I do n’t know when I wore shirts to unbutton the collar. Essence Essence

Just make a pull -up shirt today, you can also lock a few less eyes?

Take a look at the picture, my favorite linen shirt

Fabrics, colors, styles, and look good.

Don’t talk nonsense, look at the cutting pictures

XL number: Bust 106cm front clothes 62cm long 66cm sleeve length 40cm

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4-1CM

Need other types, you can follow

Pushing version of the enclosure 4cm length 1cm sleeve length 1cm for push version

Clash drawing

Main points of production


It is recommended to sew it with a needle nine machine, the needle distance of 9 stitches/inch


Line fabrics are used with woven lining, which is normal. Small stand -up collar, placket, cuffs need to be lined.

Small stand -up collar, but it is not the kind of neck, I call it a leisure small stand -up collar

Xiaoli’s production requirements, make a net version, sticking, drawing lines. This can ensure that the standing collar is delicate and beautiful


Effective effect

In front of the placket, make a tube design. It is convenient to wear and take off, and the practice is the same as opening pockets, which is difficult. If you think it is difficult, you can do it directly into a straight.

Placket effect

The shirt is buckled, the first grain is horizontal, and the others are vertical eyes.

Cusk and hem split

Speak on the cuffs and the cuffs on the stuffy seam. Side of the hem sides of the seam, 12cm in the front 8cm.



The hem is rolled directly, and it can be embroidered at the hem with a color matching line.

You can try the solid color line embroidery.

Soothing music, warm sunshine, a cup of tea, a pair of embroidery frames, life should be so beautiful. Essence Essence


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If you wear shirts, you usually go in, today this linen pullover shirt is very suitable for you