Everyone has some fixed thinking,

For example, shirts with west pants, sweater with jeans, long shirts can only be worn as skirts.


These fixed thinking forms a template and routine we are wearing daily.



This pending template allows us to find their dress quickly and go out. But this too simple pattern also brings the possibility of boring and hit.

You are going to dress up, and of course you can’t avoid falling into mediocrity.

So what we have to do is to break some routine dressing, more imagination, more possibilities


Let the wear more interesting, more new.

For example, I want to talk to you today.

Japanese blog with fire: long shirt + pants

. At first glance, I feel very strange, right? Don’t worry, let’s slowly analyze the benefits of this wear.

First, long shirt + pants dressing advantage:

1, improve temperament, elegant.

For women, no matter what style is popular, elegant is the main melody, never be eliminated.

The long shirt with pants can make the shirt becomes so tough,

More than some elegant temperament.

2, the cover is slim, the effect is good

. There are not many items with good shape, long shirts must be famous. Not close to tailoring, add hardware, moderate fabrics,

Whether it is the arms or more meat, or the thigh is thick, there is a good chain.


3, increasing fun, highlighting personality.

Fashion is something that belongs to the trend, but it is also personalized, we must have new, interesting, showing some personalized dressing elements, and the way can look different.

Breaking conventional thinking of long shirts + trousers is precisely referred to in fashion.

Second, long shirts + pants

The long shirt is very tidal, very clear. But there is also a point in dressing. If you accidentally wear it, you will wear it, the short feeling, so we will summarize this point of dressing:

1. First, according to the length of the shirt according to the height.

Long shirts are relatively relative to the regular version of the shirt,

But long shirts are also divided into long section, super long

. In order to avoid the feeling of dringgeta, dragging, to choose from your own height.

A small child can choose a long section like Song Zu.


The specific length is to the knee portion, such a length can keep the long shirt elegant, and will not appear to have no spirit.

The optional range of high children students is wider, but the ultra-long section is more likely.


Long shirt in length to ankle

You can bake the temperament of high children to more, with a gas field.

2, long shirt model selection, stripe, h version

The long shirt is a kind of windy, there is a kind of Zen away from the rivers and lakes but swims with the fashion world. This style is self-appreciating.

So when choosing long shirts, we must try to choose extremely simple style.

Do not destroy the style of long shirts.

Generally, in solid color or stripes, the style is mainly H-type

Let the long shirt maintain a simple beauty, which can also play a better temperament.

3, roll up sleeves to increase the joint

The reason why the long shirt is afraid of being dragged, and the feeling of not spirit is often because there is no detail of wearing. for example

Treatment of sleeves.

The mid-ruled neutrality puts the sleeves according to the original length, and if any modifications are not met, they will generally wear the feeling of dragging.

Roll up the sleeves, just in the position of the elbow

In an instant, it will enhance the sake, elegant and handsome and sure, and then match a little jewelry.

Such as a fine watch


Handsome and intensive.

4, long shirt without waist design open

Long shirts are generally designed in the waist can be divided into two types: waist, no waist

. This is the design of the details, but it should be noticed when wearing it.

The long shirts designed to the waist can also be opened, but they can wear them, but there is no long shirt without waist design, so it will not be fat and short. At the same time, it is open to the jacket.


Just like a thin windbreaker, you can increase the gas field, so-free, but it is more daily than the windbreaker.

Third, long shirt + pants match demonstration

Don’t know how to match it when I wear it?

This is also our confusion, so give everyone a few sets of fashion matching, you can use your homework.


Tibetan blue long shirt + beige wide-leg pants, more mature, some women’s wear style


. It is often seen that the Japanese blogger will seem to be very common in a very common single product, which is attributed to their matching skills.

Waist long shirt weakens the easing and casual feelings of the H-shaped shirt

Added some kind of sexual woman taste, while using a beige wide leg pants to reduce the seriousness of the dark shirt, a set of matching is both steady and not boring, old. Match a pair of small heels,

The commuter and fashionable workplace wearing.

Striped shirt + half length skirt, a set of elegant and fashionable


. This kind of matching directly uses a long shirt as a jacket, and the summer can also directly act as sunscreen is also loved by the bloggers.

Black bottoming shirt with armored green skirt, steady, there is a little small fresh vitality

With a striped shirt, there is a sense of layering, a loose combination, a relaxation, it looks very profit, the girl can learn more than a model,

It can also put long shirts to be a small child.

Yellow striped shirt + sports pants, a set of hipster suilates.

For a lot of tiders, we must be sunny, no or out of the street, then


High-order wearing of long shirts


Use a yellow stripe to lay the completeness of the brightness and suction, and the matching of the bottom only needs a lightweight sports pants, the self-cultivation is energetic, this is not enough,

Black neckrell

It is a dragon point, and the overall fashion is improved several degrees, so that it is very suitable for travel, dating. On May 1st, this set of wearing everyone can move directly.

Long striped shirt + jeans, still a set of hipster suits

. On May 1st, you will come, give you a few sets of a single set, such as this yellow long shirt with jeans, and the previous set of different styles.


The bright spot in the shirt is the sleek skirt. It can be done directly when the skirt is wear, in order to avoid dragging, with a pocket as a waist to make modifications,


At once, it reached the effect of thin and modified body proportion.

. At the same time, it is not in the words and trendyness.

The match of the long shirt will introduce this, welcome everyone to exchange.


Word original, picture from the network.