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The pixels in the mobile phone are getting better and better, and the quality of the photos taken is getting higher and higher, so it takes up the mobile phone space very much. In fact, there is a hidden album on WeChat, which can be stored unlimited, and does not take up the mobile phone memory. I will teach you how to set up.



First of all, we open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom, find the entrance of the “Small Program” here, and click “magnifying glass” in the upper right corner to find “Tencent Album”.


After entering the album, log in with your WeChat first, and then click “Create the photo album” in the lower right corner. You can upload pictures and videos in your mobile phone, or you can import it from the WeChat chat history.


Next, add the photos you want to save from the mobile phone album, you can check 9 every time. Don’t forget to click the “original picture” at the bottom, give the album a name, and click “Start upload”.

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After the upload of the photo is successful, you can also choose “Continue Upload”. If you want to delete a certain photo, you can click “Management” and delete it after being selected. It is recommended to set the album to “private”.



Relaxing the photos in the mobile phone can release a lot of space. If you want a photo in the future, you can find it directly from the Tencent album, and can you save the original picture. Is it convenient?



In addition, on the homepage of this album, a dynamic album template is also provided, which is to make your photos into special effects videos. Although these templates are good -looking, most templates cannot be used.


So I found it

Refreshing video editor

There is a “music album” function here. It can be made into a video to import photos, and there are many good -looking templates that can also add filters.



If you are worried that you can’t find this album next time, click the three points in the upper right corner, select “Add to my applet”, and then go directly to the WeChat homepage to pull down.


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The hidden album of WeChat can store photos unlimited and does not take up mobile phone memory. Go and try it.