We may think of the most::

Big pants, human character drag

Intersection In fact, the various imaginations of slippers have made our home life less life

A lot of interest

Essence Come, look down with the editor, these slippers, you just want to break your head



Gourmet slippers

Slips that cannot be used for eating are not a pair of qualified slippers.

bread? hot dog?

Their function is not just slippers! Add to life

Infinite fun and happiness


, I want to be hungry at any time, right? Of course, so rich

Gourmet temptation

The slippers, the fat people choose carefully!

I believe this is not only

Seafood food

The favorite of enthusiasts should be

The favorite of cats

Essence There are cats at home, remember to always

Protective slippers

Essence Otherwise, when you go home from get off work, the slippers are probably in the belly of the cat.

Science and technology slippers

Technology has changed life! This sentence is not fake at all, it also changes our slippers!

Do you hate it

Bathing the sun on the beach

What about the traces of the shoes left on the feet? Yes, no one who loves fashionable male goddess will not

Like to slender feet

, Leave the traces of black and white after being sunken by the sun

Essence Without the shackles of slippers, the use of water and foot sticking together can fully show off your beautiful feet, but also

Don’t worry about the embarrassment of barefoot

It’s right.


If you have a lap


Seeking friends who like to gather together

Then this pair of Tyndeni


Bottle driver slippers


It’s very useful for you. Its soles are hidden a bottle jacket, which can let you take it with

Beer to gather

Don’t worry about the beer bottle at all. There are two versions of men’s version and women’s version, beer enthusiasts can

Drink cheerfully anytime, anywhere


Environmental slippers

Environmental protection is everywhere, it can be under our feet.

Look at these cattle people,

Put the lawn on your feet

How much do you love nature?

How environmentally friendly is it

Intersection Green grass, red nails, gorgeous red with green, can even wear such fashion! Call for everyone to environmental protection together, leave us with more green under our feet!




This shoe is specifically

Lazy design

Of course, we can interpret this design


Environmental protection

Essence Save the money to buy a mop, you can mop the floor. Both

Reduce resources waste

, And solved the problem of mopping. Is there a better design than this?

Warm heart slippers

Care is everywhere, we can let slippers express our love.

What should I do if my parents and children start at night? This


Luminous slippers

It provides us with convenient conditions, and we can see where it is at a glance, and there is no more trouble for searching. use

Luminous cotton

, Safe and water -resistant, can store light energy in a hundred days,

At night, turn on the soft light for you

Essence I have to say that this little creativity can indeed solve some troubles encountered in life. Buy it and hurry back to bribe your parents or children!

Selling cute slippers


Don’t forget to sell cute

Intersection Of course, selling cute is everywhere.

The soles of this shoe are shaped by the feet of the animal, and people wear it to walk up.

Leave a series of animal footprints


It is therefore named a new generation of “selling cute artifacts.” There are five styles of comfortable and stylish wooden muds: cat palm models, owl models, overlord dragon models, gecko models, and monkeys, of which

Cat palm model is the most popular

Essence I just walked and sold cute by the way. What’s wrong? There are comments, you can come with a pair too!

Tramitis (strict wife tube)



Wife wants private money again

How to break it? It’s it.

In fact, this shoe has an interesting name:

Drawer slippers

Essence However, I think it ’s good to take it for a nickname, just call it

Tramitis (strict wife tube) slippers

Essence There is nowhere to hide in private house money? Maybe, drawer slippers can help you! With a drawer and lock slippers, you can open the drawer with the key! Of course, men who choose this slippers should always protect the safety of their feet!

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