It depends on how the taste of a person’s dress is, so the most typical presentation is the style of the shoes you choose. Although this item does not occupy much area in the matching, it is the most in the entire shape. Eyes and show the existence of fashion taste.

Especially for women who are not too tall, they always put the key modification point of “increase” when they match their shoes, but they are often easy to ignore their sense of fashion and their own matching. “Increasing” and fashion two -in -one is the most perfect manifestation.

Women with a height of 160 can choose the following 3 pairs of shoes. These 3 pairs of shoes are not only wearing good, but also the advantages of fashion comfort. These three pairs are enough!

[It is enough to have these 3 pairs of “high shoes” in summer]

1. High heels with sandals

✭ Advantage:

How can there be no pair of sandals in summer?

The design of a sandals is more delicate and simple


, Wear up

Elegant exquisiteness is full

, Most of the skin skin shows,

Slim the ankle surrounds the ankle

, Seem

Slender and small sexy


High heel

Design, visually


Heights are very obvious



Highlight the elegance and advanced of women


Ⅰ exposed ankle curve


①Degal leg type ratio

The next matching item, select

Short or eight or nine points

Design can make

The curve of the ankle is expanded

Out, visually

28 points of the proportion of legs

The state is very very

Highlight the long leg effect

Add a word with a word

High -heeled design, the overall is set off, the tall shape, the proportion of the legs

② thin

The curve of the ankle is the most slender part of the legs

Where, so in

High -heeled sandals with high heels with this match

When it comes to

Ankle curve display

Come out, and

The slender belt can surround the ankle

A circle, in progress

Emphasis of curve

, Visually very much

Slender legs and thin legs


Ⅱ with single color system one

① The same color system is more advanced

One word with high -heeled sandals is not a large existence of the area, so the color system of the color system of the color system and the lower body

Keeping the same color system will have more advanced sense and stability

Sex, of course, I recommend more everyone


Classic color system


White gentle and atmospheric, high -level black are attractive

② As a {lighting} match

The matching area of ​​the shoes is small, so


If you use bright colors, it is easy to become the overall brightening

Match, match some

Low lightness or low saturation

When the single product, the bright color is a sandals on the foot,

The brighter point of the instant show

In the summer, you can match it!

2. Neutral thick -soled sandals


✭ Advantage:

This pair of sandals is really the chosen of the gospel of a small child, because of the thick base sandals

The simple design of the upper,

So itself

Even thicker shoes, there will be no bulky at all

The texture, wear it up

Very high

Don’t let it go, and

Most of the soles of the shoe are soft soles



Comfort is also among the best

The presence.


➵The key point

Don’t be dull

The most afraid of thick -soled shoes is to wear a sense of stupidity and dullness

The sandals are no exception, everyone in color system

Don’t wear these shoes too monotonous and dull

Oh, otherwise it is only high and not fashionable,

You can choose 2 to 3 color system combination, rich in color system, rich


次 次 次 can be multi -level

适 Age -age wind should be comfortable

This is the easiest style of thick base sandals.

If the matching item is also a comfortable age reduction style


The effect of the combination will be the comfortable upper body and the girl full of girls

And there is no sense of dullness, summer

Choose a light tone

人 Elegant style must be “feminine”

If you want to combine thick -bottom sandals with “femininity”, then the upper body items you choose must be

Simple and personal skirt


It can be perfectly reflected by the elegance, bumpy body, and intellectual temperament of women.

, With a pair of the same color or the same color or

Classic freshness full


Light -colored thickness

Demon shoes, more

Show fashionable and elegant

3. Mueller shoes

The development momentum of these shoes in the past two years is definitely very violent. Its

The design feature of the upper is that there is no heel

The elements are like slippers, but it

The version is more profitable and advanced than slippers

, There are no lazily traits, wearing and matching

A little lazy and the elegant and casual temperament of women

There will be

The low -heeled design increases the body shape,



The comfort of low heels feels convenient to wear

, Fashion shoes worth starting.

? How to wear a sense of high -level?

The matching of Mueller shoes has its own series of standards. After all, we must put out such a “casual, lazy” sandals. In the selection of color matching and temperament style, we will share these two points of matching.

Key points ⑴ color matching must be harmonious and comfortable


● Elegance of the same color system


The same color matching will show very elegance

Feeling, especially

Light -colored skirt and Mueller shoes

The combination, even more

Women’s fresh atmosphere and elegant and high -level perfect lining

It came out, visually

Bright, harmonious, fresh atmosphere,

The most suitable match for travel.

● Dynamic combination: brightening effect

If you choose


If you are, then I suggest everyone

You can leave the {light} color element to the small area of ​​Mueller shoes

, Choose a dark -colored under -match match, which is thin and stable, and with one

Light -colored Mueller shoes

, Will play the whole body as a whole

The role of “lighting”, the visual effect will be more comfortable and eye -catching

确 The style must be clearly matched

● Elegant intellectual style -simple and high -end skirt


The most suitable match for Mueller shoes is the skirt, choose one

Simple dress, which can show the elegance and good figure of women

Show, and

Mueller shoes with the same color system

Get up, more

Female charm of mature intellectual


, Very suitable for 30+ women’s matching,

Gentle knowledge and atmosphere,


Don’t miss it!

● Leisure reduction style -casual and comfortable skirt

In daily life, if you are mainly comfort, it is recommended that you choose some

More casual style loose skirt



Pleated skirt, denim skirt

Wait, wear not only

Good decoration and Mueller shoes with low heels

Get up, not only

The figure is very tall,

More obvious

Fashion for age reduction and leisure


In the eyes of many fashionistas, choosing a pair of high -quality shoe types in the matching will bring excellent fashion and physical modification to your overall dressing. Therefore You can use the modification and fashion degree as the standard for selected shoe type! Alright, then our sharing in this issue is over, see the next time!








✭ Advantage: