Starting this week, there have been major cooling situations, and even many places have snowed.

The warm underwear in this wardrobe can finally come in handy.


The warm underwear on the market has virtue, constant temperature, light burning, spontaneous heating, etc., a new trick a year, I don’t know how to pick.

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8 armal underwear

It took a month to test the results.


Laboratory testing


Fiber content

When you buy underwear, most of them look at the proclaiming effect. If you are more carefully, you can see what ingredients are written on the label sign. Will the actual situation be the same as marked?


We measured the various ingredients and contents of these samples:

The test found that only 7 samples were a bit different from the measured. The remaining 7 fiber content was consistent with the labeling.

Under normal circumstances, you can refer to the ingredients on the label and make a choice of purchase.


Keep warm

Most of the promotion of warm underwear, most of which are constant temperature, locked temperature, light combustion, spontaneous heating, etc., it looks very warm. Looking at the price, ah, a lot higher.

Is the warmth of these underwear is really OK? Based on


Thickness+insulation rate

Take a look at it.

Refer to the detection method in FZ/T 73022-2019 “knitted warm underwear”

The actual measurement results are as follows:

According to the comparison of thickness and thermal insulation rate, we can see

It’s not that the thicker the clothes, the more warm it is

If you are afraid of cold stars, you can consider the insulation rate above


The above 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. If you want to take care of both beauty, you can choose smaller thickness here.



An excellent warm -keeping underwear should be a good helper in winter. In addition to keeping warm, if the breathability is not good, it may produce sultry, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

We refer to the detection method of the air permeability in the standard FZ/T 73022-2019 “Knitting Warm Lingerie” (the standard requires the breathability ≥ 180mm/s), and compares the thickness of the combination.

Compared with thickness and breathability, it is also not particularly large. This is because

The breathability is mainly related to the fabric structure


These samples have 6 air permeability performance, and on the 6th and 7th, they did not meet the requirements.


Get rid of

Underwear is worn directly and is easy to produce more friction with other clothes.

If a large number of hair balls are raised, it will not only affect comfort, but sometimes it is embarrassing to accidentally reveal the clothes full of hair balls.

We did a hair and kick test in the laboratory:

The test results are as follows:

According to the standard requirements of FZ/T 73024-2014 “Chemical Fiber Knitting Underwear”, the indicators of qualified products should not be less than 2-3, and these sample detection meets the requirements.

If you mind the problem of getting the ball, you can choose the larger value.

Anti -static

Winter static electricity is always deep in memory, and “sparks” will be produced, which makes people uncomfortable. We intend to measure the antistatic of these warm underwear.

Prepare some small paper crumbs with similar sizes. After rubbing the fabrics in the same number of times, close the small paper crumbs to observe the adsorption. Let’s take a look at the comparison of 100% cotton sweater and warm underwear:

The results are as follows:

The fiber material used in fabrics is an important reason for static electricity. Compared with the electrostatic situation of wool sweater, the 8 samples are relatively small, and the anti -static performance is not bad.

Real person trial experience

What is the comfort of warm underwear? It takes people to wear it before you know it. We found a few brothers and sisters to try on for a few days to give feedback.

However, when distributing, the number of recommended codes on the label is quite interesting. 40 ~ 80 kg can wear warm underwear, I don’t know how good the elasticity is.

When you choose warm underwear, try to look at the real thing first. Sometimes the recommended size is not necessarily accurate.

The following is a trial feedback:

About warm underwear

When you buy warm underwear, you will see a variety of sayings. In fact, it is not so difficult to choose the right one. You can refer to the suggestions below:


Main fabric component

Pay attention to what the fiber with the most content is, different fibers have different advantages.

For those who are prone to skin allergies, you can choose a warm cotton -keeping underwear.


Little elastic or non -elastic warm underwear is easy to be blocked after wearing. The easiest way is to judge elasticity by looking at the content of the spandex, high across the content, and good elasticity.

Selection size

It is recommended to choose a normal code. You don’t have to choose a tight -fitting style or a small number of numbers for beauty, so that the upper body has a strong sense of restraint.

The results of the evaluation of 8 warm underwear this time are as follows:

In fact, thermal underwear is only part of dressing in winter. If you want to maintain temperature and demeanor at the same time, you can follow the “



“The law of dressing is from the outside to the inside::




: Generally, down jackets or cotton coats, the most important role is to prevent cold air.



: The sweater or cashmere sweater can lock the temperature, and the main role is to store calories.


: It should be comfortable to close the clothes. The main function is to keep the skin dry, so as to prevent blowing dry after sweating and take away a lot of calories.

Now, choose a suitable warm underwear for yourself and your favorite person. There are many ways to go this winter, don’t get cold.


The actual measurement results are as follows: