It is winter now. There may be fewer friends in the south, but in the north, there are still many friends in down jackets. We can’t wash it every day. With its necessity, how can we disinfect it? This is indeed a problem!

According to the popular science of experts, we now all know that for the survival of the new coronary virus, we use

The temperature of 56 ° C, more than 30 minutes to live

And a lot

Chlorine disinfection agent

,for example

84 disinfection

Can kill the virus,


It can also have a good killing effect.

After understanding this feature, let’s talk about the disinfection of down jackets


Suggest on everyone

First look at the label of your down jacket

Usually there are instructions for how to clean this down jacket on the label. Because most down jackets contain animal feathers, it is not recommended to wash it with high temperature. Dr. Xie’s down jacket label is like this:

Require cold water machine washing, clearly required low -temperature drum drying, causing a great trouble for our disinfection clothes


And common disinfection, such as


84 Disinfection, due to certain corrosiveness,

It is easy to damage our clothes, so it is often not recommended to disinfect the clothes wearing. The down jacket is not cheap. It is less than five or six hundred, and the expensive 1000 and 20000 are all available.

Therefore, 75%of alcohol is a better choice, but now it is too much useful for alcohol, and it is not easy to buy. How can we use a more alcohol and more convenient way? Below Dr. Daxie introduced a simple way (

Dr. Xie use a hand towel to show you



First, prepare a clean large plastic bag


, The best of the closed zipper, put the down jacket in.


Second, put the alcohol in a small watering pot and spray alcohol for down jackets

(It is recommended to find a drop of alcohol in the lining of a down jacket to see if it causes color loss), especially the outer surface of the down jacket!

Third, pull the zipper and close it for a period of time, about 20-30 minutes, so safe!

After that, take out the down jacket and put it outdoors indoors or outdoors. Everyone must know!

The above is a little suggestion for disinfection of down jackets.

This method is more suitable for clothes that are not suitable for daily cleaning or high temperature cleaning, but you must try whether the alcohol will cause the clothes to fade, otherwise a piece of clothes will be blind!

When I saw this problem, I just disinfected the down jacket, so I did n’t use a down jacket to demonstrate it. Please ask you a lot of Haihan, because there is not much alcohol at home, you must save a little use! Looking forward to slowly supplying, the situation will be better!

And those jackets and clothes that are suitable for daily cleaning can be in the washing machine

Clean and disinfection in high temperature disinfection mode


When Dr. Xie wrote this article, the epidemic notification was like this, and there were still a large number of new confirmed cases. Suspected cases were also increasing.

This battle against new coronary virus pneumonia must not only rely on national, party organizations and medical staff. Each of us is an important part of this battle.

For non -medical staff, what we need to do is to do a good job of personal hygiene, wash our hands, disinfect our family’s environment and clothing, and we must wear masks when we go out. Mask, protect yourself, try not to gather together, start from us,

Each small chain that may be infected by the virus may finally cut off the large chain of the virus infection

We can finally get the victory of this battle.

In addition, friends who have children at home must pay attention to collecting 84 and alcohol at home. Do not put it in the place where the children can get, and it must be marked with what disinfection is for disinfection. Do not put the disinfection solution in the empty mineral springs Remember in the water bottle! Intersection Intersection


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