful – – Party Volunteer on the theme of Party Day. They are enthusiastic about weeding and cleaning the home of the elderly. They ask the elderly to warm up, treat the elderly, as they are always pulling their families, and the eager words bring a strong tenderness to the elderly.

Speed ​​3: Yi Sui SSA Bidding Fourth -Division in Yantian Town Town Village in Yantian Town Town Village, due to the insufficient maintenance funds of ditch can not harden, causing problems such as frequent stasis of channels and lack of water diversion of farmland. After knowing, immediately organize a construction team with party members as the backbone to help ordinary people build water canals. according to

Understand that the irrigation canal is 2 meters wide, 1.5 meters high, and more than 80 meters long, more than 100 cubic meters of concrete pouring, and more than 1,500 acres of waterfield irrigation area. The water canal is repaired on time to solve the “bottleneck” of the local farmland irrigation. There are 4 village groups, and more than 280 households have benefited.

The volunteer service team carried out the theme of “helping spring plowing and solving worries for the people”

Speed ​​4: On April 17, 2021, Yisui High -speed SSA standard four -point parts organized the “help spring plowing and solve the worries for the people” as the volunteer service team with party members and activists in the party. On the same day, Yan County Yan Liu Wuqiang, a villager Liu Wuqiang, the second group of villagers in Yantou Village, Tian Zhenzhen, was a busy scene in the field. Under the leadership of the bright red party flag, the volunteers rolled up their trousers, lifted their sleeves, and were full of energy. Performing labor. With the seedlings flying, the volunteers showed a green piece under the feet. At the end of the labor, they were full of mud and sweat.

This group of shots interpreted the real chapters and effective results of the four -point department “I do practical things for the masses”, and received unanimous praise from the government and the surrounding masses.

The party building is strongly leading, the project is full of vitality, and the entire staff actively acts to create a good atmosphere of the officer.

“Four firsts are not only the high -quality development of project construction and the beautiful high -speed experience of the most beautiful and new era in the new era in the new era. It is also the key. Grasp the first priority of project construction. You’s first driving force. “Qiu Guojun, the project manager, summarized.

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