Striped color -colored bottoming shirts have always been very popular and classic striped clothes. I do n’t know if you like striped tops. Anyway, I like it, with the most popular wide -leg leisure pants this year, simple and stylish, showing tall figures, showing tall figures And temperament, who wears beauty.

1. Striped horn sleeve bottoming shirt+blue denim wide -leg pants

This fresh and elegant striped bottoming shirt, the design of stripes, horn sleeves, rich overall visual effects, the whole clothing is very vibrant, simple and casual style, with the blue belt wide and wide wide style wide style, wide belt wide wide wide belt wide wide Leg -pants, loose pants, haircut design, fashionable and tall figure, so that it is beautiful.


2, zebra pattern bottoming shirt+black casual pants

This semi -high -necked stripe bottom shirt is quite special. It adopts side off -the -shoulder design, stylish and sexy, reveals sexy collarbone, and the contrasting color is both level and not too obtrusive. The lower body is paired with black strap casual pants, classic and casual, so that wearing temperament is reduced, and it is also tall.

3. High -necked striped bottom shirt+apricot wide -leg casual pants

Simple high -necked striped bottoming shirt, close -up design, wearing clothes to decorate a slim figure, cuff buckle design, lower clothes to waist, with a pair of apricot casual wide -leg pants, loose and comfortable, and tolerance is super strong. The legs of the legs were covered up, and the proportion of the body was raised, who wearing who was beautiful.


4. Round neckline striped bottom shirt+black belt casual pants


This black and white striped color -colored bottoming shirt is clearly visible in color, visually refreshing, elegant and generous, wearing soft and intellectual, the lower body with a black belt casual wide -leg pants, front buckle design, wearing a capable temperament temperament , Show a good figure, thin and age -reducing, enhance the charm of women, it is difficult to think of beauty!

Classic striped bottoming shirt+casual pants = the latest trendy goddess this year!