Study sports shoes

Recently, everyone should want to see Lichun wear it, right?

Today I will put it first

Lichun wear

The most important ring arrangement

That is


I have been watching sports shoes recently

This is for me that I like me very much

5 niche and fashionable sneakers brands

Share it to everyone

It’s the beginning of spring, it’s time to experience the happiness of 的 , ~

01 Goodbai

Have you seen the beginning

Small monster to Bai Jingting vertically into the pit



It was Bai Jingting’s early years


With fashion designers


The joint series of teachers cooperation

Later evolved into


Xiaobai’s independent brand

It does not have independent shops

There are currently only two official channels

One is the shop of Teacher Shangguanyu

The name of a certain treasure shop:


Ze by Sankuanz

Not all the items sold in it are all from Xiao Bai’s family

Need to distinguish

You can also download

Net-a-Porter’s Chinese version app

Xiao Bai also settled here

But I have to remind everyone in advance

Goodbai shoes are

It’s really hard to squat

The inventory is less and the fans have strong purchasing power, and the stock will be out of stock in minutes


What can buy is full of human character, patience and perseverance


True love powder brushed three times a day

Of course, even if there is no fan filter

The design of the shoes is also online

The most popular is these pairs

Simple models of foreign style and versatile

canvas shoes

Multi -color options, plus a very thick bottom height


It’s a small gospel, and the price is also very conscience

Boys and girls can wear

, Small monster in need

It is also good to buy a couple model

And Xiaobai’s own little red book

It is a walking grass machine walking

His good pots of friends Jing Bairan, Ouyang Nana, Zhou Yutong

These fashionable essences wear

The effect of bringing the goods does not lose Xiaobai

I have been planting grass for a long time, but I can’t squat in the inventory (嘤 嘤

This will be shared with everyone, we must grab it together ~

02 Autry


This is a

American niche shoes brand

But it was brought by many Korean bloggers

Especially like to buy

Han Dynasty


Small monster

There must be a grawa with a picture of the MONE

Autry’s shoes have no obvious logo

The color matching is very fresh,

Step on the top of the feet


It looks good with all kinds of socks, retro and fashionable

Liu Wen, Yu Shuxin and other female stars’ private clothes


You can often see it very often

This pair of colored autry can be used as

Nike Dunk’s replacement

And their home

Small white shoes


It can be said that it is the four seasons universal matching items

But their home is also out of stock king


The hottest pairs of the most popular are basically 10,000 people’s blood books for replenishment

I have seen it currently





The little monster you want to buy to send the official website Tao Yitao


But the price is a bit expensive, it seems that the purchasing agent is cheaper


This is from


French outdoor sports brand


Their family is a manufacturer of professional off -road equipment

The first thing I did was

Skiing equipment

It has become a pick of many Olympic champions

After the launch of the off -road series, the off -road series began


Created a lot



Later, their family no longer just highlights the professional performance of the shoes


Start to pay attention to

Combine with fashion elements


So the shoes can be visible to the naked eye

Very fashionable sought after

You can see their shoes

It is indeed ugly and ugly


Very futuristic, functional style

It happens to be in line with these years

This retro futuristic wearing trend


At fashion week

We can also see many tide people


I like to use running shoes to match daily clothes

And these two years have become popular


Mountain wearing

CityPop, Y2K style

Very suitable for using shoes such as Sarumon to match

During the effect of wearing more than more effort

It can be said that it is the most fashionable in outdoor sports shoes

It can also be said to be the most professional in fashionable running shoes

It can fully satisfy the mountain climbing, to doing yoga

All needs to take pictures on the street

Their shoes


A lot better than looking


I also want to have

04 veja

This is the French brand

Their home is designed with a low -key texture

And well -known environmental protection awareness of sustainable development


The raw materials for shoes are naturally organic


So buy it and go to the four houses

It can also be regarded as supporting environmental protection undertakings

Minimalist aesthetics plus the less expensive price

It can be regarded as a big explosion in Europe and the United States

Especially these pairs


National little white shoes


From female stars to British royal family

Fashion bloggers like to wear very much

last year



Also actively find their home

After the joint series, the shark crazy is simply

They have

China official website

, Free shipping over 1200

Du Niang searched out and came out


You can go to Kangkang to go to Kangkang

05 Mizumo Mizuno

This is a brand of Tao Tibetan Tibetan sneakers

Established in 1906, the Mizumi Club in Japan


Already world -renowned

Century -old

It is in the professional field of running shoes,

Status is self -evident

But the tide of the millennium comes

It is in the rise of these new brands of Adi Nike

Design and technology can not keep up with the pace of trend

Fasting out of the echelon of the first and second -tier brands

It is considered to be an old man’s sneakers for a long time

Comfortable, professional, but not good -looking

in ours

Domestic popularity is not very high

But after all, it is

Old card

They are sponsored by a lot of sponsorship

Get a batch of potential customers of sports enthusiasts

Recently because of


Cost -effective

There are a lot of more in a book

New Generation Amway


They have a bunch of shoes of one or two hundred

It looks good, and it is very comfortable to get on your feet

Don’t be too friendly to the student party

Add some shock -absorbing black technology shoes

Do not lose to other big names in Parisians


But the price is only half, it is also very fragrant as a replacement


They have also launched a lot in recent years

Joint series

It can fully meet everyone’s matching needs


There is an official store in a certain treasure, which is worth rushing