With the continuous popularization of fishing, more and more bait manufacturers have made the products of the production of endless production, making fishermen dazzling when buying, and it is impossible to start with bait when fishing. Today we will introduce a few classic formulas of pill nine bait fishing fishing fish:

1. When the temperature in the early spring is not very high, you can choose one portion of Maru Jiu’s waste, worldless, carp flag, and three -color carp. Controlled to 3— 5 minutes, the flavor of the taste is slightly algae with a faint fish powder, which is more suitable for carp with water temperature below 20 degrees.


2. When the temperature is high, 0.5 copies of the waste food and the world’s Wushuang (if it is best to reduce the amount of Wushuang in the fishing field of water and fertilizer), one copy of the pill nine nest, a carp flag, and the appropriate amount of snow pollen amount The proportion of this bait was liked to be liked by carp in August.

3. In the autumn, 2 parts each with waste food, the world’s Wushuang, one kilogram of seaweed, and 1 carp flag, 5%~ 8%amino acids, and the water volume is reduced to reduce the atomization speed of the control bait of about 10 minutes. The proportion of bait water is particularly controlled.


4. In summer, you can choose granular powder 60%+15%of the barren food+the world’s unparalleled 10%+green carp 5%+big carp 5%+seaweed 1kg 5%+yeil carp 5%. The use of fermentation will be better the next day.

5. Wozi: Pill Jiudi Nest+Wild Foods Open Water Plus+Super Live+Musk Giant Carp+Jiu Mi. Hand food: Seaweed 1kg 30%+Tian snail carp 20%+cedar powder 10%+original pond granular powder 30%+appropriate amount of wine+appropriate amount of tribon powder.

6. 1 copy of the barren food+1 copy of the world+0.5 copies of carp road+0.5 parts of three -color carp plus an appropriate amount of original pond granules or nest materials, the more the nest and hand food ratio are 3: 7, and finally add an appropriate amount of brushed brushes. Powder can control the bait water ratio.

7. Wild food and unparalleled 1: 1 preparation, add 0.5 parts of three -color carp and 0.5 parts of carp. The foggy of this formula is very good, the polyfish is fast, and the bite trench rate is high.


8. Seaweed 1kg 20%+the world’s 15%+three -color carp 30%+20%of the barren carp gold+15%Han Fang wai, stir well, bait water ratio 1: 0.5 ~ 0.5 when the bait is opened as possible Make sure that water entering is continuous atomization.

9. Drunk carp 20%+unparalleled 10%+waste food 5%+original pond granular powder 40%+brancuts 25%for hand food, bait water ratio 1: 0.4 ~ 0.6 bait should be fully washed and scattered. On the hook, it is not easy to rub it too much.