#How to match the clothes of the basic models out of multiple styles#

I often hear that as long as you can match it, a basic model is a show. If I let me recommend a basic model we must have in winter, I will not hesitate to choose a coat.

The plasticity of the coat is strong. It is a new style to make a little change. Today I will share the formulas of the three basic coats. In the formula, although the cold is cold in winter, the style will not be limited.

Coat+high -necked bottom shirt gentleman British style

The handsome male lead in Korean dramas often looks like this. The medium -long coat with a turtleneck or a bottoming shirt, with a gentle attribute, opens a natural gentle filter for you, which makes people full of security.

Mid -long wool coat

The appearance rate of the high -necked bottom shirt is very high. Middle -length wool coat is very suitable

Tall and long legs

Men, because it can not only enhance the gas field, but also have the effect of stretching visual height ~



Black slim high -necked bottom shirt

, Not only significantly tall but also cool! Perfectly set off your mature, stable and warm Ouba temperament ~

But it should be noted that the high -necked bottom shirt is more suitable

Long neck

As well as

Face thin

Men’s embarrassing situation to avoid “high -collar masks”.

For men with a shorter neck, you can choose

Low collar or round neck shirt

Come as a bottom.

Coat+suit with business workplace style

In addition to matching turtleneck sweaters, use


It is also a very good choice in the inside ~

If you are high


Relatively thin


Men who think that their shoulders are not wide enough and their stature inverted the triangle, they can choose long models

Double buckle

The mid -length wool coat, because the design of the double -breasted buckle can visually increase the body and shoulders


Give people better overall lines.

Medium gray

Wool coat can be paired



West, showing a strong overbearing president’s atmosphere, showing your elite style!

In addition to business,

Fashion Shanxi

You can also use wool coat

It is not a man who is not particularly confident in his height, it is recommended to choose



Light gray wool coat, this can show long legs, avoiding the feeling of being wrapped in the coat by being wrapped in the coat. At the same time, match



Black trousers


Dark leather shoes

, A sense of business and fashion ~

Kind tips:

Must choose workmanship


Sophisticated and fit

The suit is made inward. Because, a non -fitted suit, no matter what kind of wool coat is matched, will look no texture, and there is no way to wear it.



Xiaojiazi Qi

Xiao Yi is always welcome to make an appointment to customize a set of unique suit ~

Coat+hooded sweater vitality casual style

Of course, in addition to more business/formal ways, wool coats can also be worn





For example, this light -gray wool coat with a pink hooded sweater is full

young and energetic,

The sense of vision of street shots, full of boyfriend style!

Black wool coat can be paired

Light gray hooded sweater


, Hip -hop also brought a little handsome, breaking the boring of the coat, injecting fresh vitality into the whole set!


But pay attention to: body figure


Men’s men may be slightly bloated ~

In addition to the above -mentioned formulas, there are more possibilities for the matching of wool coats, such as matching

Vest, shirt, jacket

Wait, you can still use it

Scarves, bags, gloves

Wait for accessories to embellishment, which is more obvious.

That’s it for today’s sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.

As well as

As well as

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