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“Look at the world with a pure heart, live with joy with joy, and use the feelings of normal life, and get rid of the soft heart.” The famous writer Lin Qingxuan told us that life is not necessary to care about things. Treating with a normal heart is the most transparent attitude of life. The transparent woman comes with a dignified temperament, deep connotation, and good cultivation.

The transparent women’s self -esteem, self -love, and self -improvement. They have their own preferences, their own principles, their own beliefs, do not work hard, do not exaggerate, be humiliated, and their hearts are quiet. Today, let’s talk about about


Elderly women’s pants match

topic of.

“Small pants”, as the name suggests, refers to the style of pants tightened tightened in the pants. The overall leg shape has a very good modification effect, so it is very suitable for the elderly middle -aged women’s choice. Even if the leg shape is blessed, it can still easily wear a thin effect, which will not expose the leg shortcomings of middle -aged women.

1. Gray coat+white pants

White pants are the classic styles that can show the youthfulness of the middle -aged woman. Its color is more classic, so it will not be out of date. This gray woolen coat with white pants is fresh and bright, and the two also belong to light -colored clothing. Among them, white pants add a visual highlight to the gray woolen coat, showing the fashion of middle -aged women’s fashion. And dignified atmosphere.


2. Khaki coat+black foot pants

Among all small foot pants styles, black leggings are the most practical and durable and do not pick up. This black small foot pants style is simple and simple. The black clothing color matching is the basic dark color. It has a good visual contraction effect. It is thin and long. The upper body is matched with a khaki coat and wearing elegance and intellectual. In this way, the combination of darkening and darker dressing is in line with the age and demeanor of middle -aged women.


3. Thin cotton clothing/knitted cardigan+gray pants

The thin cotton jacket should be one of the more commonly worn jackets we wear in daily life. It often does not require many complex details, but it is very popular every year. This khaki -colored thin diamond -grained cotton jacket is simple and generous. The clothes are decorated with diamond pattern, which is delicate and durable. The lower body is paired with gray pants and brown short boots, and wearing fashionable slimness, making middle -aged women look very likely.

The color of the gray pants is just between the common black and white colors, so it has the maturity and stability of the black leggings and the fresh and bright white pants, which can bring a harmonious clothing that is in line with the age of middle -aged women. This blue knitted cardigan jacket with gray pants is casual and dignified. The gray small pants can naturally outline the slender legs of middle -aged women. Wearing slimness is thinner and more advanced.


This white knitted cardigan is also very suitable for older middle -aged women. It has a belt on the waist as a waist, which cleverly optimizes the proportion of middle -aged women’s upper body. The legs are paired with gray pants and black flat shoes. The classic color formation style of the body is coordinated and unified.


4. Casual jacket+brown foot pants

If the middle -aged woman is worried about the black, white, and gray three -color pants too monotonous, then we can also choose a brown -to -foot pants style. This brown -footed pants are naturally drooping, and brown clothing color matching should be seen a lot. Whether it is paired with black tops or white clothing, it is very unique to match. It is a little decent and calm in elegance.


This white casual jacket with brown -color pants is fresh and bright. Among them, the white casual jacket can cleverly brighten the facial complexion of middle -aged women and improve the dullness of middle -aged women. The brown -footed pants in the lower half lower the brightness of the white casual jacket. In terms of color, it can also echo the brown short boots. It is harmonious and elegant, and it does not show the real age of middle -aged women.

Give up your wide -leg pants! Four “small foot pants” in the New Year, 50 or 60 -year -old thinner and more advanced