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Recently, everyone in the teaching community has been discussing, and the sounds on both sides are here. It is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, but sometimes it is better to say less. Our ancients had poems to warn: “Zhou Gong was afraid of rumors, and Wang Mang Qian was not tampered with. Who knew it when he was in his life?” If Zhou Gong died early in the morning, he was afraid of popularity. If Wang Mang died early in the morning, I am afraid that the name is left. So do people’s life really be concluded? It’s hard to say.

In various voices, there is a kind of sound that makes people regret.

On the seventh day of Nanzen in 1993, the South Division and Master Xuecheng had already interspersed. At that time, the Nanshi rewarded the question and answer and asked everyone who could answer what Liu Hejing was.

In 2008, Master Xuecheng visited the South Division, and the South Division warned Master Xuecheng: at the age of 47, he did not require the name. After playing almost, go back to Fujian to practice, and will be a great ancestor. The fame is enough. If you have a big name, you ca n’t play anymore, otherwise the state of ordinary people and temper will be born again. Is it fun? Falome name! You should play empty, you should play that empty, you shouldn’t play this empty! You are 42 years old and you are still young! The latest 50 -year -old must retreat to practice.

Unfortunately, the incident was 52 years old in 2018. Unfortunately, the temple of Longquan will be deeply affected by the exploration of high -tech, but the South Master also told Master Xuecheng that it can be practiced to live in the Mao shed. The temple of Longquan is not good to have a great relationship with the real practice. Perhaps Master Xuecheng finally remembered the warning of the South Division and returned to Fujian.

It is expected that one day in the future, we can see a person with a permit.

Recording content:

Nan: Are you from Fujian?

Cheng: Fujian people

Nan: Where are you Fujian?

Cheng: Xianyou

South: Ah?

Cheng: Putian

Others: It is from the Zen Cultural Park, where the Mazu Putian Mazu

Nan: This is an old friend.

Cheng: Southern, we live opposite

Nan: Do you remember these things?

Sincerity: remember

South: Young, the first young man in China, China’s first young man

Others: Yes, he is in his 20s, 23 years old, 23 years old

South: Well, a teenager,

Cheng: 17 years old

Nan: I am still becoming a monk until now (everyone laughs)

Cheng: This life is a monk

South: Not fate, you have talented

Cheng: No, no

Nan: Hey, but pay attention, return to Putian, go back to Fujian to practice! You go well and be a great ancestor, and you’re almost playing. People hold you out, oh? After playing almost, go back to Putian to practice and be a great ancestor. You ca n’t play, you do n’t practice well. Yes, you’ve played almost, and you’re well -fame, and then go back to practice the future ancestor. Can’t play anymore! You play at best the CPPCC’s main degree. What is amazing? It’s not fun!

Sincerity: Not fun?

Nan: Do you think it is fun?

Cheng: Can’t afford to play


Nan: No reason!

Cheng: (laughs) No reason. Essence Essence

South: Virtual name! No reason, empty! You originally played empty, playing that empty without playing this empty! I talk to his old friend, and you young people do n’t know if you do n’t know! Hey, at that time you were still 30 years old!

Cheng: Yes!

South: 40 now?

Cheng: Now 42 years old.

South: (sigh) Hey! I am still young, hurry up, and I will retreat to practice until the age of 50! Can’t play anymore!

Others: He is now in the environment of the Longquan Temple in Beijing, Phoenix Ridge, there are many caves suitable for meditation

Nan: I talk about practice, sit in meditation, and sit in a meditation place?

Others: Yes!

South: Well, you can meditate and practice! Oh, the environment is good, this is a layman! Your layman!

Cheng: (laughs)

Others: He will go to Spain again the day after tomorrow

South: Meeting? He must be very busy, representing the president, right? Oops, what can your Buddhist association do now? Park Lao will not be able to do it! Park Lao is, because the monk does not understand the world (between) the law, so he can’t do anything. Park Lao is president. He knows some law. I only say that he knows a little bit, not all, (laughs) Park Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao Lao After leaving, this was gone. The monk who came now, president, meditation, I don’t know if you do n’t participate in meditation. Then what do you say to do?

Nan: Oh, what are you going to do now? What do you always do?

Sincerity: 诚 随 随

Nan: The family is followed by the family. The transaction you do now is not a monk, it is a matter of entering the WTO. Can I follow the fate? How the task of your position is to promote the Dharma and the culture of Buddhism. Can’t follow the fate, to build a fate!

Cheng: Create?

Nan: Create a fate to let people come to follow! Is it artificial! Do you now Buddhism will not create this fate, do you do with me? smokes? Eat meat? Are you fate? Really, you are the Secretary -General, you have to build it! Buddhism, the secretary -general must build a fate

Sincerity: things are artificial

Nan: Is it artificial? You are a good merit behind the front, you 41 this year?

Cheng: 42

South: 42? Your good luck is about 47.

Cheng: My good luck is 47?

South: 47 good luck, don’t require names! Hurry back to practice!

Nan: You return to Putian, Putian will have a Mazu. ah?

Sincerity: good

South: Really!

Sincerity: make sense

Nan: He heard it with your heart! The heart must stop! Intersection Intersection OK.

Cheng: (laughs)