There are many kinds of barbecue stoves. Introduce it to you, several common stoves, everyone’s family barbecue, and wild barbecue can be selective.

Simple stoves of different specifications

Depending on the number of family barbecue and wild barbecue, choose a simple barbecue oven with different specifications and use charcoal. The price is about 50 yuan.

Barbecue oven with a large volume


This kind of stove is inconvenient to carry, suitable for farmhouses, collective activities, stalls, and self -service barbecue stoves. The stoves used by self -help barbecue can be grilled a lot at a time and suitable for charcoal. The price is about 300 yuan.


Tobacco -free gas barbecue oven

You need to connect the gas tank, power supply (fan), clean, environmentally friendly, easy to control fire sources, and easy to use. The price is about 1,000 yuan


Non -smoke barbecue oven

Due to air pollution, many barbecue stalls use smoke -free barbecue. Whether it is charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue in the stove, the flue gas is purified. It will not cause pollution to the atmosphere. The price is about 8,000 yuan

Household simple gas barbecue oven


Suitable for family barbecue meals, barbecue different ingredients, occupying small area, clean, hygienic, and easy to grasp the heat. The price is about 1,000 yuan.



Electric barbecue stoves are easy to control, clean, hygienic, and easy to use. The price is about 800.

Different barbecue stoves use different fire source barbecue, the taste is different, charcoal> Gas> Electric barbecue. The taste of charcoal barbecue is the best.