“Rebirth: The Road to Rehabilitation of a Cancer patient”

Introduction and Foreword

Many cancer patients do not die in the disease, but to die from fear and wrong treatment.

The author himself unfortunately suffered from brain cancer and lung cancer. He underwent removal of left lung surgery, but did not undergo surgical schemes for removal of brain tumors, nor chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He began to try pure natural methods to restore physical fitness and understand various knowledge about cancer.

In the United States, cancer has been treated as a chronic disease, not terminal illness.

In China, although the hospital has various advanced equipment and well -known experts, there are often new drugs and new treatment methods, but the “five -year survival rate” of patients with medium and advanced cancer patients has hardly improved in the past 30 years, which is lower than the world average.

Due to the lack of medical knowledge and backward cancer concepts of cancer patients, they may accept irregular medication and have not obtained good treatment.

According to the World Health Organization, one -third of cancer can be prevented, one -third can be cured, and one -third can survive for a long time.

After the author suffers from cancer, he found that the mystery of survival is very simple: as long as we are not afraid, do not obey, do not follow the wrong treatment path, we already have 66%of the opportunity to stay away from the god of death. Even if our tumor has reached the middle and late stages, we can coexist with cancer for a long time.

Five years after cancer, the author’s intracranial lesions have narrowed, and have surpassed the judgment and expectations of the doctor.

Some things are connected to all patients–

We must have enough strength to receive those treated treatment that should be accepted.

We must have enough courage to refuse those treatment that should not be accepted.


We must have enough wisdom to distinguish what should be accepted and which should not be accepted.

Rehabilitation requires both courage and wisdom.