One person is also happy to eat, Haidilao electric hot pot experience sharing

It’s time to change points at the end of the year.


There are 1500 points for the small hot pot of Haidilao, which looks pretty festive, so I changed it.


In fact, it was a small hot pot and a bag of Qiansou seeds.


In fact, I do n’t know very much. I feel that the seeds of different stores are different. It seems that there are three fat seeds.

Well, let’s put the seeds aside, we also pretend to be out of the box.


1. Open display

This small hot pot is not particularly large, and one hand can be easily won. The front is “Sea Lian Passion”, one button, which are three gears, “Guan -Low Fire -Low Fire”, and a indicator light.

But the back is interesting.


In addition to some “Warning”, there is also a black plug, but the bears are written above the plug.

Then I found a similar little bear electric boiling pot and was equipped with steamed drawers.

However, I really can’t think of the 1.2 -liter capacity, and I can steam a few buns.

Of course, I think the demand is still there.

According to the 2021 China Statistical Yearbook, in 2020, there were 49.416 million households across the country, of which 125490007 households had more than 125 million households with “one -person household” family, accounting for more than 25%. The two households exceeded 146 million, and the three households exceeded 100 million.

Although this number is not necessarily young people -there should be many elderly people who have lost their companions, but if you look around, you find that young people now choose more and more to live alone, and there will be a young man around me. Daddy, dad Mom couldn’t hold the big house for the decoration, just rent a small single room alone.

Test test

Plug in the power cord and screw some knobs to start. However, the knob is a bit hard, not very comfortable.

The inner wall of the small hot pot has the maximum water level and minimum water level. I added to three -quarters of the position, and then tuned the heat. After about 5 minutes, the water began to bubble.

According to the explanation, the fire is 600 watts and the fire is 300 watts.

Next, I put down the dumplings, don’t look at the pot, I put 12 three full dumplings alone, there was no problem.

Finally, about 4 minutes, the water opened. But at this time, you can’t cover the lid, otherwise it will emerge.


Of course, I have also made noodles and eggs. Although it is a bit ugly, the small hot pot is still very practical.

Finally, there are still cleaning. I think it is very convenient, especially if girls are washing the pot, they are afraid that the pot will be too heavy, and this small hot pot can be held with one hand.


The above is a simple use evaluation. As mentioned in the article, if you live alone, this small hot pot is still very practical. When you don’t want to order takeaway, cook a dumplings by this pot, and the next face is still very convenient.


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The above is the introduction and description of electric hot pot, I hope it can be helpful to you.