What is the difference between thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of air purifiers? Focus on the structure of the filter element to avoid IQ taxes

Bing poison, smog sand, and pollen in the air in the air in the air … Various pollution has created frequent air pollution in the city, and more and more families list the [Air Purifier] as daily appliances Just need. Open the major shopping apps, hundreds of dollars, thousands, or even tens of thousands of prices, and many friends will wonder: how to choose? Will it be an IQ tax?

Today I will talk to you, what’s going on with the air purifier.

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Household air purifier remove formaldehyde

¥ 3288


The air purifiers on the market are discharged clean and clean air through inhalation of the air. Their difference is that this step of “filtering treatment” usually has the effects of adsorption impurities, aldehyde removal, net flavor, and sterilization and disinfecting. The effect of the effect is basically reflected in the filter element and purification technology.

1. Physical adsorption

As the most commonly used purification method, the “activated carbon filter element” is also configured by most of the air on the market. The biggest characteristic of activated carbon is the scattered pores, which can adsorb a variety of substances. Most people start and cost -effective Xiaomi Mimi air purifiers. The commonly used high -quality modified activated carbon filter element can adsorb odors, PM2.5, pet hair, pollen and other impurities.

The higher -level activated carbon filter element is represented by a 352 air purifier. It uses a 7 -weight gradual filtration. Each layer of structure can be isolated and purified different pollutants. A filter element contains: high iodine value activated carbon particles, filter paper, honeycomb coconut shell activated carbon, Matrix carbon brick, etc., all have a strong adsorption effect. The adsorbent substances are refined to dust, allergies, fluff, dandruff, harmful gases, etc.

Advantages: Strong adsorption of polluting solid particles; disadvantages: Once the activated carbon filter element is saturated, it cannot be purified. The service life is usually in half a year. If it is not replaced in time, it will cause secondary pollution. The cost of replacing the filter element consuming in this air purifier is relatively high.

Second, chemical catalytic decomposition

The role of chemical catalytic decomposition technology is reflected in: decompose toxic gas and eliminate bacteria. For example, the most advanced NCCO nano -catalytic oxidation technology currently achieves “medical care” because it has the function of decomposition and disinfecting.

By actively inhaling the capture of the metal agents such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air, after catalytic oxidation, it breaks into harmless water and carbon dioxide to the human body; the release of the release of the bacteria can destroy the cell membrane and BING toxicity, the elimination rate is as high as 99%.

Because it has two effects: decomposition and disinfecting, the filter element will not be used for daily use of air purifiers. The filter element can be used for a long time. The replacement cost is basically 0.

This “medical care” NCCO air purification technology is the same purification technology used by many key hospitals. Injected into the home air purifier, its advantage is that it can help eliminate formaldehyde and titozhide released by furniture, plate coatings, etc. to purify the odor.

Because the filter element does not need to be replaced, as long as the H13 -level filter is replaced by need, it can filter pollutants such as pollen, PM2.5, fine crushing hair, dust and other pollutants. The cost of replacing the filter is more money and money than other empty nets to replace the filter+filter combination.

Friends who have used air know that in fact, the air purifier is not an IQ tax. It can comprehensively improve the indoor air environment from multiple aspects (families in the northern Dusts and Dust more experienced). The filter element of the air purifier often affects the purification effect. It is recommended that you first understand the utility and purification technology of the filter element.

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