In other words, everyone loves to call Australia as “Turao Australia.” Could it be that because of the animals and random photos of Turkish and Australia hahaha ~


In fact, Tu’ao is not soil! there are many

Australian niche brand


Okay, fried chicken. Xiao Zheng, who moved to Australia for more than a year, take everyone to take a look today ~

(P.S. below the price is 1 Australian dollars = 5 RMB exchange rate estimation)




: Professional dress delayed by the model

: RMB 500-2500

Actually I recommended the SABA brand once before, it’s me


Private collection of commute brands

Essence When I heard this brand for the first time, I was disdainful: the light boxes and models that were lost in the soil were too lazy to enter the door.

As a result, I was persuaded to try this white top that was interpreted by the model, which was amazing! The fabrics from Japan are thin and not through. The fold design of the neck is very designed, and it is excellent in wearing or inside. This white top is still available, selling for RMB 850. I really want to buy another one.

Really, the models on the SABA website make people feel difficult to say. For example, the black suit below, the sense of business is strong, you can’t buy it at all.

Of course, goose, the blogger’s upper body, is like this! People are several times more beautiful than the real thing, and only the Tu’ao brand is several times more beautiful than the seller Xiu Mei, and it is really no SEI ~ place an order on his official website. Essence

SABA is such a sincere Tu’ao brand. Already established


50 years



The design is simple, the materials are sophisticated, the price is reasonable, and the discount is not messy, especially suitable for women in the workplace.

For example, the old cadre suit suit is used in European imported fabrics. The plaid pattern is very special, which is 100 times more delicate and fashionable than ordinary gray suit. The price is about RMB1500.


SABA also has a lot of design full of details. For example, this Lillian top, a bow on the back neck allows you to directly win the streets of other female colleagues. The price is about RMB 800 yuan.

This ELLE mixing blue sweater, Monica Russell’s editor of “Marie Claire” is almost intoxicating. The price is about 1,000 yuan.

Again, their official website map is the model photo below. I want to turn off the website for a second! ‍♀️


Anyway, I have bought several classic items in pink thread shirts, vests, suits, and coats. Ready to buy a few items on your hands haha. Do you want to be together?


In addition, its men’s clothing is also very cost -effective, with formal clothes and leisure clothes, and it will not be wrong to buy with eyes. The overbearing president, gentleman, and Chaofan youth can all find suitable goods. Miss with objects can consider the help of the object, hahaha ~


where to buy:, Australia is free of charge for Australian dollars; about RMB 200 delivery fees in other regions (global delivery, no matter how much you buy this price)



I have 1.66 meters and 58 kg. I usually buy S or 8 (for reference only)



Lack of color



: RMB 150-800

Lack of Color is one of our most popular hat brands in Turkey Australia.

Men and women and children


The hats of men, women, and children are the rhythm of killing. There will be a new collection every season to make a hat with a fashion attitude!


There are all kinds of straw hats with all kinds of brim, which is most suitable for large summer and to go to the sea waves;

There are also various newspaper hats and hats. Especially the hat hat, the quality is comparable to the lady brand Maison Michel. The price is only 1/10 of the people, and the price is very high.


Alas, across the screen, I can feel the unruly attitude of the brand. Tell you, go to their official website to see, many of them are luo mushrooms and wearing hats, fried chicken looks good, but unfortunately you ca n’t put it here ~ Roarl ~ Please face the wall with your eyes.

Since its establishment in 2011, Lack of Color has been sought after by various stars and bloggers. For example, Internet celebrity models Emily and President Bi love to wear its straw hat!

Demon Ji Amber Heard and Bazai often wear its French cap;


The clown female Australian actress Margot Robbie and the legs KAIA like their newspaper hats. The old copper buckle on the side is the highlight.

In addition, its hats are divided into large, medium and small, which can be said to be very intimate!

Xiao Zheng’s top


Spencer Boater Hat flat -top straw hat


, I have been moving from the United States to Australia for many years. The price is about RMB 400. Not only can the shading, but also the concave shape, there is no place to put it in the hand when taking pictures? Just touch the hat!


Remember, the larger the brim, the more interpretation of it; the smaller the brim, the more daily. If I think I am not addicted to the width of my hats, I can choose

Ultra Wide Spencer Boater

Essence The price is about RMB 600.

Sister Same

Prism Hat Black Ruck

It is also the item I have always wanted to buy, the dermis decorative belt, and a golden button to brighten the whole. The simplest and most classic. About RMB 450.


LOLA CAP News Tong Tong Hat

It is also the same Magrot in front, the patent of cool girls. About RMB700 yuan.

If you feel that the leather is too hot, you can choose the same Kaia Dunes. As long as the soft girl currency is about 350, the core of the light is more casual.


The last recommendation is to build

French -style beret

It is also excellent to buy a top for taking pictures! The price is about RMB 350., you can deliver goods worldwide


X nihilo

: Bag with cold wind and light wind

: RMB 600-3800


Melbourne’s niche brand X Nihilo, elegant and elegant, has been established for three years. The brand name originated from Latin “ex nihilo”, which means “



“It contains a sense of independence and personality of modern women.

Because of its simple design and high -quality materials, this brand born from “None” has quietly caught fire on Instagram. Every woman on the back of X Nihilo has natural elegance, confidence and independence.

Sara Crampton, a well -known Australian blogger, has just turned over X Nihilo’s sign.

Bags are high -quality

Handmade leather


Made, use custom hardware and streamline stitching details; all use

Biodegradable and recyclable materials packaging


, Reduce the waste of carton, unnecessary transportation costs, and packaging materials.


Xiao Zheng also went to the studio of the founder, Jenny, to find out. (It’s not far from my house, laugh three times ~)


As the founder, CEO, creative director and designer of X NIHILO, Jenny has won the QDOS award from the Australian School of Design at the School of Design of Australia. Then Jenny also obtained a master’s degree in fashion products at the E high fashion of Royal University of Science and Technology in Melbourne. (There should be applause here) Quietly, Jenny is a super beautiful, spoken and oily young lady.


Xiao Zheng, who has always been obsessed with the barrel bag, the first pick is the brand’s explosion



series. The leather is so amazing, the large size is only



The mini number is only 0.6kg.

The self -weight is very light, it is too suitable for women in the workplace

Essence I went to work with a caramel color.

In addition, the inner self -built credit card is inserted (several) and small pockets on mobile phones. The details are very well -designed; after all, people do not have to bring wallets now!

There is a small buckle in the bag, which is safer to put things.

Capacity. The only disadvantage is that after installing the computer, the buckle cannot be buckled. There is a little Sangxin here ~

The bag is soft

Napa leather

Made, feel and texture is so close to some big names, and can be folded casually. Because of this, it has a lot of different back methods. Depending on the occasion and the as much as you want, you can play overbearing presidents, or you can make sweet mushrooms.


It is really cost -effective to buy a bag, you can memorize N kinds of tricks,


This is why I like it so much.

Looking at the black models of my home, I put down the bag and fold them. Both backpack methods are very good.


I still like this


Tracking models of caramel and canvas


It is more appropriate to choose this in summer, you can match 99.9%of the summer costumes. The only disadvantage is that light -colored canvas are easy to dirty, but wipe it with a soft cloth.

Advantages: super light, one bag of money bought six packs;


Put the computer in, the buckle can’t be buckled;


The young ladies and sisters who usually go to work are the most suitable for buying this.

In other words, everyone (including Xiao Zheng himself) should no longer be obsessed with buying too much wrap. It was said in the article “The Right Body”:

Don’t buy too big bags, don’t be too heavy, and it is easy to cause uneven body.

I recommend another

Handbar Stella

, Mobile phones, slogans, and credit cards can be installed. The handle is designed with horse hair, which is very delicate.

I recommend it because it can be removed and unloaded, and it can be used as a bag. Professional woman


What bag to eat at noon


The most headache: take a big bag, too heavy; take wallets and mobile phones, too messy. And this Stell can do


Take it out at noon, practical and face.

You can also buy his house

Bank series


As the name suggests, suitable for women in the workplace. There are two sizes of normal numbers and trumpets for everyone to choose from, but neither cannot let the computer.

Gray is particularly more special, and there are already black bags with black bags. It is better to consider this elephant gray.

Official website


This is here today. Tu’ao is not soil hahaha, hurry up to Xiao Zheng

Praise and forward

Encourage it.

The above pictures are from Instagram of the brand’s official website and brand. The copyright belongs to the original author and invades deletion.

— The end ——

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