In order to save costs, the current architects have dedicated space to places that customers such as living rooms and bedrooms are more important. The kitchen and toilet are sacrificed like a sparrow nest.

First of all, the area of ​​the bathroom must be measured first. The large area can be customized under the basin cabinet or pellet cabinet. It is beautiful and practical, and the pillar basin is selected if the area is small. For example, the guest guard), the design is very concise, you can hide the drainage component into the pillar of the main basin, giving a clean and tidy appearance, it is more convenient and comfortable to use.

After confirming the installation of the pillar, it is necessary to consider its size to fit your bathroom area. About the size of the pillar basin, which has a lot to do with the design of the product. For example There are 830mmx550mmx830mm, 510mmx440mmx740mm, and 560mmx430mmx810mm. It depends on what materials and shapes of the specific product are determined. Therefore The pillar basin, then enter the installation program. This is a professional job. People who have no experience in decoration are very easy to mess up. It is recommended that the master is better to install it.

The first step is to put the pot on the column, move the pot to match the contact with the column, and then carefully move the overall installation position. Put the horizontal ruler on the basin surface, and correct it. Nuo Ping is. Check the water outlet of the basin and whether the position of the water outlet on the wall corresponds to the same. If the water outlet is not aligned, it is convenient to adjust the pot to the water outlet. Draw the installation hole position of the basin and columns respectively. Painting the marks and the pillar and the pillars are opened. Drill the hole on the marks you make. Pay attention to the screws and size of the screws provided at the time of delivery. Plug in the expansion particles, fix the screw rod on the ground and wall, and expose the point. The ground is about 24-25mm, and the length of the dew on the wall is about 33-34mm.

In the second step, the faucet and drainage parts are assembled according to the content of the instructions, and then the column is fixed to the ground, and the basin is fixed to the column. Put these accessories of the pads in the screws, tighten the screw, tighten, and cover the decorative nut. Although it should be tightened, it is necessary to stop it. Do not twist too tightly. If you have two, a tube of hot water, and the cold water a day, it is best to indicate the color on the tube, so as not to get the hot water pipe from the cold water outlet when installing, and the cold water outlet is received. The interface surface with the basin, the basin is in front, and the pillars and the ground are connected to the ground to prevent mildew waterproof silicone materials, sealing. In this way, the installation of the pillar surface is completed.


Summary of the decoration master network:

This is just a simple column surface installation process. The specific construction process will also involve whether the installation location is suitable, whether the water pipe mouth is suitable, and whether the ground is inclined and unequal. tragedy.



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