In the cold winter season, everyone wearing it is particularly particular about keeping warm, and really cares about the temperature. In addition to common down jackets and coats, shoes also include shoes, each time the cold starts with the soles of the feet. Many people in the autumn and winter seasons really love to wear various styles of boots to help us resist cold weather.


As for the style of boots, the “over -the -knee long boots” style is very popular. The specific expression method is to reach the knee, which is very popular with tall children. It really does not show your legs, to achieve warmth and foreign aims, walking on the street is quite high.

1. Boot+jeans


In fact, this kind of boots are very suitable for girls with long legs, don’t worry about pressing a person. As for wearing, many people love to match it with jeans, which looks harmonious and is sought after by the fashion industry.

On the knee -length boots, it is generally close to the legs. In order to avoid procrastination, it is most suitable to wear jeans. This combination looks very neat and sexy. Visual leg lines look more slender and have good effects. In addition to reaching the purpose of keeping warm, the focus is on highlighting the slender leg shape, walking on the street and looking back.

The common dressing mode is blue jeans with black boots, and the appearance rate has always been high. But visually emphasized that short children are not very suitable, depending on whether it is suitable for you. As for the above wearing, it is mainly based on long jackets. It mainly pays attention to self -cultivation effect and can add a lot of points.

Second, short skirt+over -knee boots

Many people in autumn and winter, love to wear knee boots, use short skirts. This kind of dressing is quite clear, it can create slender beautiful legs, and it has a good lean effect. It is very sought after by beautiful women.

If it is paired with a short skirt, in the color of the boots, most people choose brown shape. Although this is not as thin as black as black, it is visually very gentle and easy to highlight the slender leg shape. Wearing light brown coats outside, black lining+checkered skirt, the skirt is designed irregularly, and the figure is very inclusive. It is easy to show long legs, creating warmth and fashion, and good fashion.


The sweater jacket+camel coat is really colorful in autumn and winter, with a little sexy. Wearing camel -knee long boots underneath, the figure looks very slender. The selection of the material as a sweater is really comfortable to wear on the body. It is to keep it well and maintain a good sense of coordination. This is very popular in autumn and winter, and the thin effect is obvious.


Third, coat+over -knee boots


The coat itself is the autumn and winter seasons, one of the most popular items, and the versatile effect is quite good. Wearing boots inside, with a little gentle atmosphere, with over -knee boots, wearing a sense of advanced.

In terms of camel coats, it is very stable, and it is quite mild in temperament. Inside the pattern skirt, large area of ​​pattern elements in the color, with a retro feeling. Even in the cold winter, it will not feel too cold. Wearing white boots below, it is really fresh.

As for brown boots, most people will match it with leather skirts, which is worthy of imitation. Just like this lady, she is dressed in brown shape. The color is the same color system in color, which has a good effect on extending her figure. On the leather itself, with a certain reflective effect, it is really highlighting.

Fourth, the disappearance effect of the shirt

However, some people like the disappearance effect of lower clothes, with a little sexy. The length of the boots is too long, and the visual effect is very good. It is a classic dress.

Of course, in terms of styling, the package effect is very good. Even if the lower clothes are missing, don’t worry too much. The fashion blogger chose a yellow shape, the outline effect is very good, and it has a good thin function. It is wearing yellow lining and white hair edges. The windshield effect is pretty good. This looks quite chic, with a bit of sexy.



A wide version of the Chinese suit, wearing the same color lining inside, exposing long legs.


The color is used in the shape, with a kind of warmth. This color is used from top to bottom, which is very sought after. In the middle, it is tied to a dark belt, which is very good to divide the body proportion. The length of this boots is too long, it is good to have good effects, especially suitable for young girls.

There are many classic wearing over -knee -long boots. I do n’t know if you have new inspirations for everyone?

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