In a blink of an eye, it is time to add a monthly age to add supplementary food, but how to choose the baby’s first supplementary food? Is it for the baby to eat eggs, porridge, or eating mud? The best choice for baby’s first supplementary food is baby nutrition rice noodles

How to choose so many rice flour on the market? Today, I elected 8 more popular rice noodles for evaluation. You can refer to it

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The first criterion for selecting rice noodles: iron content

Iron deficiency in infants and young children can lead to nutritional anemia. According to the “Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents (2016)”, babies 0.5 to 1 year old need to consume 10mg of iron daily, and 99%of the iron required for the growth of the baby comes from supplementary food.


证️ Therefore, in order to ensure that the baby can consume enough iron, it is very important to choose rice noodles with high iron content. However, the iron content is not simple, the better.


影响️ Excessive iron supplementation will affect the absorption of other trace elements, and it will also cause hemoglobin to be calm or affect digestion. Therefore, the national standard has a limit on this

是️ my country’s standard is 0.25-0.5mg/100kg. Many foreign countries exceed the standard. Pay attention to eat less when eating!


Rice noodles must be kept dry, so packaging is important!

Evaluation results: canned> carton ➕ aluminum foil bags> pure paper boxes, the best pure carton packaging on the planet, it is really easy to leak powder, which is not conducive to the later storage

What are the principles of choosing rice noodles for babies?


1. The most critical point is that the purpose of eating rice noodles for the baby is to supplement iron. Don’t choose the rice noodles without iron.

2. Rice noodles can be used to change the brand to supplement all kinds of nutrition, and to prevent children from picky eaters in the future.


3. The taste is delicate and smooth, easy to swallow, and it is more suitable for the baby’s first-oral food.

4. The first -mouth rice noodle is best for a grain rice noodle, which is good for digestion and low sensitivity.

5. Choose organic authentication as much as possible, but the majority of organic rice noodles have a moldy taste. This is the combination of organic rice or brown rice and DHA.

It mainly depends on the choice of rice noodles. The two or three sections can be based on iron content standards, grain ingredients, sugar, and comprehensive selection.

Bleak ️ Try to avoid rice noodles containing white sugar, but hypocrutose FOS, which belongs to probiotics, regulates intestinal function. Although it is sweet, it is not the same substance as white sugar


The specific rice noodle component is analyzed in the picture, and the mothers can see it

❤️ According to the ingredients, the best recommendation for the baby as the first supplementary food is: Jiabao Guo Bank version, Xibei national line, both of which do not contain sugar, the iron content meets the standard, while adding probiotics and dha


In addition, there are these models that meet the basic requirements: the best new packaging of the earth, Xibao Guoxing Edition, Hengz Overseas Edition, Xiaopi, Beinmei

Moms can mix the babies by different brands according to the actual situation, add more nutrients, and wait for a period of time to eat rice noodles, you can start adding vegetables and fruits!

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