Source: Shanghai Market Supervision

Recently, the Minhang District Market Supervision Bureau received online public opinion. Residents of a community were reflected in the supply supplies received. The sauce -sharing elbow product vacuum packaging bags were mixed with flies.

Law enforcement officers rushed to the community to investigate and obtain evidence and confirmed that after the product did have a problem with foreign bodies, the first time the sauce -involved dealer Kunshan Runhua Business Co., Ltd. was investigated for investigation. After investigation, the parties’ sale of supply sets of provisions of the sauce, sauce, pork ears, and pork head meat, of which the sales price of the sauce -flavored elbow was 17.8 yuan/package.

The parties selling mixed foreign food foods, suspected of violating Article 34 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, paragraph 6, paragraph 6). The regulations of mixed with foreign matter, adulteration or mixed or sensuality abnormal traits, and the Minhang District Market Supervision Bureau plans to impose administrative penalties of 100,000 yuan in a fine of RMB 100,000.

At the same time, the Minhang District Market Supervision Bureau has launched a cooperative mechanism for the Yangtze River Delta law enforcement case handling to send a joint investigation letter to the market supervision department where the product manufacturer involved in the case involved to assist in investigating the production links of the products involved.

Reminder: During the prevention and control of the epidemic, supplies and operators should strengthen the inspection and inspection of production and sales of goods, strictly ensure product quality, and ensure that residents receive safe and reliable supply supplies. The market supervision department will continue to increase law enforcement, timely investigate and deal with illegal acts involving food safety, and ensure the safety of residents on the tip of the tongue.

Shanghai Market Supervision Administration


May 14, 2022