Should everyone, today you have a boy’s baby long sleeve shirt.Already standing, it is estimated to do it well…


男童宝宝长袖衬衣,春秋天穿最舒适啦 附裁剪图

100 yards, length 42cm bust 72cm repair length 35cm suitable for 2 — 3 year old baby.

Requires other numbers can be pushed according to the difference between the length of 3cm circumference 4cm

Profit point

Because it is a plaid fabric, the shirt collar

The production is to be symmetrical, pay attention to the lattice.

男童宝宝长袖衬衣,春秋天穿最舒适啦 附裁剪图由于是格子面料,衬衣领​​​

Front pocket with twill, do decorative pockets.After fastening, the sewing method is used

The door tube, the cuff, and the back tablet were decorated with twill.

男童宝宝长袖衬衣,春秋天穿最舒适啦 附裁剪图

Cuffs, collars, door cylinders must stick, and do it with a net sample.Be

Ok, share here.Let’s do it.You don’t understand to leave a message or private letter.

男童宝宝长袖衬衣,春秋天穿最舒适啦 附裁剪图门筒,袖口,后上片均用斜纹装饰。

If you have a favorite, you can send it to me, maybe the next release is what you want.

男童宝宝长袖衬衣,春秋天穿最舒适啦 附裁剪图裁剪图