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Zhou Lizhi was testing nucleic acid testing for the villagers. Photo by Yan Peibin

China News Service Xingtai, January 12 (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiemo) Voice is slightly hoarse, and the calves are already sour. Looking at the long line waiting for the test, Zhou Lizhi gritted his teeth and continued to insist.


Zhou Lizhi is the assistant to the dean of Suying Township, Julu County, Hebei Province. In the early morning of the 6th, she received a notice that she would be responsible for the detection of nucleic acid testing in Daqiantun Village with two colleagues and staff of Zhang Wangxiang.


On January 3, two new cases of new crown pneumonia were added and one asymptomatic infection was added. Nangong City and Julu County are neighbor. The sudden epidemic has made the epidemic prevention and control situation quickly tense. On the 6th, Xingtai City started the city’s scope nucleic acid test.

On the second day of Xiaohan, the weather forecast showed that the temperature of the giant deer during the day was -5 ° C during the day, and it reached -17 ° C in the evening. In order to detect the convenience, Zhou Lizhi’s testing points are located at the open village entrance. Although she was fully prepared before going out, she wore a thick cotton coat, but the bitter cold wind entered the body along the gap of the clothes and became cold. It makes people tremble.

Zhou Lizhi and colleagues stomped their feet. Seeing this, the villagers brought their hands to warm their hands and warm stickers from the house. A aunt brought a warm water bottle from the house, afraid that they would not, throw them in their arms, and turned away. “Although the sky is cold, the folks make me feel very warm.” Zhou Lizhi said.

Zhou Lizhi, wearing a protective suit. Photo by Yan Peibin

Daqiantun Village is located in the northeast of Zhang Wangyu Township, with a total of 275 households and 1033 people. Nucleic acid detection must be completed in one day, and one person cannot be missed. The test work is tight and orderly. In order to prevent the masses from waiting for too long, Zhou Lizhi and colleagues gave up to rest. Everyone gritted her teeth and raced with time.

“Most of the national nucleic acid testing of Julu County adopts mixed examination and sampling techniques, that is, the 10 people sampled 10 people after sampling, and put them into the same sampling tube. Once the new crown lung inflammation is positive during the mixed examination screening, it will immediately notify the notice immediately Relevant departments temporarily isolate the subject of the pipe tube and re -collect for review. The biggest advantage of this technology is to maximize the detection efficiency, and there will be no problems such as missed inspections and wrong inspections. “Zhou Lizhi said that Zhou Lizhi said Essence

After more than ten hours of busy, the sky was dark, and the unified detection was nearing the end. However, there are elderly people and patients who cannot go out for detection due to their age or inconvenience in the village, they need to go to the household for testing. Zhou Lizhi and his colleagues took the instruments to start the village skewers and go to the door for nucleic acid testing.

It is not easy to do nucleic acid testing to the patient’s elderly. Uncle Zhang was paralyzed in bed for many years, unclear consciousness, and unable to communicate normally. Zhou Lizhi talked with the old man softly while stroking the old man’s back. After the elderly’s emotions were stable, Zhou Lizhi took the tongue plate and cotton swabs in one hand, and assisted the elderly to open his mouth. After repeated repeatedly, he finally did a nucleic acid test for the elderly.

As the night was late, the temperature dropped to minus ten degrees Celsius. Zhou Lizhi and his colleagues traveled to Qiantun Village, and finally a family did not complete the nucleic acid test.

Zhou Lizhi said that this year’s winter is the coldest in her memory, but the villagers make her feel warm. Recalling the villagers’ eyes and warmth, she feels extremely glorious. I believe that the winter will soon pass, and the epidemic will inevitably be defeated. (Finish)