No girl can refuse the temptation of small incense wind jackets. It can not only create a stronger sense and elegance for the shape, but also greatly show their own mature women’s charm.


How to wear more fashionable and beautiful Chinese New Year? Try more “small incense breeze jackets”, fashionable and advanced, wearing bloggers also love to wear. Below, let’s learn about the dressing skills of the small incense wind jacket together. Learn not to suffer!


1. How to choose “Little Fragrance Wind Jacket?

If you want to wear the most attractive winter look, you must start with the “selection” level. First of all, it is the choice of clothing version. Sisters with width shoulder width and waist fat must give priority to PICK loose version of small incense wind jackets to hide meat. For sisters with excellent figure lines, they must be a sisters with better figures. Try to Pick’s slim -fitting small incense breeze jacket, which is more delicate and feminine.

In addition, we have three choices in color selection. One is the most basic neutral color, white elegance, black calm, gray low -key and durable, each with its own advantages. The second is the light color that is more beautiful and reduced, such as the purple purple, blue blue, etc., which looks full of girls and is particularly attractive. The third type is relatively high -level color, such as red, hiding blue, and one -click on the upper body to highlight the temperament.


Generally speaking, everyone starts with a short small incense breeze jacket is the best choice, which is not only young and young, but also elegant and feminine. The long small incense wind jacket looks more atmospheric, but it is difficult to control and it is easy to wear out of the sense of qi. If you are not strong or unwilling to support your height, you are still the most secure.

Second, how to match the “small incense wind jacket”?

Match 1: Little incense wind jacket+skirt


If you are pursuing a sense of coordination, then I suggest you choose a set of small incense breeze jackets, which is easy to wear and easy to match, which can save a lot of effort you are wearing. The little sisters try the set of small incense breeze jackets+small incense wind skirts, which not only highlights the sweet temperament, but also shows high legs. With a color of the same color and the contrasting boots, the collision between the lady style and the domineering style combine the personality and fashion perfectly, so that people can not love.

Match 2: Little incense wind jacket+skirt


The combination of small incense wind jackets and skirts is more suitable for creating a ladylike temperament. The short small fragrant wind jacket is matched with a loose version of the skirt, such as umbrella skirts, pleated skirts, mesh skirts, and so on.

The collision between gentleness and immortality creates a beautiful and fairy female charm. With black short boots, a small leg line is exposed to compare the calves and skirts to each other, showing a lean effect.

In the combination of small fragrant breeze jackets and skirts, we must pay more attention to “accessories of accessories”. Duoduo tries to have a certain style of accessories, such as the British beret, and an elegant earrings, can play a role in strengthening the style of dressing.

Match 3: Little incense wind jacket+trousers

The small incense wind jacket and jeans are a very simple and easy -to -wear set. Milk yellow+blue stitching Xiaosai Wind jacket, paired with blue denim flared pants, echo each other, and the style is also coordinated.

The slim clothing version can extend the body line, stretch the legs, and show high legs. At the same time, the short and lower -length matching method also pulled the waistline from the side, creating a “moving” ladylike style.


The combination of small fragrant wind jackets and trousers is most suitable for using the “same color”! The red small incense breeze coat, with a black short inside+black straight trousers, uniform color, create a smooth and neat line feeling.

The combination of red and black, dotted with light luxury and gorgeous beauty, slightly exposed a little neck line, highlighting the gentle and elegant temperament in minutes. Back to a bag again, the second becomes fashionable!

For sisters with beautiful legs enough, I recommend that you choose tight trousers to match with small incense breeze jackets. The tight -fitting version enhances the extension of the leg lines, and it is paired with a short small fragrant wind jacket, giving a small and delicate feeling.

At this time, we can also match a pair of loose version of the middle boots to let the middle boots hide the fat on the calf part. The upper width is narrow, one collection and one, and the coordination is enough to create an elegant and tall fashion style!

After reading so many wearing skills about the “small incense wind jacket”, I wonder if you have learned the tips you need? If you think the content of this issue is helpful to you, please like a lot+follow, we see you next time ~