In the description of the poet Nishikawa, women’s underwear is a “world that most people don’t know well”. The “us” in the previous sentence is probably not limited to men, and the “girls” in the latter sentence are probably not only in adolescence.

In fact, most women have always been ignorant about underwear, lack corresponding physiological education, do not know how to choose the trend and trend of underwear development, with the promotion and brainwashing of the merchants, wearing “almost the same “That’s how” underwear.

They have a high degree of tolerance and may be a group of “best cope” consumers.

At present, merchants and capital have no size underwear, plus a series of publicity and marketing, which has made this track hot and launched a new wave of Chinese underwear.

This seems to be solving the pain points of consumers, but it is actually abandonment of the professionalism of underwear. In the long run, the market is bound to be full of “the best” instead of “the best” underwear.

We hope that in the future that can be visible to the naked eye, some people make steel ring underwear, some people make no size underwear, some people make large breast underwear, some people make small breast underwear, some people make girl underwear, some people make old underwear, each breast can be found to be suitable for each chest. Underwear.

Consumers do not need to be the best end of the Chinese underwear war.

1. The bra that was crowned in the name of freedom

One day in 1907, at a clothing store at No. 5 Obo Street, Paris, the owner of his appearance and fatness claimed that “I announced the decline of the waist and the rise of the bra in the name of free.”

The smell was confused and had no concept of the word “bra”, but he didn’t dare to despise the shopkeeper’s words. Many sensitive people immediately realized that another major change in the fashion field was about to strike.

This is not a shop owner of an ordinary clothing store. His name is Paul Polie, who is well -known in the French fashion industry. He has launched a revolutionary attack on the rigid women’s clothing, known as the “fashion tyrant”.

The target of Paul’s revolution was a traditional “waist” of hundreds of years. In the eyes of Europeans, women had to use the wrapped layer of cloth strips to wrap the waist tightly, with the extreme lines, the crispy of the lifting of the crispy lines. The chest and the lifting buttocks are perfect.

Paul’s design removes women from the S -shaped S -shaped, instead of tight -fitting corset in the style of the bra, so that the clothes really adapt to women instead of the other way.

In fact, this half a century ago, some people invented the prototype of a bra and invested in the market for sale, but did not cause any waves.

In order to make his design truly impactful, Paul quickly contacted the well -known American fashion magazine “VOGUE”. He published a popular introduction about bra. With the endorsement of “VOGUE”, “bra” finally began to enter the room.

It can be said that the bra has been crowned in the name of freedom since its birth.

As more and more women go to the society to participate in work, the light and convenient bra to replace the heavy dull waist is a biggest trend.

The two world wars, which seemed to have nothing to do with the bra, quietly played a role in helping the flames.

The outbreak of the “World War I” broke the golden age of Europe. In addition to the bloody battle in the battlefield, the hostile Germany and France also played a “bra battle” -German strong sales in Germany. , Attacking the French new bra in public opinion.

However, in the end, the French played in the field of battlefields and fashion.

“World War II” accelerated the end of the “Bulberry Age”. There are a large number of steel wires hidden in the waist. This is one of the most scarce materials in the war. Therefore, the government of the war national call calls on women to give up the waist and support the battlefield. It is said that the United States has saved 28,000 tons of steel in three years, enough to build two warships.

In this way, bras have become indispensable clothes for Western fashion women.

During this period, the bra was also accelerated. For example, there were almost no sizes before, and most of them were only “average”. Later, the bras were divided by the size of the cup.

By the 1950s, the concept of underwear’s attention was gradually accepted by most people, and the bras began to be divided into large and medium. To this day, the same bra started from 32AA. There are more than ten or twenty sizes to choose from. Any size of the body should be able to find a piece of self -consuming.

From the emergence of new things to accepting the promotion, the concept of choosing a combination bra is also the same.

In the UK, the media’s widely explained that the majority of women learned about the importance of buying a suitable bra, and should try it on before paying for the purchase.

In the future, in addition to the original intention of freedom and protection of women’s bodies, there are many popular cultural symbols in Western women’s underwear, such as bullet bras that integrate military elements, Princess Liya’s golden bikini breasts worn in “The Return of the Jedi Samurai of Star Wars” The conical bra worn by Madonna’s “blonde’s ambition” tour, all left a strong stroke in the history of contemporary fashion.

What really makes underwear is synonymous with “sexy” and “beauty”, and has a relationship with a wider public, it is the “Victoria’s Secret” rising in the 1990s.

The sky -high Fantasy Bra and the devil figure of the angel face satisfy women’s visual consumption of the “perfect” figure of the same sex. The new product launch conference underwear fashion show with all luxurious imaginations of paper drunk gold fans, poor imagination is comparable to Miss Global beauty pageant, and also presents a lively feast of living and fragrance to heterosexual men.

Victoria’s secrets have taken the business of underwear for men and women, and the name of sexy has aroused widespread attention globally.

In addition to the household name in the West, Wei Mi is also a fans in China. In 2017, the Wei Mi Show was held in Shanghai, China for the first time. The call came out, and it entered the Chinese market with high profiles, which had a good appetite. It was unexpected that the show ended in a chaotic, questioning and endless saliva war.

The most impressive show is not the sky -high fantasy bra, but the model of the model Ji Mengyao in the center of the stage. Downhill.

In fact, Victoria’s secrets are indeed “the peak of their debut” in China. In 2018, the lingerie show has fallen straight down, and its market share in the United States has decreased sharply. On November 21, 2019, Victoria has canceled the Victoria’s Secret Show in the world, and the 24 -year scenery is no longer.

In response to it, the domestic underwear brand urban beauty, which is the “sexy” brand in China, also faces a similar dilemma at the same time -a three -month market value shrinks 8 billion Hong Kong dollars. Everyone exclaimed, the stories of sexy beauty of underwear can’t tell?

From the breakthrough “born for freedom” a hundred years ago, to becoming fit and comfort, to the emphasis on beauty and sexy, and gradually moving towards the fashion center of women’s underwear, but became more and more confused.

Until in recent years, the “no more sexy” underwear fire, inside and outside, UBRAS, incense, and tree trees have launched “size -free” underwear competition. After this industry, is this the new direction of the underwear industry?

2. The “horse race circle” of Chinese underwear

Women’s underwear has a history of more than 2,000 years in China. From the abdomen, heart clothes, two, staple, tube tops, main waist to the bellyband, in fact, everything is inseparable. The core is to cover the front chest. In the early days, it was also called “obscene clothes”, which means “lightness, not solemn”.

When modern Western underwear has entered a hundred years, China slowly starts. In 1975, Zheng Mindai, known as the “Father of Modern Chinese Underwear”, founded An Lifang in Hong Kong.

At that time, the underwear of Chinese women was mainly cotton vests and undershirts. A few people wore two branches of lingerie -shaped underwear. Like the prototype of the western bra in the 1930s, they were not fit and no beautiful at all. Zheng Mintai, born in mechanical engineers, held up the dream of helping Oriental women to realize three -dimensional three -dimensional dreams, and “cut” the first three -dimensional women’s underwear in China with a bread machine.

Coincidentally, Zhang Rongming, the “father of Chinese steel ring underwear”, has nothing to do with underwear or clothing. He is a teacher of Shougang University. The research direction is the coating blade that cannot be hit with the eight -pole of the underwear.

In 1986, the wave of women’s underwear was finally rolled to Beijing. The Japanese brand Walg and the German brand Dianfen brought steel ring underwear to China, giving Chinese underwear entrepreneurs new ideas.

In a chance, Zhang Rongming came into contact with the project of memory alloy bra, and he went to the sea to do business. In 1993, he invested in Beijing Huamei Fashion Factory with his own steel ring technology to launch love underwear, which opened up a world in this almost completely blank market.

Women’s underwear has never been just a matter for women.

Coincidentally, the founders of several domestic underwear giants are men.

Looking at this blue sea, Zhang Rongming, who came to entrepreneurship.

In 1996, the brothers Lin Shengzhi and Lin Shengjiang established the Mannfen Clothing Company in Shantou to engage in underwear production, that is, the predecessor of Huijie shares listed in the first A -share underwear; in 1998, Zheng Yaonan in Fujian founded the urban beauty people ; In 1999, Bao Hongsheng, Zhao Qiang, and Zhou Feng entered the women’s underwear market and established Tingmei … Also, Euidin, Fentis, Sang Fulan, Iveis, Lan Zhuoli, Mannfen, Qiao Baishi There are nearly 3,000 brands such as Goelle.

Although there are many brands, women’s underwear is just needed. It has huge and stable consumption. The 100 billion -level market does not worry about digesting these brands.

At the end of the 1990s, the owner of Nanjing Grain and Oil Store found that the grain and oil business was not easy to do. He ran to Shanghai to inspect the market and saw the Shanghai ancient and modern underwear stores in the city. The business is so downturn, and there are still people lining up like this? The savvy businessman immediately returned to Nanjing to open a franchise store. It was the first national franchise store of the ancient and modern bra. Then, the market was quickly rolled out of the market.

The sisters of Zhang in the county H are being trapped in the depression of the laid -off state -owned enterprise. A chance to get the general agent of the ancient and modern bra in the ancient and modern bra in H County, and the first shop was opened in the county seat with the idea of ​​trying it.

When the fashion beauty in Shanghai was a long queue at the gate of the ancient and modern stores, the people in the small county town still visited women’s underwear as “obscene clothes”. Men don’t understand, women are embarrassed.

Zhang Xiaomei’s son, Pingping, was laughed at the school because of her mother’s opening in the underwear shop. Although he said with caution, when he returned home with his classmates after school, he would always go around the distance. When people were scattered, they folded back to the underwear shop, but the news of his family selling underwear still spread out. At that time, he just went to junior high school, and his classmates were in the development period, and he had more or less perception of sex. Everyone teased his family with a prank, and his family was “buying a bowl”.

Complaints and complaints, Zhang Xiaomei’s earnings made by opening the underwear shop really supported a home, supporting a smooth and steady study to graduate from college, and successfully bought a house in Shenzhen to marry a wife.

Because the high price of underwear is the secret of the clothing industry. When the per capita salary is less than 300, there are no shortage of people in the ancient and modern underwear in the ancient and modern underwear in Zhang’s sister shop.

Taking other brands from 2014 to 2020 as an example, the average gross profit margin, such as admiration, An Lifang, Huijie, is 78.6%, 67.8%, and 72.3%. 40.4%.

Some netizens have posted a Weibo to tease the price of underwear: “I can’t afford the particularly beautiful bra, 300 yuan for base. A bra 200 centimeters, that is, 50 bras of one square meter, 15,000 yuan. House prices are expensive. “There were countless resonance.

Why is a small bra and pricing so high? The first is the complexity of the production process.

Traditional steel ring underwear can be divided into 19 components. The underwear materials are diverse, and the cup materials, side materials and shoulder strap materials are different. In addition to the main fabrics, cotton, pads, bundles, long roots, fixed yarn, soft yarn, hook, glue bone, etc. More than 40 parts, plus metal accessories such as steel rings and back buckles, the production process is as many as 30-50.

At the same time, the degree of automation of underwear production processes is low, and a assembly line requires about 40 people to complete it. It has certain requirements for professionalism, and the cost of manpower is high.

Furthermore, it is different from the high inventory pressure of general clothing.

A bra from design, proofing, production, and various channels to consumers, shortly for half a year, long one year. It is common for underwear produced this year to sell. Traditional underwear’s response to the market is very passive, and a large number of products are often accommodated in the warehouse.

The loose fabrics on the bra are limited, and the possibility of direct back pressure is too long.

Refer to the data of admiration before July 2020.

I admire is one of the leaders in the underwear industry. Why is it so big in inventory? Specialties from underwear.

Women’s breasts are one of the most complex parts of the human body, with large differences and complex structures. Therefore, the size of the underwear is also complicated.

The underwear size is generally composed of a cup and a bottom fence. The most basic size requires the three cups of A/B/C and the four bottom fences of 70/75/80/85. The two -phase combination is 12 sizes.

This has not been counted as color. Generally speaking, the style of traditional bra is made at least 3 colors: one deep, shallow and one skin color. In this way, no matter how conservative a bras is, there are 36 SKUs. And a mature brand has at least 20 underwear, that is, the minimum 720 SKU, which is full of challenges to enterprises and offline channel vendors.

However, there are often business opportunities in the high price. In 2010, the “Xiaomi” in the Chinese underwear industry appeared -the rise of the rising urban beauty in one fell swoop changed the “either expensive or poor” situation in one fell swoop, so as to be cheap and quality The golden mean products further pry open the door of the market, and also hit the price of underwear slightly.

Since then, the Chinese women’s underwear market has stepped into the track of high -speed development. By 2012, the market size exceeded 100 billion yuan, close to 200 billion yuan in 2016.

3. It is difficult for women

From a consumer perspective, so many SKUs of each underwear brand are actually a big challenge.

Many women do not know their own underwear size. Even if you understand, the unified size cannot be applied to all scenes. Interestingly, Qin Shihuang has a unified and balanced balance. Why are there still size differences in different versions of different brands and even the same brand?

In addition to the standards set between brands, different manufacturers’ reference standards of underwear companies are different, and the most important reasons are different reasons provided by the brand’s purchaser. The most important reason is different.

The test model is not a catwalk model, and the figure is relatively normal and is used for design and playing boards. The standard bust size of a underwear test model is generally 34 inches, that is, 85 cm, B cup. 34B is the standard bras used by most underwear companies and the size of the sample. The size above or under it is increased or decreased from 34B.

Each test model still has different chest shapes under the premise of height and weight. Conechical, pear -shaped, and hemispherical shapes are several more common shapes. The difference seems subtle, but it will have a great impact when playing.

Underwear design also often needs to be replaced due to changes in the body. If the shape of the chest is different, the version is likely to be replaced, and the size of 34B or decrease will also change.

Therefore, even if the sign is 34B, the fit is still different.

The well -known underwear designer Yu Xiaodan once used the brands of American underwear brand Maidenform’s bras, which means its non -fancy materials and reliable quality. But she never wears MaidenForm because all the styles are not close, even if she designed the style. The reason is that Maidenform’s bras are different from her.

Faced with such a cumbersome and “metaphysics” SKU, the positive solution only has offline gold shopping guide.

The sister Zhang has opened the store for nearly two decades. His business is very concerned. In addition to the company’s professional training, he has already practiced a pair of fire eyes. Generally, customers enter the door. As long as you glance, what kind of size and size are in your heart. Let the customers only need to make a choice between different styles, eliminating the back and forth tossing between the same style and different sizes. This is the truth of selling oil -without him, but it is mature.

The offline underwear business does service. The same positioning brands are not much different in terms of style and function. Only by doing well in the number, service to the home, and smiling faces can the business be done for a long time.

Quinta, a senior practitioner in the underwear industry, revealed that if a shopping guide for underwear brand counter for more than 10 years, professionalism is basically no doubt, and the judgment of products and human body can solve most problems based on experience.

However, such a dedicated professional shopping guide does not account for a considerable proportion of the underwear market with a market value of 100 billion yuan.

The Japanese underwear brand Walg has a very sound and meticulous shopping guide training system. Domestic brands such as love training courses, such as admiration, have learned from it, because many employees come from Walgel, and the brands will have learning and learning and learning. comminicate. However, due to the continuous expansion and development of admiration, it is difficult to spend too much energy on shopping guide training. Not to mention the number of unknown brands on the street or shopping malls.

Some are unprofessional, and some are to digest the size of the inventory. The number of customers is purely flickering. Too many women wear unsuitable steel rim bras for a long time.

After the development of the third grade, the bust increased to the E cup. She went to the underwear shop with her mother to buy underwear, but was stuffed with unprofessional shopping guides into the bras of the C cup. The first thing to get home must be taken off the underwear to liberate the chest.

There are too many women who are not suitable for the same hardness as Little Lemon. This also laid a broad mass foundation for the rise of no -size underwear.

4. The Second Chinese Underwear War

In 2020, a sizeless underwear was not born.

As early as 2012, the emerging underwear brand was launched inside and outside steel -free underwear. It can be said that it is the predecessor of size -free underwear. It focuses on “comfort” and “self”. The east wind of liberation “set off a wave in a small area.

The founder of the inside and outside Liu Xiaolu developed the first steel -free underwear -Zero Mini series based on the “gospel of small breast girls”. Coupled with the grasp of tone, the style of high -level, simple, and gender -free style has opened up a world in the main sexy traditional underwear market.

Later, UBRAS, a sizeless underwear brand sweeping thousands of troops, was established in 2016. It saw the potential of the steel -free track, and hoped that it would get a share in this vigorous female liberation movement. Due to the late entry, the products are rare and innovative, and the marketing methods are not colorful. Ubras was tepid before 2018.

At that time, Ubras was only launched on the WeChat public account, and also recruited secondary agents to promote it through WeChat. These very earthy channels help Ubras accumulate the first accurate seed users.

But at that time, the mainstream market of Chinese underwear was the world of traditional brands. Gathering and deep V was the main market demand.

In the major shopping malls and streets, relying on the advantages of early entering the market and spreading channels. Until 2019, the Chinese underwear market share 5 companies are admiration, Anlfang, Huijie, Japan Walg and Shanghai ancient and modern.

Looking at the scenery, but the traditional brand’s head challenge is not stable

Essence According to the “Research on Underwear Industry Trends” released by CBNDATA in 2019, China’s steel -free brake market ushered in the outbreak in 2017, and the market size growth is nearly 50 %. The amount growth rate is higher than the per capita growth rate. And the “no steel ring” underwear is coming, and it has already started in a few years. Although the offline underwear is lost offline, the sales of no steel ring underwear have gradually exceeded the traditional steel rim bra.

Elephant turning is difficult, and traditional underwear giants have not paid attention to it. Because of the factory problem, I admired a steel -free underwear category in 2015; urban beauty also failed to update the technology supply in time, and lost the steel circle underwear, which directly led to the decline in sales in 2016. In 2018, after admiration, he launched its own steel -free underwear brand “Xihu”, but the volume was still small.

However, an epidemic that caught the world by guarding the underwear suddenly changed suddenly.

In 2020, China was forced to adjust to the home mode for three months to half a year. In the meantime, the biggest feeling of many girls turned out that it was comfortable to wear steel ring underwear at home.

It can be said that the catalysis of the people and the people, the catalysis of the epidemic makes more and more people look at the functional underwear that goes out, and is more inclined to suitable for long -term wearing and better underwear. Special needs in special periods.

There is also the most important point. The rise of online live selling goods has achieved 30 years in the underwear market. Hexi and 30 years.

The steel ring underwear is extremely dependent on on -site trials. Due to the special nature of the chest difficulty and the privacy of the wearable parts, traditional underwear is destined to have no reference with the live broadcast. Vulgar and yellow warning lines.

And no size underwear, born with genes suitable for online live broadcasts.

Different from the traditional “gathering” underwear, no size of underwear is less naked, the appearance design of the vest, the popularity of sexual cold style in recent years, which is convenient for models to be displayed directly at 360 degrees in front of the lens. It is also convenient for consumers to pass the lens through the lens Feel the effect of wearing effects and materials intuitively.

The characteristics of no size have saved the tangles of consumers to choose the size, which should be changed in constant.

In 2020, UBRAS’s sales in Tmall Mall was 1.553 billion yuan. Compared with 2019, it increased by more than 800%year -on -year, attracting countless envy in the industry. someone said,

After the 90s, I bought half of Tmall’s sizeless underwear.

No size underwear is a “evolution body” of no steel ring underwear. Even the most basic S/M/L is canceled. Only one piece of cloth and two chest pads is integrated and seamlessly connected. The repeated comparison of clothing models reduced SKU to the extreme, greatly reducing production difficulties, reducing the price of single items, and reducing the supply chain barriers of underwear and the entry threshold for new brands.

Although Ubras claims to be the world’s first in the propaganda, it is still the product that it has learned from many parties to the inside and outside the inside and outside; and the earnings of underwear are the earliest of Japanese companies.

In 2013, when UBRAS’s founder was still in love as a marketing director, I admired a vest -type bra, which is highly similar to a category of Walgel.

The core technical dot film without size underwear was also purchased from Japan. But the most savvy point in marketing in Ubras is that the concept of “no steel ring” and “size without size” is replaced with universal, regardless of size.

The instantaneous -out -free underwear set off the second “change” in the Chinese underwear industry.

After UBRAS’s fire, all brands felt pressure, and successively launched their own size of underwear to confront them: 500P -free bras in the banana, launching cloud -free vest bras in the inside and outside. Attraction, such as ancient and modern, beautiful, trees, etc.

When you go to the underwear shop on the street, the most conspicuous C position in the original window is the gathered lace sexy style. Now it is all replaced by no size, as if the underwear brand’s shouts No size, we also have! “

Quinta hit a shot of an example of a sizeless underwear:

“It’s like Burberry’s trench coat was originally the classic of the brand. Later, it was too hot. The market thinks that this can be a single product that everyone needs. The technical threshold, Burberry’s brand premium is not just needed here, so other brands will develop into the basic models in clothing in accordance with market demand, but it cannot be said that the jacket is only the category of windbreakers. “

Yes, a sizeless underwear is just a sub -category in women’s underwear. But the trench coat is universal. Is it really universal for a completely anti -consensus underwear? In fact, the first half is considered a pseudo -concept.

Taking Ubras as an example, in the product introduction, the size-free standard given is “A-C Cup/90-130 catties/bottom fence 70-85”.

In other words, the size of no size does not fully realize the so -called “size freedom”, but gives a larger size up and down limit with a larger space, and is more friendly to the small chest shape.

In fact, there are many bad reviews on sizes without underwear. As soon as you put it on, most consumers will be shocked by unprecedented zero restraint, which is really comfortable. However, in the whole day, even if the chest is not in the chest and the chest, if it is not the right size, the shape of itself is standard and strong, it will often encounter the trouble of the chest, empty cup or chest.

5. Capital siege without size underwear

In other words, naturally only suitable for some groups of underwear, floating on the wind, and suddenly became the wealth password of the underwear industry.

Why is it so powerful?

Because capital sees the attributes of its “financial products”.

In the final analysis, no -size underwear is to subtract the SKU’s complicated traditional female underwear. It repeatedly streamlined as a standard from extreme non -standard, continuously reduced research and development barriers. question.

As long as it becomes a mathematical problem, the financial attributes of capital will become stronger and gradually become a big business that is sufficient to affect the entire industry. First smash the money to make the valuation, and the end point is directly pointing to the market. The priority of the product itself is not the first place.

The history of the three new underwear in the capital market in the capital market:

Ubras received a round A financing of 50 million yuan in today’s capital in August 2018. In September 2020, he received another B+round of financing of Sequoia Capital and today’s capital hundreds of millions of dollars;

After Banana Investment in 2016, Zhong Dingchuang invested a million yuan of angel round investment, in November 2020, obtained hundreds of millions of A round A financing invested by Yuansheng Capital, with a valuation of 2.5 billion yuan, becoming the valuation in the past ten years. The highest underwear company;

The history of financing inside and outside is more abundant. It began in 2015. 10 million yuan of angel round investment in Zhenge Fund has been invested by $ 100 million so far.

There is a famous saying in the new consumer brand: each consumer product category is worth being re -made. Obviously, now we have reached women’s underwear.

ASURA, a senior brand management marketing person, broke the opportunity, “We generally study some comprehensive underwear brands, not professional brands, because professional bras are a high threshold industry.” Low thresholds, standards, easy replication, easy replication The core of the capital is profitable.

Like all new consumer brands, the proportion of marketing costs for new underwear forces is very high. For example, Ubras’s marketing costs are more than three to five times that of traditional underwear brands. Only under such a powerful fire offensive can we explode the new category of size without size.

During the epidemic window in early 2020, UBRAS opened high as soon as it came up, and used a set of marketing combinations of “KOL grass+anchor with goods+celebrity endorsement”, which quickly and firmly occupied the user’s mind, making a size of underwear no underwear no underwear This variety is seamlessly grafted with the UBRAS brand itself.

The most valued underwear brand is the same. Banana cooperates with Li Jiaqi, which will be broadcast two a month in 2020. Nine Chengdu, which has sold sales in the first three quarters, contributed to the live broadcast.

The earliest internal and external phases of the entry and the main internal and external appearances are stable, paying more attention to brand building, and sponsoring many cultural and artistic activities and content, taking the route of feelings and tone, and the soft power is irresistible.

And some waist brands believe that “thousands of golds are scattered”, regardless of sales, daily smashing 500,000 to promote and pay traffic.

Even in order to promote the sales of their own products, some new power brands have made orders. According to Asura, the sales of an underwear brand live in a live broadcast of 200 million, the order is 1/3.

Capital requires the market growth of no size underwear. The “opposite” of the “opposite” of a size -free underwear -steel ring underwear has naturally suppressed it to a certain extent.

I do n’t know when the steel rim has been restrained with the chest, suppressing women’s nature, “pleasing people” and even catering to men’s aesthetics.

The demonization of such a demon with steel ring underwear is very unreasonable to oranges. Orange is a member of the Douban Group All About Bras. The Douban Group, which was founded on August 14, 2017, has nearly 400,000 members. Everyone has exchanged their experiences of buying and wearing underwear.

Because the chest is a plump F cup, it needs to be added and protected by the small breast girls. Orange has a lot of research on the bras of the steel ring.

In terms of her experience, the truly suitable steel rim bra is more comfortable than no size underwear or not wearing

Essence The online “Summer because she is sultry, she doesn’t want to wear underwear” in her opinion. “It’s as if barefoot is really comfortable, but if you walk outside, you will be poked by stones and foreign bodies. Wearing shoes in summer is relatively hot than barefoot, but protection is the comfort I want.”

Girls with big breasts will not be placed on the table on the table. In fact, the chest is really heavy. There was a creative short film in Japan with intuitive animals than the self -weight of women’s breasts. The A cup is about two birds. The B cup is about two hamsters. The C cup is two hedgehogs. The D cup is two rabbits. It is two hens.

Each of her branches is a torrential product after a comparison of a offline family. The same store also needs one by one, and the same one will try to penetrate at least two or three “sisters code”.

70D, 75C, and 80B of the same underwear are the same as those of three sizes. Only the bottom circumference is slightly different. It is called “sister code”. Women who are surrounded by the 70s and 80 range can choose a relatively suitable one between the sister code. When wearing it on weekdays, it can be adjusted through the three positions on the bottom enclosure.

Offline trials are the most secure way to buy fit underwear.

Even Yu Xiaodan, a underwear designer, can’t give any other shortcuts. Try a few more times is the premise. As long as there is patience, every woman can find the one that belongs to her sooner or later.

It is not easy to find The One, and you will definitely repurchase. But at the same time, it is paradoxic. Girls’ weight is uncertain and often floats. First, it will be reflected in the size of the chest. There will be a big increase during menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. The right underwear this year may not be close next year, and another round of offline will be repeatedly tried.

The underwear industry is defined in the standard chest shape. The position of the chest is 1/2 of the upper body, and the vertical direction is located at 1/2 of the shoulder width; or the distance from the neck nest to the milk point is equal to the milk distance, and the triangle is presented.

Such a standard breast type is very advantageous when wearing light -faced bras (mold cups) and sizes -free underwear, and it is relatively losing elasticity for more breasts that do not meet the clothing industry standards, even after breastfeeding or atrophy with aging glands shrinking. In terms of supporting the chest, the right steel ring cotton underwear is the best care.

6. The professionalism of the bra itself is abandoned

Nishikawa’s Japanese poet friends worked in a Japanese clothing company and were responsible for market research. He once ran to China every year, went to Beijing and Shanghai to investigate the changes in the style and size model of Chinese women’s underwear, and observed the impact of China’s economic development on Chinese women’s lifestyle.

The underwear is closely related to the social trend.

Modern people have entered the era of fast -paced high -voltage, and they are increasingly not particular about dressing, and they are more and more comfortable. For urban workers with an average daily commute time of more than one hour, it is really an additional burden to take the time to squeeze the subway to the underwear shop outside the working hours, and then spend an hour to choose and try on underwear.

So the appearance of no size underwear is indeed a kind of liberation.

After all, before passing through the real combined underwear, most women’s requirements for underwear are just about the same, and the fault tolerance rate is very high.

So is the big marketing marketing of size without underwear cater to consumers or weaken the real needs of consumers? Under the premise that consumers’ professional cognition of underwear has a huge deviation, the so -called catering is obviously irresponsible to create a “doting” illusion.

In fact, it has nothing to do with age or education level. Most adult women do not know how to choose bras. Many women’s first bras are basically themselves or accompanied by their mothers. They buy it at a glance. Some even buy them on behalf of the mother.

A very magical scene is that when the muman mother of the B cup bought the bra with the Emo of the E cup, she saw the shopping guide chose the bra of C cup for the shopping guide, thinking that she was also a C cup because the two were equivalent to the waist.

China’s underwear market has only less than 40 years of history. The size in domestic counters generally covers A to E to E. The F cup is rare species. The size of G/H/I/J/K is even more unheard of. On the social networking site that users are mostly straight men, there are many posts that scoff at the F cup. They believe that it is vanity and self -deception. In fact, Japan and Europe and the United States, which are developing in the underwear market with mature underwear markets.

The steel ring is the soul of a bra, but the current trend is liberating nature.

In order to “cater” consumers’ needs and “solve” their pain points, the professionalism of the bra itself is abandoned to a certain extent.

The excessive pursuit of capital -free underwear will only make it difficult for consumers to understand their really suitable underwear. In the long run, it will affect women’s understanding of breast health.

Zang Chongyu in the banana may not understand, he was born in industrial design. But did Liu Xiaolu and senior underwear market experts born in the underwear family did not know this truth before? of course not.

Yu Xiaodan used to be in the golden age of fashion design in his fashion notes “Inner Show”.

Over time, “what is the best” is no longer concerned about us, and “the best” is added in front of it to be more and more attributive, so that in the end, these six words have become a long sentence: “What is what? We can do the best under the existing conditions. ” “The best” is never a topic discussed by the company. From suppliers to manufacturers to seller, there seems to be only one thing: what is the best sell.

As a branch in the fashion industry, the underwear industry cannot escape the same “under the river”.

In China, this phenomenon is even more obvious. Because China is vast, female chest data is extremely scattered, and demand is dispersed.


There are too many women who buy underwear that is not suitable for their figure, so the size data sold by online underwear does not constitute a guiding significance. Although there are a century of Europe and the United States, and Japan in more than 70 years, it is of great significance to the effect of the overall underwear industry in China. European and American women’s chest shapes are too different from Chinese women. At first glance, Japan with water with water is similar to China, but the Japanese are single, and there is not much difference in the place where the places of the projectile. Japanese women can recognize Walgur or Uniqlo, but in China, the north and south are very different.

According to the observation of Zhang’s sister, Sichuan’s ancient and modern dealers never need to consider the A cup underwear when they were reserved. The regional nature of underwear brands is also obvious. The love version is relatively more suitable for northerners, and Mannfen is more friendly to southern women, which is related to the fact that the factory is located, or more precisely, it is closely related to the tasting model in the place.

There are 56 ethnic groups scattered on 9.6 million square kilometers. The chests on the land of Shenzhou are difficult to tune, and they are a kind of stones crossing the river for consumers and merchants.

There are brands customized brands in the market, such as Japanese brand Bradelis, which regularly provide braid modification services, adding cushions, sewing cups, and foundation fences, but the stores are quite small. There are also exclusive custom brands in Beijing, one version, one version, high charges, but in fact it is difficult to earn money to return. It can be maintained without a fixed number.

No surprise, let alone brain customization. Those elegant high -level custom clothing brands can make money by making money by custom clothing. It is often low -priced trademark for the brand operation. cosmetic.

Such operations are obviously too extravagant for underwear customization. In Quinta, if 3D printing technology can be applied to bras in the future, it may really solve the dilemma of the difficulty of the chest.

7. New forces and old brands have a chance

China’s textile industry is among the best in the world. In 2005, the Sino -Europe trade war was alias “bras”, because of European textile quota system, tens of millions of clothing, including three million pieces of bras produced in China, were stranded in European ports and could not be leaning.

Vezhani International Co., Ltd., which is located in Shenzhen, is Victoria’s secret and Uniqlo foundry and suppliers; the official website suffix of the Japanese brand Bradelis shows New York. After the order is placed, it is shipped from Osaka.

If one day China’s underwear factory is stopped, women all over the world will face crisis without underwear.

But China’s textile industry is relatively strange to consumers. They are all 100%cotton. The higher the number of people who just learn (the unit with the thickness of the fiber or yarn), the more comfortable the fabric, but it cannot distinguish between the same 40 cotton.

The latest fabrics and craftsmanship are unknown with obscure and boring scientific names. In fact, it has been long for a long time. The size of the size is not the original of UBRAS, and the label of the external seal is not the first in the banana. It is just a new bottle of old wine that is good at marketing. The packaging is a new story that consumers can understand and have a strong memory point.

When Houlang held up the banner of marketing, the situation of the “Four Heavenly Kings of China underwear”, which has been listed, seemed bad. In 2020, in addition to the increase of 1.33%of the revenue revenue, Huijie (Mannifen), Metropolitan Liren, and Anlfang’s revenue declined year -on -year, of which both urban beauty and Anlfang were both losing money.

With the micro -business format of the business format, the channel bonus of the “Four Heavenly Kings” has decreased sharply, but the thin camel is larger than the horse. After all, the nationality is placed there, and the basic market is still there. The old brand “North and South Yumat” (Antarctic, Arctic, Yu Zhaolin, Cat) with the brand bonus saved in the early years, it can be profitable by selling standards. Urban Beauty’s Tmall Store can still have 700,000 to 800,000 on the basis of not too much marketing.

Facing the provocation of Houlang, no steel ring, size or no label, as long as traditional brands have reacted, developing a new production line to follow up with new products is just the energy and effort of sprinkler. Being a lower price, it still has the advantages of old -fashioned craftsmen.

Their crisis lies in the aging of the brand.

In the early years, there was no need to advertise. The shops were advertising itself, so they lacked marketing thinking. When the existing part of the existing part of the “Four Heavenly Kings” consumers loses the needs of underwear, it is difficult for the younger generation to have a sense of recognition of old brands. Listed companies are more cautious about publicity. This article tries to contact the interview with admiration.

The new forces obviously also realized the limitations of the popular items. They are currently expanding their products in home clothing, and they want to take the route of Youyi. Internal and external and UBRAS also have a single product with steel rim bras, but lack of professional ergonomics. The version is very average. It can only focus on design or fabrics, and is limited to ordinary figures from 32A to 36C. From comprehensive brands to professional brands, it takes more than one step.

What about young brands with large size underwear? The emergence of the arms is the coffin and reverie.

The traditional underwear design concept believes that according to the physiological characteristics of large -size women, the bras that can be provided by the existing market are basically “full cups”, and the design space is much narrower than ordinary figure. However, China’s population fully supports the market segment, coupled with the gathering effect of online e -commerce. A underwear shop can cover the surroundings of five to eight kilometers. Just as the average person’s cognition, I feel that there are not many plump women around, but brands such as the coffee pie can still get a lot focus on.

The financing history of the toffee school is obviously much inferior. After receiving an angel round investment of 1.8 million yuan in 2016, it did not obtain the second 9 million yuan angel investment until the end of 2019. The toffee school uses the chest underwear as the selling point, telling the story of “tangible”. Because of the lack of standards and increasingly rising employment costs, the toffee school is not favored by the investment market.

8. End

For nearly forty years, the Chinese underwear war has become more and more transformed into a marketing war, but the actual development of the Chinese underwear industry is actually quite limited.

At present, there are not many underwear companies that can continue to invest in research and development for Chinese women’s body, and can focus on ergonomics, version development, and fabric development. With the advantages of cheap labor, the clothing industry is more likely to benefit through manufacturing and sales. It pays limited attention to the design and development of the previous section, and the designer’s sense of existence is infinitely reduced. Big breast underwear companies usually prefer mathematical or architectural designers and lack a sense of design. The design of small breast underwear does not need to consider too much force and parcel, and it can be set up another battlefield in appearance design.

Underwear is a clothing category that has been given additional meaning since its birth. Until now, it still carrys unnecessary publicity concepts.

Whether the “career line is beautiful” or today’s “flat chest is fashion”, it is a colored glasses of ignorance in the society; whether it is “Yueren” or “Yue Ji”, it is a high hat for brand marketing. The land -buying account has caused a wrong cognition to women, and it is also easy to cause high incidence of breast cancer.

Underwear is a functional product. The wearing scene that can be applied by blurring functional and comfortable play can be used alone. With the gradual comprehensive cognition of women, the market will definitely develop in the increasingly subdivided and vertical direction.

I hope that in the future that can be visible to the naked eye, some people make steel ring underwear, some people make no size underwear, some people make large breast underwear, some people make small breast underwear, some people make girl underwear, some people make old underwear, each breast can find the right underwear Essence

Consumers do not need to be the best end of the Chinese underwear war.