Insomnia, is more and more people’s troubles

Occasionally, I can’t sleep in the middle of the night.

There are still many people with the house SIR.

眼 天 天

I can’t sleep well at night, there is no spirit during the day.

Time is long, not only the headache, the body is fossed,

Even the skin has a lot of worse

Eye bag, dark circle, small texture …

About the insomnia, the lady, the little sister is deeply


Some said that I can’t sleep at the light.

Some say that someone who sleeps light is not good.


Say the end, I want to sleep well, I have a comfortable environment.

Enjoy silky soft bed quietly

House SIR recommends the Lancang Lance60 cotton kit, one is a cotton.


Soft, delicate, skin-friendly


, Touching first. Lying up, the whole body seems to be wrapped in soft clouds, not going out a few minutes, sleep slowly, I will sleep.

60 cotton kit

Original price of 399 yuan, limited time special

367 yuan

Five-star hotel sleep experience

Lang Sai is designed for five-star hotel’s bedding, including the Peninsula Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons & Resort (PARK) Hyatt, Marriott, etc., it is still a foreign luxury brand Frette’s overseas partner, whether it is material or brand is trustworthy.

Although I can’t be woke up every day, I have it.


Lan Sai lance60 full cotton four-piece set

Let you enjoy the same high quality sleep like a five-star hotel at home.


Original design, simple beauty

Only 60, 80 and above fabrics, all product designs are originally created by brand designers, simple but intriguing.

At the details of the details, let the user enjoy the comfort of the high quality life that is respectful, and is also a more perfect product experience.


Premium longweed cotton, skin-skin fine sleep


The high quality cotton selected by Langyu, which grows in a good climate and sunshine. Healthy and fluffy, feel soft and delicate, with powerful


Moisture absorption and gas permeability


And the cotton fibers selected by Langui are long enough, strong tough, this towel made from high quality longweed cotton, regardless of

Gloss, softness or water absorption


It is all able to kill ordinary cotton.

Compared to ordinary cotton, longweed cotton

Better in warm, faster

Therefore, the cover long velvet bed will feel more comfortable, there will be no sticky feelings.

Autumn skin is easy to dry to produce static, longweed cotton touch, make

Better skin performance, better performance

, More sleep.


Long velvet cotton fabric also has

High color fastness, long washing does not fade, wear-resistant, good anti-wrinkle, not easy to start

Many advantages.

High density satin, comfortable and durable


Leiden’s cotton four-piece set is


High-density satin


Compared to twill, it is a more advanced weaving process to make the fabric density higher.

Excellent cotton fiber and dense rigid satin weaving, its comfort and durability are not general cotton comparable. Get the touch in your hand, you can obviously feel the cotton bed summary than 40s

More delicate, more soft

Left: Pure cotton sleeve in ordinary 40s fabric

Right: Leiden 60S cotton pillow, comparison


▼ ▼


Langyu Leiden cotton four-piece set

Material: 100% cotton


Fabric rumor: 60S

8 color




Silver ash, gray lake blue, light, starry, cinera, smoke, green, gray bean green, khaki


There is also a color of the sea, even if you stay in the room, you can also harvest the beauty of the whole world.

Langyu Allowa cotton four-piece set

Surround satin, geometric embroidery, simple but not simple. It was used in a set of splicing processes, and the side looked more beautiful and full of rhythm.

Langui Virgin cotton four-piece set

4 colors

Optional, silver ash, coffee, hibiting, light, color steady. The pillowcase and the package have a wide side decoration, flat, and ironing.

Each Lan Sai suite is equipped with eight straps, helping better fixed core, remember to have a warm experience with the core, and enjoy the warm experience.

Therefore, in the upcoming autumn, the night is turning cold, the relative temperature change is large, in addition to the bedding, the home SIR is also prepared for you, the same

Cotton bathrobe

The same moisture and breathable, longweed cotton, skin breathable, give you a comfortable wear experience, as long as one hundred pieces are bold. Wash a refreshing hot bath, sleep a beautiful beauty, comfortable to wear a weekend ~


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