The current monitoring system has been basically networked, network transmission has become the main communication method, and the more the number of surveillance cameras, the more and more the video analysis of the data analysis, the requirements for the data transmission rate of the network transmission interface are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the dual -net -port and multi -meter -sized hard disk video recorder gradually entered people’s vision and began to apply large -scale applications.


This is not a netizen asking how to set up a dual -network hard disk video recorder in the group to realize the link between the external network and the inner network.

“DS-7908N-K4 dual-meter NVR, special line access, the Environmental Protection Bureau needs to check, providing IP addresses, gateways, masks, please ask, the two network cables on the video recorder are directly connected to the plug-in switch? ? “

Seeing that the enthusiastic security group partners are impatient and sketch, and they are replying, making the group full of love.


[Figure 1: Briefly explain the link method:]

[Figure 2: Further explanation to set the IP address of different network segments]


【Figure 3: Comprehensive in -depth analysis】

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Having said so much, let’s talk about the network hard disk video recorder of the dual -network port, in fact


Whether it is well -known brands such as Dahua and Hikvision, its network settings are basically similar. The original intention of the dual -net port design is nothing more than two purposes:

First: load balancing and fault tolerance; because the number of network hard disk video recorders or storage servers on the number of roads is getting higher and higher. The higher the higher.

Second: Multi -address communication is implemented in the same video recorder. Two different network ports can connect two different networks, that is, set the IP of different network segments to access different local area networks. For example, the trademark netizens asked, a dedicated line of the Environmental Protection Agency, and one connected to the current IPC network switch. In fact, the brand models in multiple sites are allowed to set up IP and gateways separately, but DNS can only be shared, and of course, multiple different DNS can be set to meet different needs; while some brand models only allow one network card to allow one network card Setting the gateway, the other network card can only set the IP, and the gateway and DNS must share another network card. This must choose different product types according to different manufacturers.

Next, let’s talk about setting different network segments under normal circumstances to achieve the setting of the internal and external network access to the hard disk video recorder:


In the multi -site state, one of the two network cards must be set as the default network card. Generally, the IP of a network card and the IP of the camera is in the same network section to meet the needs of the access camera data, and the IP of the other network card is set. It is a local or company’s local area network IP to facilitate internal network management. It can also view videos and videos, and at the same time separate the camera network segment to play a certain protective role.


Or a network card IP and the camera IP of the same network segment are internal network IP, and the other network card is set as an external network IP, which is used to connect the external network network and separate the internal and external networks. Set as default, opposite to the previous way. The default network card is to go to the external network card. As for whether the fixed public network IP is connected or dial, there is another setting in the video recorder, depending on the situation.


Wastely tolerance and balance are equivalent to a network card, there is no separation of protection.

Under the multi -site settings, the client, whether it is an APP or software, or a web access, the IP of which network card is used, as long as the network card is available in the same network segment. To set up dynamic domain name analysis DDNS, different manufacturers also have their own solutions, and they can also use third -party analysis. As long as the bandwidth allows and the flow is sufficient.