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I won’t say much nonsense. Today I talk about the new generation of the top cushioning running shoes of Article, Nimbus 24.

Speaking of the test in front, 50 kilometers, I feel that the changes of these Nimbus 24 are bigger and exaggerated than 23!

Shoe body

The upper is one of the most modified places (please note that the “one” here is “one of the” one “) it changed from a single -silk fiber engineering network cloth to knitted upper, and it is an integrated upper, comfortable to comfortable. It will be very high.

Depending on durability, in terms of material, it must be more resistant to knitted upper and better comfort. It ’s just that the knitted upper wants to do a good job of breathability, and I think more about it -I have a lot of mouthfuls here. Recently, the number of running shoes on the knitted upper has a trend of increasing. The materials are too fierce. The design of the breathing of comfort is annoyed by everyone.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

Mono is thin and thin, but jogging shoes are also pursuing comfortable

I think nimbus 24 is very good, and its design is reasonable. The upper of the forefoot includes the tongue, which is designed with a lot of ventilation holes without affecting comfort.

In the latter half of the shoe body, the overall material of the shoe is solid, and the inner materials are also very comfortable. The inner curved design of the rear heel mouth can lock the ankle well and enhance stability.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

During the measurement, I could feel that the space of the forefoot did not have any sweltering and humid situation. On the contrary, when a gust of wind was blowing, I could feel a brief coolness.

The rear half of the shoe did not feel any hotness because of the solid materials -this reminds me of the 361 ° Sparkle, and the two pairs of shoes have similarities in this point. Of course, when comfortable, Nimbus 24 is higher.

Sparkle bought that year, regret buying early, because the price was reduced after buying the price

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验


穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

Nimbus 24 is a double -layer composite midsole, upper Flytefoam+lower FF Blast. Of course, there is a GEL cushionry gel rear (the front palm GEL is intimidated at the midsole) to strengthen the midsole cushioning.

However, the thickness of the two midsole materials is completely different. Flytefoam has only a thin layer, and the remaining space is FF Blast.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

I feel that Nimbus 24’s midsole changes are larger than Kayano 28. Although everyone uses the new material FF Blast, it is completely different whether it is layout or feeling. If Kayano 28 I still think it is Kayano, the change of Nimbus 24 makes me a little caught off guard.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

For example, the midsole of Kayano 28 will give people a gradually sensitive feedback, then the midsole of Nimbus 24 is a flexible and long feet.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

By the way, I almost forgot to say. Nimbus 24’s arch support tablets also have an embedded design, which is closer to the foot bow. This change directly made Nimbus 24 a Kayano taste.

Although the positioning of the NIMBUS series is top -level cushioning, the actual experience is completely possible to control the Nimbus 24 called “secondary support”. As long as the outsider is not serious, it is completely OK to wear it. In addition, I personally feel that Nimbus 24’s feet are used for commuting and shopping, which is also quite suitable.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验


穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

The new generation of Nimbus 24 is still a representative work in the top cushioning running shoes. It is still the gospel of the general runner, and even a low -footed bow runner can choose it to jog.

The addition of the new material FF Blast allows it to have a more flexible foot feeling, and at the same time, thanks to the optimization of design, the 24th generation compared to the 23rd generation, which reduces nearly 50g in weight.


ASESS’s upper has always been a topic, but to be honest, I have never encountered it once for so many years. Whether it is GT -000 3, which has been polished, or the later GT-2000 7, the upper is complete.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

So I sometimes think that if you do n’t buy a small shoes (the size of the Article requires more than half yards), or friends with wide -feet have not bought 2E and 4E wide -ranging.

Then, the rest may be that the shoelaces are not tied. The front end is too tight, which will make the extension of the upper too tense, which will be damaged during the repeated landing start, and then it will rupture -because I personally don’t like the shoelaces tightly, the front end of the two holes on the front end, and the two holes on the front end are 2 holes on the front end. After all, you will leave more gaps. After all, after a long time, your feet will also swell because of congestion.

穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

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穿了一周亚瑟士Nimbus 24,一肚子话不吐不快,谈谈最真实的体验

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