People often say that “distant relatives are not as good as neighbors”, and everyone wants to live in harmony with their neighbors. After all, neighbors are the people who live closest to themselves. If there is any urgent matter at home, the neighbors can arrive at the first time. But some neighbors often do something angry and make people unable to live in harmony with them.

A car owner in Beijing had a dispute with his neighbors due to parking spaces. He locked the other car’s car on his parking space for more than three years.

Mr. Zhang spent more than 200,000 three years ago and bought a parking space in the community. Because of the decoration of the house at that time, Mr. Zhang had not lived in the community for a long time, and the parking space was empty. Every time I look at the decoration progress, Mr. Zhang saw an Audi A8 parked in his parking space. At the beginning, Mr. Zhang didn’t care too much. He felt that he didn’t live here anyway, so that it was easy for others to do a good thing.

But then Mr. Zhang and his family moved to a new house, and the Audi car still stopped in his parking space. Mr. Zhang learned that the owner of this Audi car was a neighbor in the same building. Mr. Zhang thought that the other party did not know that the parking space was a private parking space and wanted to tell the owner clearly. But he called the Audi owner, and the other party had not answered, so he asked the property to ask the Audi owner’s address.

Mr. Zhang thought that he had a calmness to the other party, and the Audi owner would drive away the car. Unexpectedly, the Audi owner drove the car for three days and drove back the car on the fourth day. Every time he goes home, he has to contact the Audi owner to make him annoying.

The parking spaces you spend money frequently are frequently occupied by others, which is probably difficult to calm down. Mr. Zhang angrily called the Audi owner and told him not to park the car in his parking space in the future, otherwise the consequences would be at your own risk. Audi owners only said that Mr. Zhang was talking and said very much: I won’t move, I want to see what the consequences are.

Seeing the Audi car owner refused to repent, Mr. Zhang couldn’t bear it. He went to the lock shop to buy a car lock, locked the Audi A8 wheels, and put it on: Since you want to stop in this parking space, then stop here forever. , I’ll lock you for two years first.

When the Audi owner came to pick up the car, he found that his car was locked, so he called Mr. Zhang for him to drive. But the Audi owner’s attitude was arrogant. He said that his car was worth millions. Let Mr. Zhang be careful and quickly opened the lock. If there is any loss in his car, he will make him lose his family. But Mr. Zhang didn’t care about the threat of the other party, he said he wanted to let himself unlock the door.

Both of them are also a temper. One dare to lock and dare to stop. The Audi owner really did not come to pick up the car. The car was locked in the parking space for more than three years. Because the parking time is too long, the body is full of dust, and many people throw garbage in the car. Some owners saw this messy Audi, and couldn’t help leaving a message to the owner: I will not open it to me.


It is a very uncivilized behavior to occupy the parking space of others, and it also reflects the quality of the owner to a certain extent. Everyone knows that it is difficult to find a parking space now, so you must park in place when parking, “one radish and one pit”. If you have the conditions, it is best to buy a parking space yourself. If you can’t afford the parking space, you can rent a parking space in the community. Do not occupy other people’s parking spaces casually.

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