Recently, in Reba’s new TV series, she tried a character she hadn’t tried before, that is, she plays a designer, so in the play, she is wearing it every time Reba appeared in her appearance. It is very fashionable, because everyone knows that general clothing designers are very good at wearing, and they have a strong sense of fashion. And the Reba outside the play is also a very individual girl, especially when wearing it. Although it is not a designer -level, at least each appearance can show her charm. Most of the shapes are all shapes. Wearing a very fashionable look. Reba jump ballet to challenge the most fat “milk socks”, but the legs you wear are the favorite of straight men.

For the first time challenge ballet, Reba still looks beautiful. In her shape, she is driving a golden ballet skirt. This ballet skirt has a strong design. The style is like a sleeve, it looks very personal, and the skirt is very fluffy, which can make her legs very well -proportioned. It is paired with a pair of “milk socks” under the skirt. The type of good repair decorated her leg shape.

Reba jump ballet to challenge the most fat “milk socks”, and the legs you wear are very well -proportioned. It can be seen that Reba is under the skirt to control a pair of white socks, like the color of milk. And after putting it on, it still looks like there, so the leg shape of Reba’s legs is completely displayed. Reba’s legs are not like some girls. It is still more fleshy, so it looks very well -proportioned, and boys generally like this proportion of long legs.

There are two reasons why this kind of milk socks are called the most fatty socks. The first light -colored tight -fitting sock itself has a fat effect. The requirements are very high, and a bit of meat feels exposed, so girls feel that this kind of stockings are very fat, and after Reba put on, her legs are quite fleshy, but the legs they wear are Straight men’s favorite.

Death Barbie pink long skirt, Reba puts a very elegant Feel after putting it on. This long skirt is also designed to have a personality, especially the cross folds of the waist position, which can also use the waist position to modify the waist. The effect, and the collar and loose sleeves of the lotus leaf can make this long skirt look chic.

Single product: holes

If you want to say that the most individual items, the pants should be able to be famous. A pair of ripped jeans can make a simple shape look like an avant -garde look. Reba uses this ripped pants to match it with this ripped pants. A green sweater, the effect is fresh and fashionable.

LOOK1: Stitching shirt+split skirt

This single product is also a very common one, and this stitching design shirt must look a lot of personality. It deliberately made the shirt into a shoulder design and adds silver lace to the collar to decorate. Good -looking shoes, Reba uses a black print skirt to match this shirt, which makes the overall shape very avant -garde.

Single product: earth yellow suit

There are all colors of suit, but this kind of earthy suit is really difficult to control. It is easy to wear a rustic look when it is not well worn and inappropriate. Black casual pants, also deliberately stuffed into the boots. Such a shape makes this suit very personalized. Finally, carry a LV underarm bag to make the overall shape very advanced.