A old herder riding to the depths of the grassland, his eyes were stable, and the arrogant, Chen Guang photos showed his figure, many life studios, accompanied by insects, cattle and sheep eaten grass, mountain flowers The eye is expressed in the distance …


This picture is always vowetting in the mind, yes, here is



. Yili’s beauty is not in gorgeous rhetoric, but it is true and shocking feelings, so writing this Raiders I want to talk to you how to play Yili, I hope to let more people feel her stunning beauty!


Simple introduction Ili:

Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, located in the Yili River Valley, North Tianshan, West, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


In addition to the 11 counties and cities, including the two regions of Tacheng and Altay. The total area of ​​the whole state is 270,000 square kilometers, which is still larger than the province of Fujian Province.

Yili three-sided mountains, a big river is transversely, mountain clear water show, blue sky, white clouds, views charming.

Aerial grassland Nalati, Huo City Lavender, Ili River Moonlight, Tangbrah, Turogon Pink Gun, Zhausu Rape Flower, Irazu Road Difficult …

Best travel time:


The best travel time of Yili is from January to October.

Compared with the entire climate in Xinjiang, Yili is abundant, rich, and gentle climate. 7-7 months Ili scenery, melon fruit, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoy all kinds of fresh seasonal fruits.


Yili spring and autumn is short in two seasons, and winter and summer is longer.

There is a wind in spring, the temperature in winter is low, there is cold flow invasion, if the tour should prepare cold clothes, it is best for spring down jacket, winter thick down jacket.


Yili flower period summary:

Sailu Lake Wild Flower Period: In late May – early June

Keajun and Shanta Prairie wildflower period: June – late June

Yili lavender flower period: mid-June – early July

Zhaosu rapeseed flower period: late June – early July

Introduction to the attraction (with hand-painted map):

The beauty of Yili, the Mercedes-Benz horses, the vast grassland, the drunk flower, the long history, the rich style …

Major attraction summary

Sailu Lake (belonging to Yili, Bozhou), Nalati, Keraj Jun, Bayin Bruoke (belonging to Yili), Halluits Port, Xia Tata Road, Gong Nas, Ton Brula, Kurdin, Yi Zhong Road, Turks Bagua City, Fruit Ditch Bridge …

Attractions in Yining City


General Yili General, Han People Street, Kazan’s Folk Village



From a geographical location, Saimu Lake belongs to Bortara Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Bayin Brook belongs to Bayin Guo Inmong Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture, but it is nearest from Yili, so we usually spread these two sights into Yili Tourism line. .

Scenic point focus:

Yili’s number of unstead of Yili, let us come

Key points

Learn about:

Sailu Lake

Being known as the “Atlantic’s last tears”, people who have been to the Lake are not disappointed.

Every year from June to July, it is the most beautiful here. The sky here may be a very common blue, but the blue reflection is not much.

So if the lake is the tears of the earth, then the wooden lake in Rio must be the most obvious drop!

Ticket information:


Tickets 70 yuan, interval car 80 yuan, sail ship 200 yuan, helicopter (700 yuan above 14 years old, 20,000 yuan; 6-14 years old 560 yuan, package machine 5,000);

It is recommended to play the time:

1-2 days.


From the grassland of the grassland in the grassland, the rain is rich in rainfall, sufficient sunshine, all kinds of wildflowers just like a star in the mountains. At this time, the lavi is like


The ocean of the flower, the summer gas is eliminated.

Tickets 95 yuan, interval car 60 yuan, air grassland 60 yuan, river valley 40 yuan;



Located in the foot of the Tianshan, Xinjiang, the Grassland Scenic Area, divided into the east


Keajun, Sikock Jun, Brookosau Grand Canyon, Human Prairie

, Drifting, hiking, etc. If the time is not enough, you can choose several attractions. Compared with other grasslands, compassion is really a veritable human grassland, which is undulating, gap and lesses, and forms a unparalleled curve under the light shadow.


Tickets 80 yuan, interval car 90 yuan;

Bayin Brooke

Baybrook, Mongolian “Never depleted Ganquan” is not very convenient in Tianshan, the road is rugged, so when we cross the snow-capped mountains, after experiencing trail, suddenly presented in front of you This kind of uncomfortable green carpet, giving people a sense of clearance of peach blossoms.

PS: The movie “Flying Life” in the dust-flying most beautiful Rally, Bayin Brooke, leaving us a deep impression, herein, in fact, actually

Baronbruck did not pull a pull.


Tickets 65 yuan, interval car 90 yuan (stopped along the swan home, Bairun Temple, Eighteen Templang, 20 km from);

0.5-1 days, suggesting that afternoon play, you can watch the sunset, luck can also see “nine sun” in the evening!

Hallurest Port

The first of Xinjiang Port, here, there is an economic development zone, especially the tax-free free trade zone – Zhongha Trade Zone, the chocolate, Russian candy, and all kinds of big skin care products are very cheap, it is definitely shopping place.


Tickets for the border are 30 yuan, and the transfer of tax-free district needs to handle 15 yuan;


In the border, 1 hour, the tax-free area is determined by its own shopping needs.

Yzhao Highway (Yining – Zhao Su)


That is, S237 provincial road is

A famous road in the western region of Xinjiang is known for its steep and beautiful scenery.

Picturesque, when you travel in Yizhao Highway, you will feel yourself in the unique excitement and joy of moving with the beautiful landscape.

Chata ancient road


It is also called Tang Yugu, is a legendary resort. He used to be part of ancient Yili to Southern Xinjiang Aksu Road. It is the most dangerous and high-risk road on the road of the ancient silk. It has been extended to the foot of the iceberg. Home and hiking lovers’ paradise.

Tickets 60 yuan, interval car 60 yuan;

Recommended to play:

Duration is 5 hours, and it is very suitable for hiking enthusiasts.

Line recommendation:


1, Yili tour 5-day line (train two-bedroom)


Day 1: Urumqi – Tianchi – Yining (evening sleeper, attraction: Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area)

Day 2: Yining – Nalati (Attractions: Nalati)


Day 3: Nalati – Bayin Brooke – Yining (Attractions: Bayin Brooke)


Day 4: Yining – Holuas – Sailu Lake – Yining (Attractions: Halluos Port, Saimu Lake Scenic Area)

Day 5: Yining – Urumqi (train sleeper, attractions: International Grand Bazaar)


2, Yili depth tour 7-day line (car self-driving line)

Day 1: Urumqi – Sailu Lake – Qingshui River (Attractions: Sailu Lake)

Day 2: Qingshui River – Lavender – Holguas Port – Yining (Attractions: Lavender, Holuos Port)

Day 3: Yining – Zhaoba Tower (Attractions: Zhaoshoscape, Chata Ancient Road)

Day 4: Zhaosu-Keajun – TX (Attractions: Keajun)

Day 5: TX-Nara (Attractions: gossip city, Nalati)

Day 6: Nalati-Tangbra-Baye Brooke (Attractions: Tangbra, Bayin Brooke)

Day 7: Bayin Brooke – Database & Sql Blog Articles

3, North Xinjiang Ring Road (Tiankeki) 10th

Day 1: Tianchi – Cocoa Sea (Attractions: Tianshan Tianchi)

Day 2: Cocoa Sea – Bursto (Attractions: Cocoa Sea)


Day 3: Burjin – Hemu (Attractions: Hemu)

Day 4: Hemu – Kanas Burzu (Attractions: Kanas, Coloring Beach)

Day 5: Burqin – Kuitun (Attractions: World Devil City)

Day 6: Kuitun – Sailu Lake – Yining (Attractions: Sailu Lake, Holguos Port, Lavender)


Day 7: Yining – Nalati (Attractions: Nalati)

Day 8: Nalati-Baye Brooke-Hei (Attractions: Bayin Brooke)

Day 9: Human – Shan Shan (Attractions: Flame Mountain, Kumu Tumu Desert)

Day 10: Shanshan – Turpan – Urumqi (Attractions: Uighur Village, Suong Tower, Kerder Well, Grape)

Ili recommended food:


Smoked horses, smoked horse meat

Yili’s most distinctive food, smoked horse intestinal oil is not greasy, thin fat is clear, not only colorful, but the nutritional value of horses is very high, containing more than a variety of amino acids and human body must have a variety of vitamins, general and onions Eat together, have a special flavor.

Kazakhn Narel / Dry Beef

The traditional manufacturing process of the Kazakh family, fat and thin taste. After the mutton / wind dry beef is cooked, the pan is cut into a large piece of cloth, then use the broth to cook the thin face with the broth, remove the face, put the mutton / wind dried meat dish, sprinkle the ocean, thick The fragrance, the taste is really great!



The Kazakh nation likes a traditional food. It is known as “library” (mean meaning), dried milk can be stored for a long time, can be eaten with milk tea together, grazing or traveling with dried food, don’t have a fan, come Xinjiang is of course suggested!


The honey in our country has a better area of ​​Xinjiang, Northeast, Qinling, Yunnan and other places. His honey in Yili Baihua Valley is excellent in geographical location, the essence of a deep mountain wildflower, and has rich nutrients. It has promoted new metabolism, beauty and beauty, insurance Liver, prolonged benefit, etc., very popular.

Stewed sheep hoof

In Yining City, a Uighur girl named Bajagli put a special sales of stewed sheep and sheep’s bows. She is concerned about many people because of long hair fluttering, sweet, smile to stay. Bajagli’s several videos quickly blusted in the shake and friends, she was called “Hundreds of horses Xi Shi” by the netizens, the taste is great, the business is very hot, and more than 700 sheep hoofs can be sold every day.

Mi plant

Xinjiang is rich in beef mutton. In fact, it is a good example of the delicious taste of the inner, and the rice is a good example. The first contact may not be used to, but after taste Many people feel good taste, practice with soup, cold, stir-fry, recommended to burst black and white lungs!

Accommodation Raiders (really inconvenient)

January-August, Jani Hotel Price Reference:

Yining City Samsung: 280-340 yuan;


Yining City Four Stars: 380-460 yuan;


Yining City Five Stars: Minimum 540 yuan;

Accommodation in the scenic area is not divided into stars: average price of 600 yuan, up to 550 yuan.

2, Bayin Brook Hotel is limited, the peak season is hard to find, everyone must remember to book in advance!

Yili Travel Tips:

1. Yili Tourism sometimes has a relatively far, more tired, and is rare in the middle of the population. It takes some necessary things, such as harais, food and water during the itinerary.

2, Yili summer climate is mild, go to the mountainous area and grasslands must have a cold clothing, because the wild dew is heavy, it is best to wear waterproof pants and waterproof shoes, enter September, at least to prepare the cuff or jacket.


3, Yili is a region where the cultural revolution is experienced. The residents here saves more understanding and respect for civilization. Traveling, smiling, trusting and civilization, always is the best amulet.

4, when you go deep into the river, I remember to be careful with the snake and swamp.

5, the sun is strong during the day, in order to prevent ultraviolet light to protect the skin, we must carry sunscreen and daily drugs.

6, Xinjiang is large, if the actual group travel does not take off the team, if there is a special reason, remember the consent of the tour guide, carry the address, telephone number of local accommodation, phone, to avoid accidents.


Tour Yili bag must:

1, ID:

When traveling, you should have a valid document such as an ID card, and remember to bring a student ID, military officer’s card, etc. can enjoy the scenic spot.


2, clothing preparation:


Spring and Autumn: Sweater, cotton sweater, trousers, coat, can have a flush;

Summer: short-sleeved clothes, T-shirts, skirts, shirts;


Winter: sweaters, cotton sweaters, thick cotton or down jackets, trousers trousers, friends with gloves, scarves, especially in the south, don’t keep warm.

3, drugs:


Visitors can carry common cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, motion sickness drugs, creation, etc. according to their own needs.

4, cash, bank card:


It is necessary to prepare some cash for cash payments because of the non-toll stations. In addition, the property will pay attention to the storage.



Other items:

Mobile phones, cameras, headphones, etc. You may need to carry electronic devices, remember to bring your charger, batteries, and enough memory cards, life supplies that are often used.

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Ticket information:

Ticket information:

Ticket information:

Ticket information:

Ticket information:


It is recommended to play the time:

It is recommended to play the time:


It is recommended to play the time:

It is recommended to play the time:

1-2 days.


1-2 days.