Double transformation to achieve high -quality development

In the process of comprehensively building a socialist modern country and achieving the second century -old struggle goal, to achieve high -quality development and build a new development pattern, there must be a number of world -class enterprises that can reflect excellent international competitiveness and lead the development of the global industry industry.

The world -class enterprises must have the main business based on core technology and core capabilities. Its core priority is to meet the higher development requirements of quality, brand, safety, and environmental protection. By strengthening the spirit of craftsmanship to improve the quality of enterprise products or services, the efficiency of enterprise efficiency is enhanced by strengthening lean management. , Control of the core technology of the industry.

The world -class enterprises must also choose the future business based on mission -driven and dynamic capabilities. Its core priority is to strengthen strategy, technology, and marketing. By enhancing the spirit of entrepreneurial spirit to enhance the motivation of enterprises to explore the future, to strengthen basic research or application basic research, to strengthen the foundation of enterprises to achieve original innovation, and to enhance the establishment of the Special Economic Zone to the future to the future Exploring of technology and future industries.

To this end, the lean, ecological, and digital transformation of traditional main business, and continuously explore the future business with mission, strategic, and innovative, and achieve the simultaneous development of main business and future business. The important guarantee of continuously climbing the high -end position of the global value chain is a due contribution to the help of Chinese enterprises to achieve the process of modernization.

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