It is cold in winter. These cotton clothes with hair collar are sweet, fashionable and warm.

The hair collar short small cotton clothes, the plush neckline is sweet and age -reducing. The loose and moderate silhouette, adding warm single products, is very temperature. Thick fabrics are very warm. The design of the drawing rope waist, fashionable and highlighting the waist.


The fashionable girly -collar cotton clothing adds a sense of vitality in the dull winter. The fluffy big hair collar collar’s neck, the face is small and sweet. Loose and moderate version, add warmth, not bloated, easily resist the cold.

The neckline design of the big hair collar, big hair collar, fluffy and light, fluffy is very young and cute. It is warm in winter. The thin black jacket, thick fabric, keep warm. The design of the pocket increases the sense of styling.

Mao Mao collar cotton clothes, which is very suitable for cold winter. Blue is very temperamental. The fluffy hair collar is very warm. The version of the drawing rope is optimized, the height ratio, long cotton clothing, and the waist guard is very warm.


See you tomorrow, I like to pay attention to the small Qiao stream SHUI.

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